Carmen Rivera

American playwright

Carmen Rivera (born October 1, 1964) is an American playwright, teacher, and producer.


  • …So much of western theater is founded on the search for reason and “why” things happen and Cándido/Guillermo taught me to look beyond the idea of the rational and explore the irrational in objectives and motivations… Life is irrational…
    • On using fantastic realism in her works in “Carmen Rivera” (50 Playwrights Project; 2016 Sep 14)
  • A play is an ever-changing dynamic theatrical experience. Every director, cast, design team, audience and reader bring new life to a piece of dramatic literature. A play is not a fixed expression, but a revelation in a particular moment in time.
  • …We Latinos have a rich, dynamic and complex history full of narratives that are dimensional, intelligent, tragic, comedic, absurd, philosophical, violent and loving. There aren't enough stages for our stories. I’m humbled and honored that these have come into my life…

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