Charles Moose

American police officer and writer
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Charles Alexander Moose (born 195325 November 2021) was an American author, policeman and military officer best known for his role as the primary official in charge of the efforts to apprehend the D.C. snipers in October 2002.

I don't shut anybody up.

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1990s edit

  • I don't shut anybody up... It’s not very democratic, not very American.

2000s edit

  • In America, we vote, we decide as a group of people what our policies are, and that's the way we do business. We don't let violence make those determinations for us.

2020s edit

  • Nandy!
    • Last words, as attested in "Call Me God" (2022), Three Weeks of Hell

Quotes about Moose edit

  • You have lifted a shadow of fear for many families. God bless you and may God bless the victims.
    • George W. Bush, Air Force One phone call (24 October 2002), as quoted in "Bush Praises Law Community For Capturing Sniper Suspects" (25 October 2002), by Ron Fournier, Berkeley Daily Planet.

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