Cardcaptor Sakura

Japanese manga series by Clamp

Cardcaptor Sakura (カードキャプターさくら , Kādokyaputā Sakura?), also known as Card Captor Sakura (with the space) and often abbreviated as CCS, is a magical girl manga series from the well-known all-female artist team CLAMP. It is about a girl named Sakura Kinomoto who opens a book one day and becomes the "cardcaptor"-someone charged with collecting the Clow Cards, which were scattered from the book. She is helped by Syaoran Li, Cerberus (nicknamed Kero by Sakura), and her friend Tomoyo Daidouji. Throughout both the manga and anime series, Syaoran and Sakura have feelings for one another, which they finally reveal to each other in the end.

In 2018, an additional anime series, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, takes place two years after the movie Sakura and the Sealed Card. A second season is in consideration in 2021.

Season One


Sakura and the Mysterious Book

Cerberus: And who used this to scatter all the cards?
Sakura: Well, who fell asleep and didn't guard the cards?

Cerberus: Clow Cards. When unleashed, they will bring chaos to the world. They are special cards created by a magician named Clow Reed. Each one is alive and has its own special powers. They do as they please, and on top of that, ordinary people can't control them. That's why Clow made this book and put me, the guardian beast, on the cover.

Sakura: (about Cerberus) Batteries...? Where's the switch...? Where's the voice coming from?
Cerberus: I am not a toy!!!! I am Cerberus, the guardian beast of this book.

Cerberus: Well, do something, you're the Cardcaptor.
Sakura: And you're the supposedly intelligent guardian that knows all about the cards!

Sakura's Wonderful Friend

Sakura: Why did you tag along!?
Kero: Well, I wanted to get a glimpse of how the Cardcaptor usually spends her day.

Sakura: I've been saying, I can't be the Cardcaptor!
Kero: Humble, so humble...

Kero: What is it?
Sakura: A plush toy?
Kero: You're still not awake, come on. Get a grip! (Kero hits Sakura on the head)

Sakura's Heart-Racing First Date

Sakura: (after Touya ate her pancake) You're so mean! (starts hitting Touya) You ate without asking! Those were the hot cakes I bought with my allowance!

Kero: Come to think, you're right. There's no way you would drown, Sakura. You don't have much beyond your athletic abilities.
Sakura: What do you mean, not much else? I won't give you hot cakes anymore, then!

Kero: (about Sakura and Yukito) What, they're not even holding hands? Kids nowadays...
Kid: Mr. Plush Toy!
Kero: Young one...You'll get hurt if you mess with me.

Kero: It's hard to capture things with no solid shape, like water. Watery is one of the higher magic spells Clow Cards too. The four basic elements of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind are rather difficult to use. Furthermore, Watery is an offensive card, so it's got quite a temper.

Kero: Someone almost drowned? Was it you, Sakura!?
Sakura: No, Kero. You weren't really listening to me were you?

Sakura's Tiring Day

Sakura: Maybe it's a ghost...
Kero: They don't appear in broad daylight.
Sakura: Maybe some do!

Touya: (About Yukito) He eats at least three times as much as I do.
Sakura: Three times?
Yukito:: Go ahead and have some too, Sakura. It's my treat.
Sakura:: Kero is waiting for me at home, so...
Yukito: Kero...?
Sakura: Uh, um, nothing!

Sakura: How are you doing, Kero? (Shows Kero putting laundry into the washing machine)
Kero: Just because there's nobody home right now. Why do I have to do something like this? (Falls into the washing machine, and crawls out) OH MY, I GUESS I'M GOING TO BE DIZZY TODAY.
Sakura: (She didn't hear Kero) Oh yeah! When this is done I'll have some ice cream with Kero-chan!
Kero: Well then I guess I'll do some chores...

Sakura: Good morning!
Fujitaka: Good morning, Sakura.
Touya: The monster is on cloud nine...

(Sakura holds up a fist and looks irritated, then turns around and smiles)

Sakura: I'll forgive you today!

(Sakura screams)
Tomoyo and Kero: What!?
Sakura: Look!
(The house is messy again)
Sakura: Now I have to clean it up again
Tomoyo: I'll help you.
Sakura and Kero: (crying and hugging Tomoyo) Thank you...

Sakura, Panda and a Cute Shop

Maki: (to Tomoyo and Sakura about why she runs a shop) I was engaged. He was a designer, but he died in a car accident...He loved plush toys, and...told me that he wanted to sell plush toys, and that he'd designed in his own shop.
Sakura: Miss Maki...
Maki: If I quit...he'll be sad...But I can't do this anymore...

Sakura: Kero, you said that there wouldn't be a card stupid enough to collect plush toys...
Kero: Well, Jump in itself is like a plush toy. Maybe it just wanted friends?

Sakura: A shop where something bad happens to you when you buy stuff there? You don't mean...getting something stolen?
Tomoyo: Yes.
Sakura: And that's Miss Maki's shop?
Tomoyo: I can't say that for sure, it's a rumor in the toy store industry.

Sakura: (thinking) Tomoyo's in the choir. She's really good at singing and has won many competitions. (listens to Tomoyo sing) It's a beautiful voice.

Kero: (talking to a cat plushie) You're pretty good-looking.
Sakura: What are you doing?!

Sakura and Her Memories of Her Mother

Sakura: I wish you would turn back into your true form and become my bodyguard, Kero.
Kero: If you want to do that, then you have least capture the cards that govern "fire" and "earth." My true form is really cool!
Sakura: Cool...? (pictures a giant stuffed Kero)

(After all the girls ran away from the ghostly figure):
Sakura: A long-haired woman!
Chiharu: A blurry, pointed eye...
Naoko: A one-eyed, round...
Rika: A pink thing with a wide mouth and fangs!
Tomoyo: A large nikuman.
(All the girls stare at her wide-eyed):
Tomoyo: I mean, what I saw was a large nikuman.

Yukito: If you really like Sakura so much, you should stop making fun of her.
Touya: The only one who can play with her is me.
Yukito: Have you ever heard of a "sister complex"?
Touya: Shut up.

Sakura: (To Illusion) My mother wouldn't do that!!!

Sakura's First Attempt as a Thief

   Yuki: DAMN IT! (The Silent movies her finger to her lips, everything becomes silent)
   Kero: (enlarges his shadow with a flashlight) All right listen up. I'm the guardian angel of thisplace. Leave immediately.
   Yuki: W-What do you mean guardian angel? You're the one who is messing with the painting!! 

   Tomoyo: (about the incident) The art in the museum moved?
   Sakura: Yeah, and suddenly, I couldn't hear anything...Although it was only an instant...Can it be something like...The curse of an unfortunate artist who died an unlucky death...I'm sure that painting is cursed! And so...
   Tomoyo: Was it that scary?
   Sakura: It wasn't scary at all back then. 

   Tomoyo: What are the powers of The Silent?
   Sakura: In the afternoon, all it did was make sound disappear.
   Kero: That's not all. If it shushes, not only does sound disappear, but at the same time...
   Sakura: At the same time...?
   Kero: I'm not sure. 

(Sakura and Tomoyo fall over)

   Sakura: And you call yourself the Beast of the Seal!? 

(The Guard looks at the picture already back to normal Sakura and Tomoyo watches him)

   Guard: It's terrible! The Picture has changed! (runs down the hallway in fear)

Sakura's Rival Appears

Yukito: There are things called foretelling dreams.
Sakura: (thinking) That's exactly what Kero was saying.
Yukito: Actually I had a foretelling dream myself last night. In the dream, my breakfast was a roasted fish. And I really had fish for breakfast. I was so happy I had 6 more bowls of rice!

Sakura: Big brother...It's nothing. I just had a weird dream.
Touya: Oh, I see...So it was just grunts from a monster...
Sakura: What did you say!?

Syaoran: You mean to say that THIS is Cerberus, the Golden-Eyed Beast of the Seal.... This plush toy?

Sakura and the Mysterious Broach

Syaoran:: Daily chores?
Yamazaki: When your turn for the daily chores comes, you clean the blackboards, write in the daily report, sing songs during recess, dance around...There are a lot of things you have to do.
Syaoran: They do that in Japanese schools?

