Carmen Hermosillo

Community manager, essayist, poet, research analyst

Carmen Hermosillo (died August 10, 2008), known by her screen name humdog, was a community manager/research analyst, essayist, and poet, best known for her 1994 essay "Pandora's Vox: On Community in Cyberspace", a widely cited critical account of virtual communities.


  • It is fashionable to suggest that cyberspace is some kind of _island of the blessed_ where people are free to indulge and express their Individuality...this is not true....i have seen many people spill their guts on-line, and i did so myself until...i began to see that i had commodified myself. commodification means that you turn something into a product which has a money-value. in the nineteenth century, commodities were made in workers who were mostly exploited....i created my interior thoughts as a means of production for the corporation that owned the board i was posting to...and that commodity was being sold to other commodity/consumer entities as entertainment... [Cyberspace] is a black hole. It absorbs energy and personality and then re-presents it as an emotional spectacle.

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