Carolyn Parrish

Canadian politician

Carolyn Parrish (born 3 October 1946) is a Canadian politician. A former teacher, she was elected to the Canadian House of Commons in 1993 and served as Member of Parliament for the ridings (districts) of Mississauga West (1993-1997), Mississauga Centre (1997-2004), and Mississauga—Erindale (2004-2006). After leaving federal politics she became a Mississauga City Councillor for Ward 6 (2006-2010) and Ward 5 (2014-present).


  • Damn Americans... I hate those bastards.

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  • As I sat and spoke with President Bush about his dream of launching a mission to Mars. And I thought to myself: Wouldn't continue [sic] great if we could get a Canadian on board? If a Canadian could be sent tens of millions of miles into the dark void of space. And as we all as a nation watch on television and together say aloud: "Bon voyage, Carolyn Parrish!"

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