Touya: That brat was near our house!?
Yukito: He went home before too long, though.
Touya: I guess I have to beat him up once.
Yukito: Is that how you warded off all the boys who got close to Sakura?
Touya: Only I can make fun of her.
Yukito: You really do have a sister complex.
Touya: Shut up!

Sakura and the Sports Day of Flowers

Sakura: (thinking) Today is Tomoeda Elementary School's athletic festival! There are kids who say athletic festivals are a pain so they don't like them. But I love it!

Kid #1: That fourth grader Kinomoto sure runs fast.
Kid #2: Nobody can win against her.
(Tomoyo appears and surprises the kids)
Tomoyo: Not only is Sakura super fast, she's super cute as too!

Yukito: (about Sakura's cheerleading skills) Sakura has gotten much better.
Touya: Well, if you compare it to before. When she first joined the squad, you know how she tosses the baton, right? She always caught it with her head.
(baton falls and hits Sakura on the head)
Touya: See?

Tomoyo: Sakura, allow me to introduce. This is my mother.
(Sonomi stares at Sakura)
Sonomi: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Sonomi Daidouji. Thank you for being such good friends with Tomoyo all the time.
Sakura: That's not true. I'm always the one being helped out...
Sonomi: You really are cute. You look a lot like someone I know... I've heard a lot about you from Tomoyo, but she never told me your last name. Would you care to tell me what it is?
Sakura: Oh, um Kino-
(Fujitaka calls to Sakura)
Sakura: Dad!
(Sonomi screams)
Sonomi: Mr. Kinomoto!!

Sakura, Tomoyo and the Mansion

Sakura: Um, what kind of person was my dad? Dad tells a lot of stories about my mother but he doesn't say much about himself. I'm told that he has no relatives left, and I don't know any of Mother's. So... so...
Sonomi: Your father is... a disgusting person. He's handsome, kind, a great chef, and can do anything and everything. From the perspective of someone who loved Nadeshiko he's a very, tremendously disgusting person. Let's see... his flaw is that he has no flaw... I guess.

Kero: CAKE!! You left me out of the loop! I was the only one who couldn't eat cake! You looked so happy when you were eating that cake, Sakura...
Sakura: I-I'm sorry, Kero.
Kero: I was watching the WHOLE thing from this room!

Kero: Shield is a card that protects valuable things. It has a tendency to protect more and more important things. I must say that the contents of this box must be really cherished by its owners.

Sonomi: This is the bouquet from when your mother Nadeshiko got married. A bouquet of cherry blossoms... Nadeshiko loved cherry blossoms. She kept saying ever since she was little how she would name her baby "Sakura" if it was a girl.
Sakura: "Sakura"...
Sonomi: And you are that baby, Sakura.

Sakura's Never-Ending Day

Sakura: Li! Is your face all right?
Tomoyo: That's right; the soccer ball hit you in the face when you turned around. But it still went in the goal anyway. It was quite spectacular.

Sakura and the Elephant's Test of Strength

Sakura: Y-You're not with my big brother?
Yukito: I'm in charge of the chores today.
Sakura: Today really is a wonderful day!
Yukito: What?
(Sakura blushes and looks downward)

Sakura, Toya and Cinderella

(Touya and Yukito are both in the play, and Sakura, Tomoyo, and Syaoran are amongst the crowd watching)
Yukito: You seem to be in a bind, Cinderella, here. (Hands Touya a card)
Touya: This is an invitation to the ball. But why would you...?
Yukito: It's because I am a sorcerer.
Touya: What's that on your head?
Yukito: A can of mackerel. This discarded can of mackerel gained magical powers as time passed!
(Sakura and Syaoran fall from their seats, embarrassed)
Syaoran: W-Why a can of mackerel?
Tomoyo: Perhaps it's to raise public awareness about not wasting things?

Sakura and Kero's Big Fight

(After the bed Sakura made for Kero broke)
Kero: Are you sure it wasn't just made poorly?
Sakura: You're cruel! You just got fat, Kero-chan!
Kero: What!? I haven't gained any weight! It's just that you're bad with this kinda stuff, Sakura!
Sakura: I heard that!

Sakura and the Rainbow of Memories

Sakura: You're fine without eating anything, right, Kero?
Kero: Yeah.
Sakura: But you like sweets.
Kero: It's just something I like.
Sakura: Does that mean you just have a greedy appetite?
(Kero falls in embarrassment)

Kero: Hey! Did you forget I was in here!?
Sakura: I'm sorry! The room was just too wonderful, and I...
Kero: Oh, it is rather nice.
Sakura: See? And I was really happy so...
Kero: So you were about to make me into a sandwich.
Sakura: I said I was sorry.
Kero: I'll let you go this time, but bring me some desserts after dinner.

Sakura's Scary Test of Courage

Syaoran: Today, inside that cave, I felt a strange presence.
Sakura: A Clow Card?
Syaoran: No, not a Clow Card.
Sakura: Then, could it be a Gh-gh-gh-gh-...
Syaoran: Are you trying to say "Ghost"?
(Sakura nods vigorously)
Syaoran: I don't know what it is yet, but I felt a strange presence in this rocks again just a few minutes ago.

Sakura, Yukito and the Summer Festival

Yamazaki: Do you know what the origin of the water yo-yo is? It was first seen in the Edo era, and it was more like a regular summer past time for peasants.
Sakura: Wait, did they have rubber way back then?
(Sakura holds up the water yo-yo)
Sakura: This is rubber, right?
Tomoyo: Yes.
Yamazaki: Yeah, so they used to make it out of glass.
Chiharu: It's getting pretty fishy now...
Sakura: Glass? Then they couldn't play with it like this- (Sakura bounces the water yo-yo into her palm)
Yamazaki: No, the classy people invented ways to play with it without breaking it.
Chiharu: It's a lie, a lie.

Sakura: Aren't you bored just watching, Tomoyo?
Tomoyo: No, I'm having a very fun time because I'm able to film you having fun, Sakura.
(Sakura falls over embarrassed)

Sakura and the Summer Holiday Homework

Syaoran: Don't get in my way!
Kero: I wanted to go this way too!
Syaoran: You're ruining my concentration.
Kero: Don't you mean you don't have enough concentration?
(Syaoran glares at him)
Kero: You sure are short-tempered. Well, since you're studying, I'll let you off the hook today.

Sakura: Of all the books to review, the thinnest one was Piglet Story, right? Did you read Piglet Story, too, Tomoyo?
Tomoyo: No, I read a different book.
Sakura: Was it a good book?
Tomoyo: Yes, very.
Sakura: Maybe I should read that book too, then. What was it called?
(After searching for the book, Tomoyo points at a thick book on the shelves)
Tomoyo: It was this one.
Sakura: What, this!?
Tomoyo: Yes.
Sakura: Maybe I'll just read about piglets.

Touya: What is your construction project this year?
Yukito: It's a little birdhouse, right?
Sakura: Yes!
Touya: And this time, there's no entrance to it.
Sakura: That's-
(Sakura looks down to the birdhouse)
Sakura: There isn't one...
Touya: Did you really forget?
Sakura: But I'm not good at this kind of stuff!

Transfer Student vs. Sakura

Kero: Is this her? Is this the fiance of that kid?
Meiling: So you're here looking for the card as well.
Sakura: Then you are, too?
Meiling: I'm going to capture it and hand it over to Syaoran. The card is Syaoran's!
Kero: What!? I won't let things go your way! Sakura is the only Cardcaptor I've accepted!
(Meiling grabs Kero):
Meiling: What is this? Your guardian beast or something?
Sakura: Kero is the Beast of the Seal of the Clow Cards.
Meiling: This thing that looks like a bath sponge!?
Kero: You try saying that again, brat!
(Meiling swats Kero away with the palm of her hand):

Yukito: Sakura, your face is red. Are you sure you don't have a fever?
Sakura: I-I'm fine!
Touya: For this dinner, even if she has a fever of 40 degrees Celsius she wouldn't budge, because she is...
(Sakura stomps on Touya's foot):

Touya: Did you see the news last night, Sakura?
Sakura: What?
Touya: The one about how a black-belt in karate got beaten up on the streets last night.
Yukito: I saw that one! I heard the opponent was a girl.
Sakura: I didn't know about that.
Touya: I had thought it was you, Sakura. You are a monster after all...
Sakura: What was that!?

