Carl Clauberg

Carl Clauberg (September 28, 1898August 9, 1957) was a German medical doctor who conducted medical experiments on human beings in Nazi concentration camps during World War Two. He worked with Horst Schumann in X-ray sterilization experiments at Auschwitz concentration camp. Clauberg was arrested in 1955 and was put on trial but died of a heart attack in his cell before the trial could start.


  • The time is not far distant when I shall be able to say that one doctor, with, perhaps, ten assistants, can probably effect several hundred if not one thousand sterilizations in a single day.
    • Letter to Himmler, June 1943. Quoted in "The Second World War: A Complete History" - Page 436 - by Sir Martin Gilbert - History - 2004


  • The non-surgical method of sterilizing women that I have invented is now almost perfected... As for the questions that you have directed to me, sir, I can today answer them in the way that I had anticipated: if the research that I am carrying out continues to yield the sort of results that it has produced so far (and there is no reason to suppose that this shall not be the case), then I shall be able to report in the foreseeable future that one experienced physician, with an appropriately equipped office and the aid of ten auxiliary personnel, will be able to carry out in the course of a single day the sterilization of hundreds, or even 1,000 women.
    • Letter to Himmler, June 1943.

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  • ...Block 10 was made up of mostly married women between the ages of 20 and 40, preferably those who had not borne children. There was a constant fear in Block 10 of being killed, sterilized, or inseminated by Clauberg. He would often tease the female prisoners that they would all undergo sexual intercourse with a male prisoner chosen especially for this purpose. At least one of the Orthodox Jewish women who heard that Clauberg selected her to be a Block 10 prostitute decided to poison herself. After he inseminated the women, Clauberg would often taunt the strapped-in women by stating that he had inseminated their wombs with animal sperm and that monsters were growing in their wombs. Ultimately, 300 women prisoners were experimented on in Cell Block 10...
    • Baruch Cohen

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