Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

2006 video game

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin is an action-adventure game developed and published by Konami for the Nintendo DS. It is part of the Castlevania video game series, and is the third installment of the series to be released for the Nintendo DS.


Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Limited. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Limited. Nintendo DS. (in English). (December 5, 2006)

  • Charlotte Aulin: In short, think of it as a series of walls that surround the magic controlling Dracula's Castle. The painting itself is just the outermost wall. As soon as you break it, it'll regenerate. It's unbreakable.
    Jonathan Morris: How convenient. So now what?
    Charlotte Aulin: I'll align my magic with the painting's so we can enter it. That'll be the best way to circumvent the castle's magic. The risk is quite high though.

  • Jonathan Morris: Sorry, Charlotte. Whenever someone mentions my father, I just lose it.
    Charlotte Aulin: That's alright. It's not like you started hating your father just now. But what's the point at getting angry at someone who isn't even here?
    Jonathan Morris: It's because he's not here. Listen, My father only taught me the basics of fighting. Then he went and got himself killed, leaving me the heir to the whip! This whip I can't even use. He was always so selfish.
    Charlotte Aulin: There must have been a reason. You have to understand the truth of why you've had to fight until now without the whip's power.
    Jonathan Morris: Maybe so... But now Dracula may be reviving, and I can't even use the power that I'm meant to use! Even though my father could.

  • (Jonathan and Charlotte finally arrive in Dracula's chamber. Dracula sips from a wine glass as he looks out the window, his back turned to his guests)
    Jonathan Morris: Oh, so you're ignoring me? Turn and face me! (Jonathan leaps at Dracula, but Death appears and knocks him back)
    Death: You will not touch Lord Dracula! This time, let's fight for real!
    (Dracula finishes his wine glass and throws it aside, finally turning to face Jonathan and Charlotte)
    Dracula: Enough with this sideshow. Why don't we show him our combined power?

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