Sakura's Long Marathon Race

Sakura: Meiling, you're good at running marathons?
Meiling: Am I good? Who do you think you're asking? You will be crying all the way as you run behind me the whole race!
Sakura: Why would I be crying?
Meiling: You'll be crying from frustration.

Sakura and Her kind Father

Sakura: Dad sure seemed to be sleepy, maybe it's because he has been staying up late for a while. Although, Kero, you look like you've been asleep the whole time.
Kero: What are you saying!? I was doing my hardest to hide! I wasn't asleep at all!
Sakura: Oh, then what's the imprint of the basket on the left side of your cheek?

Kero: So you're going to your dad's school Sakura?
Sakura: Do you want to come with me Kero?
Kero: I don't have to study, I am already wise.
Sakura: I don't mean that I want to bring my dad another snack. I'm sure he needs a change of clothes too since he's sleeping at his office. Oh, maybe I can invite Tomoyo as well.
Kero: Tomoyo? Will she bring us homemade cookies when she comes over?
Sakura: Kero, all you ever think about is food.

Sakura: Hey, how about this book?
(Sakura hands Tomoyo a book)
Tomoyo: Then, these too...
(Tomoyo picks up a stack of eight books)
Tomoyo: I will be all right if I have this much. Thank you very much.
Sakura: But what are you going to do with so many books about flowers?
Tomoyo: I've somewhat fallen into a creator's block lately. So I thought about using these books as a new motif...
Sakura: M-Motif?
Tomoyo: Of course, for designing your costumes, Sakura! Because you are the one who wears them, Sakura, I must always create costumes with new ideas and a sense of design!

Sakura, Toyomo and a Wonderful Song

Sakura: Tomoyo is a really good singer.
Meiling: I'm good at singing, too!
Kero: If [the card] copied your singing, brat, it'd tarnish the image of the Clow Cards!
Meiling: What was that!?

Kero: Since you're wearing those ceremonial clothes, and even got your sword, you came here to look for a Clow Card! Didn't you, kid?
Syaoran: Who are you calling a kid?
Kero: "Kid" is enough for someone who hasn't even been alive for a decade!

Tomoyo: Did something nice happen to you? Because you've looked so happy since you came in.
Sakura: (Whispering) Today, Yukito is sleeping over at our house. He'll be going over our plans for their athletic festival with my big brother.
Tomoyo: Oh, is that so?
Syaoran: Who's going sleeping over!?
Sakura: I said it in a really small voice...
Tomoyo: I guess the name of someone you like can be heard in any condition.

Sakura's Little Adventure

(After Sakura puts on her new costume):
Tomoyo: Sakura, you really are too cute!
Sakura: You're embarrassing me.
Tomoyo: You shouldn't blush, Sakura. You're the world's only Cardcaptor! Seeing you in action wearing this costume, Sakura, it is so touching!
Sakura: T-Tomoyo...
Kero: Enough of this! Let me eat already!

Sakura: I'm jealous! I really am! I want to live in a huge castle like this!
Touya: If you lived in such a huge place, your new life would be much tougher.
Sakura: Why?
Touya: You don't know how many days it will take to finish cleaning! On top of it, I am positive you would get lost!
Sakura: I wouldn't get lost!
Touya: In the first place, you aren't exactly fitted to be a princess Sakura.

Sakura and One More Sakura


Yukito: Sakura, you're very good at cleaning.
Sakura: I don't think so.
Touya: She's not usually like this. She breaks things all over the place like a monster. You can't tell if she's cleaning or making a mess.
(Sakura tries to stomp on Touya's foot, but misses and hurts her own)

Kero: What's up? You look awfully happy, Sakura.
Sakura: How do I look? Yukito cut my hair for me.
Kero: You haven't changed one bit!
Sakura: Yukito really can do everything! He's very athletic, and wonderful...
Touya: (Calling from downstairs) Sakura, help us down here!
Sakura: Okay!
Kero: I just don't understand girls in love.

Sakura and the Wonderful Teacher

Meiling: You promised you would eat lunch with me!
Syaoran: W-Wait a minute. We're having a serious conversation right now.
Meiling: What kind of serious conversation?
Tomoyo: About Ms. Mizuki.
Meiling: What's this!? Despite the fact that you already have me!?
Syaoran: It's not what you're thinking about!

Touya: If you don't watch where you're going, you'll trip.
Sakura: I'm fine!
Touya: Even if you are, you'll make a big hole in the ground if you trip!
Sakura: What was that!?

Sakura and the Shrine of Memories

Syaoran: (flashback) Be careful. That teacher really is something.
Sakura: (thinking) He told me to be careful but... I get all dazed when I see Ms. Mizuki!

Syaoran: (after Sakura asks where Meiling is) I left her at home. She still wasn't done with homework.
Kero: (laughs) It's this late, and she's still doing it?
Sakura: Meiling just transferred to our school, and she's still not used to Japanese. I'm sure she can't help it.
Syaoran: What about you? Where's the girl that always films you?

Sakura: (about liking Yukito) I-I guess you could say it was love at first sight... How about you, Li?
Syaoran: O-On the day that I transferred here...
Sakura: S-So, it was love at first sight as well... Y-You and I are both much younger than Yukito, Li... But we can't help it. Because we like him.

Sakura and the Enchanted Cards

Kero: (about Meiling) Women are such a hassle when they're in love.

Touya: Oh, I'm going to take one of these!
Sakura: Big brother! That's bad manners!
Touya: You made these?
Sakura: Dad did.
Touya: Then they're safe!
Sakura: What's that suppose to mean!?

Sakura's Sweet Cooking

Kero: You're really worked up about this.
Sakura: Because I'm going to have Yukito and Ms. Mizuki eat some of the cake!
Kero: Don't forget about my share!

Sakura and the Injured Card

Yamazaki: Cheering? Let me tell you about cheering. When the Roman emperor was thrown out to sea during a war, he made his soldiers wave "Hure" for help. And then the wave became "Hooray", turning it into today's cheering style.
Chiharu: That's a lie.
Yamazaki: Lies? Let me tell you about lies...

Sakura and the Nameless Book


Meiling: That card was definitely Syaoran's!
Kero: Well, that's the difference in ability.
Meiling: That was luck! If the huge cat didn't get in the way, the card would've been Syaoran's!
Kero: Don't you mean the cat would've eaten him up if Sakura hadn't sealed it away?
Meiling: What was that!?
Kero: Are you picking a fight, brat!?
Sakura: You guys...

Tomoyo: I am so happy!
Kero: Tomoyo's happiness is very simple.
Tomoyo: Being able to spend time with someone I care about, having her wear cute clothing, and being able to record her on video. This is the epitome of bliss!
Kero: Yeah, you can even record my ultra-handsome self!

Touya: You're being loud so early in the morning.
Sakura: I'm not being loud!
Touya: A monster's footsteps resonate.
Sakura: I am not a monster!
Touya: Don't you think you've gained some weight recently? The sky looms closer to the monster, as it fattens up in autumn...
Sakura: I am not fat!
Touya: But then, you're not growing any taller either.

Sakura, Kero and Syaoran

(After Kero and Syaoran switch bodies)
Syaoran: You're so optimistic.
Kero: What was that!?
Syaoran: It might be fine for you, but I'm stuck in this body as a plush toy!
Kero: Who are you calling a plush toy? I don't want to be in this ugly body either!
Syaoran: What!?
(Sakura starts to giggle)
Kero and Syaoran: What's so funny about this!?

Sakura's Freezing Ice-Skating Experience

  • "The Freeze" Card is sealed by Sakura, but goes to Syaoran.

Sakura: I think I'll go make a late-night snack now...
Kero: You just ate dinner a few minutes ago!
Sakura: But Yukito eats a lot! He might be hungry already.
Kero: He came over to study for exams, right? If you eat too much, don't you get a little sleepy?
Sakura: (sadly) You're right. (happily) Then I'll go take them some tea and sweets!

(Meiling tackles Syaoran)
Meiling: I'm cold! It's cold! Syaoran, I'm cold...
Syaoran: (gives her his scarf) If you're cold, stay inside.
Meiling: Thanks! (Syaoran leaves) But it's cold even if I stay inside...
(After Sakura seals The Freeze Card)
Meiling: I'M HOT!

