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Carrie Lam

Chief Executive of Hong Kong
Carrie Lam

Carrie Lam (林鄭月娥; Línzhèng Yuè'é; 13 May 1957 - ) is a Hong Kong politician. She has served as the Chief Executive of Hong Kong since 1 July 2017.


2019 Hong Kong protestsEdit

  • A small minority of people do not mind destroying Hong Kong's economy. They have no stake in the society which so many people have helped to build and that's why they resort to all this violence and obstruction, causing huge damage to the economy and to the daily life of the people.
  • There are still lingering doubts about the government's sincerity or worries whether the government will restart the process in the Legislative Council, so I reiterate here, there is no such plan. The bill is dead.

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