Cecil Roth

British historian

Cecil Roth (* 5. March 1899 in London; † 21. June 1970 in Jerusalem) was a British Jewish historian and educator. He was the editor of the first edition of the Encyclopaedia Judaica and of the Standard Jewish Encyclopedia.

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A History of the Jews in England (3rd ed. 1964) edit

  • The legendary missionary journey of St. Paul, which led to the foundation of the British church, presupposes the existence of a Jewish community - always the initial object of his propaganda - even before the capture of Jerusalem by Titus in the year 70.
    • p. 1
  • Abraham ibn Ezra, that restless, versatile Spaniard who wrote on almost every subject which could interest the medieval mind
    • p. 126
  • The alembic of English tolerance has operated by now on the newer arrivals as well. Their sons have taken part in English life, contributed to English achievement, striven for England's betterment, shed their blood in England's wars.
    • p. 270

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