Sakura, Yukito and the Midday Moon

Yamazaki: And speaking of quizzes... The first person to make such a question was a philosopher from Greece. The very first question was "What walks with 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs in the afternoon, and 3 legs at night?" and...
Chiharu: Yeah, yeah.
(Chiharu begins to drag Yamazaki off, while Sakura thinks about the question)
Yamazaki: And, the first person to get that question right was....
Sakura: Hey, Yamazaki, what was the answer to that question?
(notices Yamazaki is gone)
Yukito: A human. As a baby you crawl on 4, as an adult you walk on 2 and when old, you use a cane for 3.

Sakura's Wonderful Christmas

Kero: So the card is once again Sakura's. And it's a high-ranking card, too!
Syaoran: Even with your powers back, you're still a plush toy.
Kero: What was that!? Try saying that again!
Syaoran: I'll say it as much as I want! Plush toy, plush toy, plush toy!

  • This Season 1 finale is immediately followed by the first movie.

Season Two (Episodes 36-46)


Sakura and the Snowy School Term

  • This Season 2 premiere takes place after the events of the first movie.

Syaoran: Yeah, but I couldn't sense it until all of this happened.
Sakura: Me neither. But, Ms. Mizuki was saying how something very pretty was going to fall, and she seemed to know this much was going to pile up, too.
Kero: Like she knew it was a Clow Card doing it from the beginning?
Syaoran: It seems that teacher is no ordinary person after all.

Sakura and Tomoyo's Lost Voice

Touya: You should be glad you're not baton-twirling. You don't have to worry about it hitting your head.
Sakura: Big brother!
Touya: Considering how you're so fine after hitting your head with the baton so many times, your head must be harder than a rock, Sakura!
Sakura: That's not true!

(Tomoyo writes in her notebook)
Tomoyo: you're always watching over Sakura-chan aren't you?
Syaoran: Wh..what!? I-I'm n-not..
Sakura: Li-kun is something the matter?
Syaoran: N-nothing

Sakura's Fun Strawberry Picking Adventure

Chiharu: I'll make some for you, Yamazaki.
Yamazaki: Then I will have to pray again.
Chiharu: Why?
Yamazaki: So I can stay healthy after eating it.
Chiharu: What did you say!? What do you mean by that!?

Yamazaki: Strawberries were originally from southern America. Back then, you couldn't eat strawberries much. That was because back then, strawberries could run away, unlike today, so not many people could get ahold of them.
(Sakura and Syaoran imagine strawberries running around in a meadow)

Kero: (after asking where was the dessert he was waiting for) You couldn't have given all of the dessert to the snow rabbit to eat?
(Sakura freezes, and then Sakura and Kero laugh)
Sakura: Actually, I did.
Kero: What?

Sakura's Dizzy Fever Day

The Mirror Card (as Sakura)': (as Touya is leaving) Oh, what about the medicine..?
Touya: It's better not to take medicine when you're not sick. You're not Sakura, are you? I've seen you before. Sakura stepped out, I take it?
(The Mirror Card nods)
Touya: Sheesh! I have a vague idea of what she's doing. Can you not tell her that I know what she's up to? It seems she's trying to hide it, although it's not working well.

(Nadeshiko appears in Sakura's room)
Touya: Mother...
(Nadeshiko places her hand on Sakura's forehead)
Sakura: (thinking) It's like this morning... This hand... is Mother's hand...
(Sakura's fever appears to have lessened)
Nadeshiko: It's all right now.
Touya: You were here?
Nadeshiko: Yeah, I was a little worried from this morning. (turns to Sakura) Do your best Sakura.
(Nadeshiko disappears)

Touya: Are you feeling fine now?
Sakura: Yeah! (to her Mother's photo) Thank you, Mother.
Touya: Sakura, why is it "thank you"?
Sakura: Because somehow, I felt like Mother was next to me yesterday...

Sakura and the Sakura from the Dream

(Syaoran enters a movie theatre playing a movie starring himself and Sakura)
Syaoran (in movie): (offers Clow Cards) Take these. They're the Clow Cards I gathered.
Syaoran: Wha.. what am I doing!?

(Sakura wakes up on the floor of Tokyo Tower and looks out the window)
Sakura: (sees herself standing on the opposite building) This... It's that dream!? (notices a figure on the roof of Tokyo Tower) Who's... that?! Who is it?!
(figure is revealed to be Kaho Mizuki)
Sakura: Ms. Mizuki... What's going on here?! What is she doing?! I... don't get it..!
(the dream Sakura appears)
Dream Sakura: It's all right! You will definitely be all right!

Sakura, Syaoran and the Sea of Sand

  • "The Sand" Card is sealed by Sakura, who gives it to Sayaoran in gratitude for giving her "the Cloud" in "Sakura's Dizzy Fever Day"

Sakura: (thinking) The dream I saw, thanks to the Dream Card... That really was Ms. Mizuki... And, Kero said that Dream showed me a foretelling dream... Someday... something just like that dream is going to happen? But... seeing Ms. Mizuki... makes me all dreamy!

Kero: The prince?! You, Sakura?!
(Sakura nods)
Tomoyo: I'm sure... I'm sure that you will be a very cute prince! I asked our teacher to be in charge of the wardrobe as well. I'm really looking forward to this!
Kero: The play is Sleeping Beauty, right? That means, the lead role is the princess, right?
Sakura: (nodding) Yeah.
Kero: Who is it?
Sakura: (embarrassed) ...Li.
Kero: What's up with that!?

Yukito: By the way, isn't Tomoeda Elementary having their Arts Festival soon?
Sakura: Y-Yes, we are.
Yukito: What is your class doing, Sakura?
Sakura: A p-play.
Yukito: What kind of play?
Sakura: S-Sleeping Beauty.
Yukito: Both of you will be in it, right?
(Sakura and Syaoran nod)
Yukito: What roles?

(Sakura and Syaoran look embarrassed)

Yukito: ...I'll leave what roles you're playing for when I see it, then.

Sakura and the Blacked-out School Festival

  • Sakura seals both "the Light" and "the Dark" Cards.

Syaoran: Why do I have to wear something so fluffy?!
Tomoyo: Because you're the princess?
Rika: (acting) The only thing that can awaken the princess...
Chiharu: (acting) a kiss from someone who truly loves the princess.
Naoko: (acting) If you can truly love her, then a kiss...
Sakura: (acting) Yes.
Kero: Oh, this is a good scene.
Meiling: (thinking) Ooh! If only I was the prince!
Touya: T-They can't really be doing it...!?
Kero: This presence...!!
(Sakura pushes Syaoran away)

The Light Card: The final judgement will come from Yue. Do your best. We hope for you to be our master.
Sakura: Yue?
The Light Card: He has been right side you this whole time.

Sakura's Farewell to Meiling

Syaoran: This is a cake..?
Wei: It is filled with Meiling's feelings.
Syaoran: But still...
Wei: I perceive that you have a big heart, Syaoran. Are you worried about such a little thing?
Syaoran: But this isn't it. She always suddenly grab onto me...
Meiling appears and tackles Syaoran)
Meiling: Syaoran!!
Syaoran: You know, how many times do I have to tell you not to grab me like that... What's wrong?
Meiling: I don't want to go home!

Meiling: Hey, why did you start to like that guy?
Sakura: U-Um... He's in my big brother's class... and he came over to visit, and...
Meiling: Love at first sight?
Sakura: ...Yeah. W-W-What about you, Meiling?
Meiling: For me... it's not love at first sight...

  • "The Twin" Card is beaten by the combined martial arts of Syaoran and Meiling; as such goes to Syaoran.

Sakura, Kero and the Mysterious Teacher

Ms. Mizuki: It's the first time I meet you in this form.
Kero: Yeah... I was switching bodies with that kid the last time. Since I couldn't use any of my magic, I didn't realize it when I met you. I feel magic of tremendous power... especially that of the moon. Miss, you're one that uses the powers of the moon, aren't you?
Ms. Mizuki: Yes...
Kero: The other guardian of the Clow Cards that Clow Reed created to serve opposite me... Yue, which means "moon" in Chinese.

Yukito: (to Touya) But this is a coincidence... to see you here.
Sakura: You're right!
Touya: There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world...
Ms. Mizuki: There is only necessity.

Sakura and the Last Card

  • Sakura captures "the Earthy" which is, as the title suggests, the fifty-second and final Clow Card captured.

