Caveman (film)

1981 film by Carl Gottlieb

Caveman is a 1981 American slapstick comedy film financed by George Harrison, written and directed by Carl Gottlieb and starring Ringo Starr, Barbara Bach, Dennis Quaid and Shelley Long.



Atouk: [as Bork holds up the corpse of a slain bird-like creature] Ool!
Nook: Ool, no. Food!
Atouk: [not knowing what Nook is talking about] *Ool.*
Nook: [pointing to the campfire] That's fire.
Atouk: [looking at Nook like he's lost a few marbles] Haraka.

[Nook puts his face in his palm, looking frustrated]

Atouk: Bobo.
Nook: Friend.
Atouk: 'Fend?' *Bobo!*

[Nook looks back, frustrated]

Atouk: Alounda.
Nook: Love.
Atouk: Zug-Zug.
Nook: [pauses, looking puzzled]

[Atouk looks at Lar and they both begin to chuckle triumphantly]

Nook: [shrugging in defeat] All right... Zug-Zug.

Quotes about Caveman

  • ...the characters don't exactly speak. They grunt and gesture in a language the audience gradually comes to understand. This doesn't make them any less articulate than many characters in movies with more elaborate scripts.


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