Casper Meets Wendy

1998 film directed by Sean McNamara

Casper Meets Wendy is a 1998 fantasy comedy film and a sequel to Casper: A Spirited Beginning.



Live action



(farm door clanking)

Wendy: Aah! I just wanted someone to talk to!
Wendy: I'm warning, I've got a wand, and I'm NOT afraid to use it!
Casper: Ahh! A witch! A witch!
Wendy: I'm Wendy.
Casper: I'm Casper.
Bryce: I'm Bryce. My address is 5555 N. Thunderbird Dr. Apache Junction, AZ 85120
Bryce: I'm okay, Casper. Over here.

(box chatters)

(wheel breaks)

Casper: Can you?
Bryce: No, Casper!
Casper: (laughs) I can't believe my uncles are so wrong about witches. Yeah. But, all they ever want to do is scare people and boss me around.
Casper: Wendy! My uncles are on their way over--
Wendy: (sarcastically) Thanks for the warning, but they already paid their respects.
Casper: Oh, no.
Wendy: Oh, yes. And how did they know my aunts couldn't fight back, hm?
Casper: Wendy, I--
Wendy: (upset) Is this your idea of making things better, by breaking promises? By giving away secrets? (Casper felt ashamed) How could you? I thought you were my friend.
Casper: I am! Wendy, just let me explain--
Wendy: (refuses to listen) No! And I never want to see you again! Now, beat it before I turn you into a bean bag chair!
Casper: Wendy, I--
Wendy: No! Ju- just leave!
Bryce: Poor Casper. He is sad.