Kero: Sakura! What are you doing?!
Sakura: I'll try using a Card!
Kero: But, if it's the wrong Card...!
Sakura: I'm going to try! I promised that I would collect all of the Cards! And this is the last one!

Sakura: Hey, Li... Do you know who Yue is?
Syaoran: The other guardian of the Clow Cards... Cerberus, the Beast of the Seal representing the Sun. And Yue, the Judge representing the Moon are the ones Clow Reed created to guard the Clow Cards.
Sakura: A judge? What does he judge?
Syaoran: I don't know... Details about Yue are in none of the magic books that Clow left behind... There is that book where you store the Clow Cards, right? The Golden Beast on its front cover is Cerberus and the Moon on the back cover is Yue.
Sakura: There was no moon on the back cover.
Syaoran: Then... just like Cerberus, Yue has taken a material form as well...

Tomoyo: Come to think of it... there are Cards that Sakura has and Cards that Li has, right? I wonder who ends up being the proper owner of the Clow Cards in this case?
Kero: We'll find out soon, when he shows up.

Sakura: He's... Yue... Then, where did Yukito go?
Ms.Mizuki: Tsukishiro... He was Yue...

Yue: Cards created by Clow. There is one wishing to become your master. A girl chosen by Cerberus the Selector. Her name is Sakura. To see if she is truly worthy of being our master. I, Yue the Judge, will now conduct the Final Judgment.

Sakura and the Final Judgement

  • This is the Season 2 finale.
  • The debut of the second Guardian of the Clow Cards, in addition to Keroberos, Yue, symbolizes the moon.
  • By defeating Yue, with "the Windy" Card, Sakura is officially chosen as "Master of the Clow Cards".
  • The Sealing Wand changes into the Star Wand.

Syaoran: But you woke up because she scattered the cards, right, Cerberus? Besides, she said that he had moved to Tomoeda City long before that...
Ms.Mizuki: Someone... Someone might have made it so that it would happen that way (Cerberus stares) There's no such thing as coincidence in this world, there is only inevitability.

Yue: You lose, and the seal of the Cards will be released once again. And the catastrophe will befall this world.
Sakura: What is the catastrophe that will befall this world? What is going to happen?
Yue: ...To forget. If the next candidate for Master that Cerberus, the Selector, chose cannot win against Yue, the Judge, then each and every person that had something to do with the Clow Cards will lose their feelings of love towards the one person they care about the most.

Sakura: (about Yukito) He... He is... (bells ringing) That's right... he's... The person that I have... the most feelings for!!

Ms.Mizuki: These bells were left by Clow Reed so that you could get one last chance. They're gone, now that they've done what they were made to do. You won't be able to restart again.
Sakura: All right! It's too sad to see a world where your feelings for the person you care about the most are gone! I'll do my best right now! I'm sure something will come of this. I know it will be all right.

Sakura: Yue, I'm sure that you really loved Clow very much. Then, you should understand that forgetting about the person you cared about the most would be a very sad thing. I'm still a child, and I can't use really powerful magic like Clow could... but... I'll try my best!! I want you to be friends with me... nothing like masters or stuff like that.
Yue: Close your eyes. The Judgment is complete. I, Yue the Judge, acknowledge Sakura as our new Master.

Clow Reed: That is a wand in which the power of your own Stars, and not the Sun nor the Moon, resides in. Even if it is a faint light now, the power of the Stars is one that continues to shine on its own. Take good care of that power.

Season Three (Episodes 47-70)


Sakura and the Mysterious Transfer Student

Sakura: (in a letter to Ms. Mizuki) We have a new student in 5th grade, class 2, today. A boy named Eriol Hiiragizawa. He seems like a nice guy. But... (out loud) doesn't seem like I just met him for the first time... Hiiragizawa...
Eriol: Me, neither.
Sakura: (surprised) H-Hiiragizawa!
Eriol: Oh, I'm sorry to surprise you. It doesn't feel like I'm meeting you for the first time, either...
Sakura: It's rather strange.
Eriol: Maybe we've met before. Perhaps we've met each other before we were born.

(Book of Clow Cards begins glowing, and a voice comes from the book)
Clow Reed: I'm sure I will be causing you some trouble now, but I'm sure you will be all right...
Sakura: This voice... This voice is Mr. Clow?
(The book stops glowing and the room returns to normal)
Kero: Sakura?
Sakura: Kero... I just heard Mr. Clow's voice from this book...
Kero: Clow's voice?!
(Kero looks at the book and notices that it has changed)
Kero: What is it?! (reads book cover) Sa.. ku.. ra??
Sakura: My name..? What does this mean?

Sakura and the Awakened Star Key

  • Sakura is presented with a brand-new mystical key, the Star Key and Wand, in place of the Sealing Wand.

Sakura: (after trying to use the Fiery card) The key turned into a wand, but why can't I use the Cards? What should I do!? How can I save everyone!? ... a new wand! Because the wand is new, maybe the Cards too?"

Sakura and the Dangerous Piano


Sakura and the Invisible Threads

  • Sakura converts "the Sword" into her very own Sakura Card.

Sakura and the Panicky Bike

  • The Clow Cards converted into Sakura Cards are:
    • The Dash
    • The Libra
    • The Lock
    • The Loop
    • The Cloud
    • The Change
    • The Sand
    • The Sweet
    • The Wave
    • The Windy

Sakura and the Giant Teddy Bear

Syaoran: [staring at Sakura turning bright magenta and his heart beating wildly]
Sakura: [turns around] Li-kun!
Syaoran: [turns even redder and runs away] She was just--just standing there and my heart goes. Could it be? The same feelings as I had for him? [Yukito] was the only one that made me feel fuzzy warm and now she... [hops over a fence]
Yue: You have Clow's blood (Syaoran is Clow's descendant) and confuse that with seeing Yukito. You are only attracted to his power of the moon.
Syaoran: Power of the moon?
Yue: Right. If you look deep inside your heart, you will see the one you truely love. Your true feelings.
Syaoran: True feelings? What about…
Yue: Figure out the rest on your own [turns back into Yukito]
Yukito: [looking dazed] How did I get to such a place? Oh *hands Syaoran the bear he made for Sakura* You dropped this. You should give it to the person you made it for.
Syaoran: [looks at the bear intently]

Syaoran: (after seeing Sakura and running off) She was just standing there and my heart... Is this the same feeling as when I see him? Damn it, what's going on? (Yue appears) Y-Yue?
Yue: One who has the blood of Clow flowing on him. The reason why you are confused when you see Yukito is because of the magic powers from the moon that you feel from him. If you calm down and face your own heart, you will realize who you really care for.
Syaoran: What do you mean by that?
Yue: That's something you have to think for yourself.
Kero: No good! If she uses Jump she'll be the perfect target. You'll have to use Fly instead.
Tomoyo: But if she uses Fly, she won't be able to use Sword.
Kero: That's right Fly uses magic that grows wings on top of the wand to fly. If she uses that she won't be able to use Sword.
Sakura: (whispering to the Fly card) Please, I have to use the Sword. So let me Fly without using this magical wand.
(Yue stands in front of Syaoran, with Syaoran's teddy bear in his hand; turns back into Yukito)
Yukito: (looking around, surprised) How did I ever come here? (sees the teddy bear) Oh, yes. I was running after you to give this back to you.
(hands the teddy bear to Syaoran)

Sakura's Sheep Warning

Yue: At this rate, someday I will no longer be able to return to this form.
Kero: (sigh) Yue, you can't last with just Sakura's magic, I take it...
Yue: Yukito is eating more than usual to sustain me subconsciously, but it's of no use. Our new master's powers aren't enough.

Sakura and the Calendar of Memories

  • Sakura converts "the Flower" Card into a Sakura Card.

Sakura and Sakura in Wonderland

  • Sakura converts both "The Little" and "The Big" Cards.

Sakura: [reading Alice in Wonderland] It would be so great to be in a world like that. [doesn't realize Tomoyo and Syaoran are watching her and that Eriol's approaching]
Eriol: [gives her a leaf] Use this as a book mark!
Sakura: Thank you Eriol-kun [smiles]
Eriol: Ahh, you're reading Alice? I really like that book.
Sakura: You read it?
Eriol: A long time ago.
Sakura: What's England like?
Eriol: It's rainy and foggy a lot, but I like all the old buildings. Would you like to go to Alice's world?
Sakura: Hoe?
Tomoyo: I guess Hiiragizawa-kun means by taking her to Alice's world, taking her to England and meeting his family.
Syaoran: [fuming and clenching fists]
Syaoran: [runs to Eriol and Sakura waving his arms wildly] HOMEROOM IS STARTING!
Tomoyo: [smiling] The situation has upped again.

Sakura: (meets Eriol as the Cat in Wonderland) I got it! This is all a dream, right?
Eriol: Incorrect!
Sakura: But...........
Eriol: (washes himself like a cat)
Sakura: For you to be doing something like that, Eriol...This has to be a dream!
Eriol: That's not necessarily the case. Actually, I have a rather mischievous personality.
Sakura: R...Really?
Eriol: It's always hard for me to keep from making wisecracks when you and Li are both so slow. Yes, yes...
Sakura: I'm...Slow?
Eriol: (with Clow's voice) Quite.

Sakura: (after landing on the chess board and talking to Tomoyo) Kero! Do you know how I can get out of this book?
Kero: (in his false form) I ain't Kero. How dare you interrupt my chess match?... (transforms) I'm the queen!
Sakura: What's wrong with you Kero?
Kero: Call me Queen! (attacks Sakura)

Sakura, Kero and the Sweet Meeting

  • Sakura converts "the Sleep" Card.

Spinel Sun: (after accidentally encountering with Kero) Kerberos...!
Kero: That's-
Spinel Sun: This is no good! If he figures out who I am, Eriol won't be able to move around freely.
Kero: You... you... you have a big head!

Yukito: Thank you for inviting me.
Sakura: (blushing) It's no problem.
Touya: So where's our food?
Sakura: Big brother!
Yukito: (after eating) You look really cute!
Touya: Just the clothes.

Sakura, Syaoran and the Elevator

  • "The Float" Card is converted into a Sakura Card, but is off-screen.

Sakura: [On the phone with Syaoran] When I fell out of the elevator I heard you call me by my first name, Sakura. It makes me feel as though we've become even closer friends. Can I call you "Syaoran-kun"?
Syaoran: [blushes] Do what you want. [hangs up phone, looks out the window and smiles]

Yukito: I picked these, don't you think they are a little big?
Syaoran: NO! I think they are perfect. She will eat any kind of food. When she's eating, she's always really happy; and the best part is that she'll get really happy...if she gets something that you made.
Yukito: You really like Sakura, don't you?
Syaoran: No!.. why would I...aaah!

Syaoran: (sitting on the park bench) I finally understand that her.

Syaoran: (after Sakura falls off the elevator) SAKURA!!!
Sakura: (Sakura appears a second later) Don't worry. I used The Float card.
Syaoran: (hugging her) I'm so glad.

Sakura: Hello, Li-kun?
Syaoran: Yeah?
Sakura: Thank you so much for today.
Syaoran: I d-didn't do anything.
Sakura: While we were in the elevator, I was really happy when you called me Sakura, Li-kun. Because I felt like I got to be really good friends with you. Um, can I call you Syaoran-kun, too?
Syaoran: D-do as you like,
Sakura: Right, Syaoran-kun! Then, I'll see you at school.

Sakura and Double Trouble

  • Both "the Bubble" and "the Shield" Cards are converted into Sakura Cards.

Sakura: "How are we gonna get this off you?"
Cerberus: "You have The Bubbles Card, don't ya?"
Sakura: "Uh, yeah."
Cerberus: "That's good 'cause I need to borrow it."
Sakura: "You sure?"
Cerberus: "The Bubble Card is exactly what I need. Make sure you tell it to clean me. We don't want anything else to go wrong here."
Sakura: "Let's do it. Kero, here we go."
Cerberus: "I'm ready."
Sakura: "Oh. I didn't know the Bubble card could be used for this purpose."
Cerberus: "Clow Reed also used this card to wash me, but that was a long time ago."
Sakura: "So are you telling me that Clow Reed made this card just to clean you up, Kero?"
Cerberus: "You're joking, right?"
Sakura: "Huh?"
Cerberus: "Clow Reed washed me in these bubbles, but he also washed his clothes and dishes in them as well."
Sakura: "Did he really?"
Cerberus: "Oh yeah. Not only did he have a bad attitude, he's totally insensitive, too."
Sakura: "Well, I'm gonna clean up the floor. I'll see you later."
Cerberus: "Hey, wait a minute! There's a lot more! I remember that time he used the Bubble Card on me, and the bubbles got into my eyes! Ow! Just like now."

Cerberus: "Shield?"
Sakura: "Try returning to your borrowed forms."
Cerberus: "Okay. Yeah!!"
Sakura: "The Shield Card has the power to block magic, so I thought it might help out. Hey, why don't you try to transform now? It worked!"
Yukito: "Huh? What's this? Hey, what am I doing at your house, Sakura?"

Ruby Moon: "So she did it. How boring."
Spinel: "Pretty clever move using the Shield Card."
Eriol: "Shields can protect all the things that are very precious to us. So the stronger people feel about whatever it is must be protected, the stronger the Shield's power will become. And she worked it all out. Clever girl."

Sakura, Tomoyo and the Ball Trap

  • Sakura converts "the Shadow" into a Sakura Card.

Syaoran: Sakura?
Sakura: Yes?
Syaoran: [taking off his hat and blushing] I... think I... you... lik... like...(Ore wa... omae ga... omae ga... suk... suk...)
Kero: Sakura! Come pose with me!
Syaoran: [crushes his hat and sighs]

Tomoyo: "Hey, Sakura, you don't seem to be as sleepy as you were before."
Sakura: "No. The last time few times that I transformed the Cards, I felt fine afterwards."
Tomoyo: "That proves that your powers have become a whole lot stronger than they used to be."
Sakura: "Huh? My powers?"
Tomoyo: "Every day you're getting even cuter, more beautiful and braver, too! And I manage to capture it perfectly on tape. Then there are the costumes I made you, so you'll look cool as well.Oh, I'm so happy. It makes mes dizzy."

Yue: "No way. I can tell that it's you, Clow Reed. You're supposed to be dead."
Eriol: "There is something that I had to deal with, and I didn't think I should tell you or Kero about it. I know that it's difficult for you.Your magical powers are disappearing quickly and your new master can't help you. There's someone else who can. But you have to be careful or you'll get into trouble, Yue. But I have to tell you, I find what's happening very interesting indeed. Things I never expected. But now I'm afraid you are not meant to know that I'm still alive. I think you'll forget it all."
Yukito: "Huh? What happened here?"
Eriol: "Hey, are you all right?"
Yukito: "Did I just fall asleep?"
Eriol: "Yeah."
Yukito: "Darn it! I did it again. I'm sorry."

Sakura and Her Precious Friend

Meiling: "So what did you want to talk about?"
Syaoran: I promised you that if I'd ever find someone I really liked, I'll tell you right away.
Meiling: "Did you find her?"
Syaoran: "Yeah."
Meiling: "I see. Is it... Miss Kinomoto?"
Syaoran: (surprised) "How did you know?"
Meiling: "Because when you were with her, you called her by her name. You don't usually like girls that much. The only girls you ever called by their names, besides your sisters, was me. Then our engagement is officially over."
Syaoran: "Meiling?"

Meiling: "I'm really mad. It's not fair, I've loved Syaoran like no other person in the world. I promise myself that I would never let anyone take him away from me. The worst part is that I can't bring myself to hate Miss Kinomoto, because I know that she's a great girl."

Sakura, the Cards and a Present

Mirror Card: "All right. I'll be sure to tell her. There aren't that many Cards that can speak, after all."

Touya: "Don't worry about it. I won't tell Sakura. Don't get nervous, here. A moment ago, when I was getting the wallet, I got this. It's a Christmas present, although it's a little early."
Mirror Card: This is... for me?"
Touya: Your hair is really long, right?'
Mirror Card: Thank you so much!"
Touya: "On the contrary, you are always taking care of Sakura. Thank you for that...I mean it."

Sakura: I would like for you to listen to this.
Mirror Card: Huh?
Sakura: I'm eternally grateful to you, since you are always getting me out of trouble. I want you to listen to this song so you'll understand how happy I am that we are good friends.
Mirror Card: Actually, we are grateful to you since you are trying your hardest to change us into new cards, and we want you to know that we care about you a lot. If anything happens, don't hesitate to ask for our help. We'll make our best to keep moving on together.

Sakura and the Mysterious Fortune


Sakura, the Pool and a Huge Wave


Sakura and the Snow-Blowing Ski Class

  • Sakura converts "the Time" Card into a Sakura Card.

Syaoran: [looking at the fire and thinking of Sakura; sighs] Sakura...
Sakura: [appearing behind him] What?
Syaoran: [freaks out inside, but remains calm on the outside] What?
Sakura: I thought I heard you call my name.[Sakura and Syaoran are sitting by the fire. Earlier, Sakura was scared of Eriol's ghost story, so Syaoran stopped him with the excuse that it was too late.]
Sakura: ありがとうございます。 Arigatou Gozaimasu.(Thank you for today.)
Syaoran: It was nothing.
Sakura: [giggles] You always say "It was nothing" but that's not true because you really are very kind.
Syaoran: [blushing] Why do you say that?
Sakura: Oh look! It's snowing!
[Sakura runs outside and Syaoran watches her dancing in the snow, blushing like a madman]

Sakura, Yukito and the Vanishing Power


Sakura (in tears): I'm so sorry. Because my magical powers weren't strong enough, you you and Yukito were going to disappear. I'm sorry.
Yue: The Clow Cards and their Guardians were created by Clow Reed, an extremely powerful magician. It's understandable that you, a child, cannot support all of it.

Sakura's Most Beloved Person

  • "The Maze" and "the Illusion" Cards become Sakura Cards.

Syaoran: [blushing heavily] I'll walk you home
Sakura: Thank you, but can you do me a favor?
Syaoran: What?
Sakura: Let's go to the park. [in the park]
Sakura: Today, I told Yukito-san that I loved him.
Syaoran: Oh..d-did you?
Sakura: [nods] But he said that one I love most wasn't him.
Syaoran: Eh?
Sakura: He said I loved him like I loved my father, but there's someone he loves not like a father. And I'm happy because I love this person too. Tomoyo even said the greatest happiness is when the one you love is happy. And for me, I'm happy knowing Yukito-san will be happy.
Syaoran: [eyes widen]
Sakura: [with tears in her eyes] But for some reason, I can't help but cry. I don't want to cry in front of Yukito-san, because I'm sure it would make him feel bad. I understand what he was saying I really do. [bursts into tears]
Syaoran: [fights with himself mentally, gets off the swing and interrupts]
Syaoran: I know. [hands her a handkerchief] I understand. [smiles]
Sakura: [takes handkerchief] Thank you. [faces Syaoran and then puts her head on his shoulder] Yukito-san said that someday I'll find someone who I love the most, and he will love me the most too. [tears drip from her face]
Syaoran: [looks sad for a moment then smiles] It would be nice if you could find him.
Sakura: [nods]
Syaoran: [closes his eyes and puts his arms around Sakura, whispering] Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find him.
Sakura: [sobbing] Thank you.

Sakura and the Tsukimine Shrine

  • Sakura converts "the Thunder" and "the Glow" Cards.

Tomoyo: It's Sakura, isn't it?
Sayoran: It's "the Glow" card.

Sakura, the Past and Clow Reed

  • Sakura converts "the Return" card into a Sakura Card.

Yue: Explain yourself!
Clow Reed: Just what I said, Yue. Today, I will leave this world.
Keroberos: That is not a joke I can laugh at.
Clow Reed: Unfortunately, it is no joke.
Yue: But why!!?
Clow Reed: My time has come.
Keroberos: Your time? But you are the world's most powerful sorcerer. You made us, you made the Clow Cards.
Clow Reed: Nevertheless, the end must come for all living beings.

Sakura Meets Clow Reed

  • The remaining Clow Cards transformed into Sakura Cards are:
    • The Arrow
    • The Dark
    • The Earthy
    • The Fight
    • The Light
    • The Shot
    • The Storm
    • The Silent
    • The Twin
    • The Through

  • Sakura succeeds in converting the Light, the Dark, the Storm, the Earthy, the Silent, the Arrow, the Fight, the Shot, the Cloud, and the Rain, therefore having transformed all fifty-two Clow Cards into her very own Sakura Cards.
  • Syaoran finally confesses his true romantic affections to Sakura.

Eriol: My name in this life is Eriol. In my previous life, I was known as...Clow Reed.
Kero: Clow is dead! Both Yue and I were there when he passed away!!

Sakura: Just like in my dream. And that staff.
Keroberos: Yes, that's the staff Clow used.

Yue: Clow.
Eriol: It's so good to see you again, Yue.
Yue: There was a time when I was forced back into Yukito against my will. Was it you, Clow?
Eriol: I couldn't risk you knowing I was still around.
Yue: If you were going to be reborn, why force Keroberos and I to choose a new master?

Ruby Moon: After going through all that trouble to receive Toya's magical powers, you're still no match for me. So there must be a difference in the masters' powers, after all.

Keroberos: It's not Sakura's fault! I just been caught off guard. I'm dead serious this time!! Prepare yourselves!!

Sakura and Her True Feelings


Sakura: [walking home and sees Syaoran on the bridge] Syaoran-kun...
Syaoran: [not looking at her and squeezing his hand in nervousness] I wanted to say... when I first came to Japan, my head was so filled with fulfilling my mission and catching the Clow Cards. I didn't care who got in my way. But you, you always cared about the people around you and it showed. I did nothing but get in your way.
Sakura: That's not true! You helped me so much when we were catching the cards!
Syaoran: Well, that's what I wanted to say. Thank you, it's truly a good thing that I met you. :[runs away]
Sakura: Wait Syaoran-kun... I don't know how I feel about you...

Sakura: Syaoran-kun!
Syaoran: But why... [his butler approaches with the teddy bear]
Sakura: 私。。 Watashi... (I..) [Both Sakura and Syaoran blush]
Wei: Syaoran-sama... Take this. [giving Syaoran his teddy bear that Syaoran left on his room]
Sakura: That bear... Can I have it?

Sakura: また会えるね? Mata aeru, ne? (We'll meet again, right?)

Feature Films (2002-2005)

  • Li Syaoran used only 'the Freeze" and "the Storm" cards.
  • The Clow Cards used by Sakura are:
    • The Arrow (first appearance and use)
    • The Fly
    • The Windy
    • The Jump
    • The Sword
  • Clow Cards used by Li Syaoran are:
    • The Freeze
    • The Storm

Suyong: Where is Clow Reed!!? Answer me!! ANSWER ME!!
Sakura: FLY!
Suyong: A Clow Card? Tell me where did you get a Clow Card!!?

  • The sealed Nothing Card merges with the nameless Sakura Card to become "the Hope" whose mystical properties remain to be seen.
  • Sakura Cards used were:
    • The Create (on videotape)
    • The Fly
    • The Jump
    • The Sword (on videotape)
    • The Shield
    • The Time
    • The Through (mentioned)
    • The Watery (videotape)
    • The Windy
    • The Wood
  • The Clow Card successfully converted into a Sakura Card:
    • The Nothing (merged together with "the Nameless" Card to form "the Hope")
  • This feature film is followed by the Clear Card saga, which is also considered to be the fourth season in the Cardcaptor Sakura anime series.

The Nothing Card: I have been all alone; sealed away in a dark, cold place. I finally have my friends back! Why are interfering!?
Sakura: That's not how you make friends!! Forcibly making them yours doesn't make them your friends!! It's not right! It's not!!
(All 52 Sakura Cards appear around NOTHING)
The Nothing: Why are you all abandoning me? Is that you hate me? Are we never going to be friends?
(Cries, as the Cards' create a path for their young master to reach her)
Sakura: It's all right. Come and join everyone else.
The Nothing Card: You mean, I'll no longer be alone?
Sakura: No. They're all saying that they want you to come.

The Hope Card: Don't cry. It's all right.

About Cardcaptor Sakura

  • It’s common in girls’ manga for a character to transform, as Sailor Moon and her fellow Sailor Guardians do, and we wanted to incorporate that into ‘Sakura. But many of them always wear the same outfit, so we wanted to add a twist. We feel it’s pretty sad for a girl to wear the same outfit all the time

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (2018)


Sakura and the Clear Cards

  • Sakura: [holding her staff key] It's been a while since I've ever had to use this. I think... it's better this way.

Sakura and the Room with No Exit


Sakura's Heavy Rain Alert


Sakura and the Lovely Transfer Student


Sakura Feels a Pull at the Flower Viewing


Sakura, the Rabbit and the Song of the Moon


Sakura and a Game of Tag in the Garden


Sakura, a Clock and a Hide-and-Seek Game


Sakura's Thrilling Aquarium Visit

Sakura: I didn't realize jellyfish were this pretty.
Syaoran: They are. But they're dangerous too. You have to be careful in the ocean.
Sakura: Do you know a lot about jellyfish, Syaoran?
Syaoran: No, but I was just remembering how Meiling got stung by one once.
Sakura: She was okay, though?
Syaoran: It wasn't really that serious, but she did cry a lot.
Sakura: Poor Meiling. I'd hate to think of her being in so much pain.
Syaoran: Honestly, I think she was crying in anger rather than pain.

Sakura and the Sleeping Labyrinth


Sakura and the Upside-down Penguin


Sakura and the Ball Tournament of Ice


Sakura and Meiling's Return

Meiling: I'm sure there's a lot he needs to learn to be the next head of the family and a lot of things he'll have to remember.

Meiling: (In Cantonese) When you both are so important to each other, it's not easy.

Sakura: Meiling! It's the real you!
Meiling: Is there a fake me?
Sakura: Uh uh. But normally, you send me pictures and you pop up in my dreams every once in a while, so kinda?
Meiling: Well, whatever. But you'll have to tell me about those dreams of yours.

Sakura, the Shrine and the Zoo

Meiling: I guess birds of a feather really do flock together.

Syaoran: It's alright. I'm here.
Meiling: It's just that you call her "Sakura".

Sakura's Nostalgic Viewing Party


Sakura and Meiling's Friend

Meiling: (to Syaoran) If anything happens to you, you know who'll be hurt the most. And if you make her cry, you'll regret it.

Sakura and the Crazy Sweets


Kaito; "All finished."
Momo: "Let's been honest, that girl is never going to grow out of her clumsiness."
Kaito: "Perhaps but isn't that what makes her so endearing?"
Momo: "I suppose so. Staying still all day is exhausting."
Kaito: Your effort is appreciated. Here. Have some chocolates."
Momo: "The most delicious food in the world! Is there anything more divine? So, how are things? Is it time yet?"
Kaito: "The collection of Cards is progressing well. It will be that time soon enough. Yes, even now."

Momo: "What will you do? Even with your D magic, you'll never be able to stop that book's time."
Kaito: "Yes, I'm aware. That's exactly why the new Cards are necessary."

Sakura and the Fire and Water Birds

Kero: "Now we know this set of Cards have elemental counterparts- Water, Air and Fire."
Sakura: "Yeah, but these seem to be much stronger. You saw how they were blasting each other with their roars."

Toya: "That was sudden."
Yue: "Don't worry. She's on her way back."
Toya: "How do you know?"
Yue: "I sense her."
Toya: "That's handy."
Yue: "Sometimes I cannot sense her. There are times when I cannot seem to trace the mark of my master's power."

Sakura and Akiho's Lullaby

  • Syaoran's four older sisters, who debuted in the original show's first movie, appear here.

Keroberos: The only magicians powerful enough to show the past were Clow, and three others.
Yue: She inherited the Cards from a descendant of Clow Reed, and then transformed them into her own Cards. Now she's still...
Keroberos: I knew her magic was getting stronger, but I didn't expect this. Sakura's powers have gotten significantly stronger. Her power is immense. We need to contact Eriol.
Yue: No matter what it takes.

Sakura, Rainbows and Grandpa

Momo: She's starting to synchronize.
Kaito: Yes. She must have had the same dream as the Cards' maker.
Momo: And the contents of the book?
Kaito: Progressing nicely.
Momo: The power of the dream is progressing, but isn't it a bit sooner than expected?
Kaito: The sooner the better. Her protectors have noticed and have already begun to move.

Eriol: It is good to see you again, Keroberos, Yue.
Keroberos: You wouldn't respond, so we had to come.
Eriol: Tue.
Keroberos: We might not look it, but we're really ticked off right now.
Eriol: Hmm. I know. It's as plain as the look on Yue's face.
Keroberos: Since you used that magic circle to summon us...
Yue: Does that mean you are finally prepared to talk to us?
Eriol: Indeed.
Yue: Then explain everything. Tell us what is happening to our master.
Eriol: The one thing I have most feared is becoming reality.

Sakura, the Mirror and the Key of Memories

  • Sakura secures the Mirror Card of her new collection of Clear Cards.
  • In the manga, the gift that is given to Sakura is a pocketwatch as opposed to a silver key.

Sakura: "A key?"
Sakura's Great-Grandfather: "For some reason, Nadeshiko cherished that particular item. It was one my wife and I found when we were in England."
Syaoran (thinking): England? But that's were Hiraagizawa is and...Yuna D. Kaito.

Kero: Akiho's butler may be a magician?
Eriol: The house they live in was currently torn down and replaced with an amusement park.
Kero: Amusement park? Then how does the same house stand now?
Eriol: That location is perfect for storing objects that possess great power. Is shape is ideal, as well.
Kero: Did some magician make it that way?
Eriol: Most likely.
Yue: Have you contacted that magic association?
Eriol: Yes, although they didn't give much of a response. But I did learn one thing.
Yue: What?
Eriol: Exactly one year ago, Yuna D. Kaito was excommunicated.
Kero: From the association? But, if you have very strong magic and do whatever the association asks, they'll overlook anything. What did he do to get excommunicated?
Eriol: It seems he had lost an ancient relic of great power that was never to be removed from the association.
Kero: Lost it? What kind of klutz is he?
Eriol: That was not the official cause. The rumor is that he simply took the relic and left.
Yue: Is that even allowed?
Eriol: They would never allow it. They cannot compel him to return it.
Yue: Why not?
Eriol: Because no one can ever defeat a magician with the "D" title. The association was hiding that relic, so it must be forbidden. The association can do nothing because they fear both his magic, and the chance that he will use it.
Yue: Just what kind of power does this relic possess? Is is that powerful?
Eriol: If you mean it is far more powerful than I, at this very moment, then yes. The Li family had tried to discover the true extent of his magic, but could not.
Kero: Even the kid's mother was unable to?
Yue: Our master. What of our master?
Eriol: Sakura does not rely on objects made by others, nor is she aware when she creates the Cards' that embody her magic. In other worlds, she has created her very own magical items.
Kero: So the ability to show events from the past is Sakura's own?
Yue: Why not tell us?
Eriol: Sakura's magic is very strong, but it still chaotic. She cannot control it at all. Also, I do not know what this Yuna D. Kaito is after. It probably has something to do with Sakura's new cards.
Keroberos: "Right. I get not telling her that. But why didn't you tell me and Yue?"
Eriol: "Because the worry would have shown on your face, then she'd know something was wrong."
Keroberos: "What!? Whatever, I have an awesome poker face."
Eriol: "Yes, you do. Yue, however, does not."
Yue: "What now?"
Keroberos: "Yes, that's true. He's terrible whenever it concerns Sakura."
Yue: "Shut up."

(Sees that the sun-and-moon on top of his mystic staff has cracked)
Eriol: "This is quite a powerful enemy, Sakura."

(Having utilized his purple-colored magic circle to sever the connection between Kero, Yue and Eriol)
Kaito: I expected no less from Eriol. No wonder they say he is the most powerful of magicians living. The watch that has not even been scratched, all this time, has cracked. Still, I will attain these new Cards. So I can use the relic I had taken from the association, to activate that magic spell.

Momo (to herself): Using whatever means to achieve your goal is fine. However, don't lose sight of what is important, Yuna D. Kaito.

Sakura: Since it's a mirror, I thought it could reflect magic, too. I'm glad it worked!
Syaoran (thinking): It worked because your magic is getting just that strong, even though that's not what you want. Mother and Eriol said the same thing:
"Great power will bring great unhappiness to its possessor".
Sakura: Syaoran?
Syaoran: I'll never let you be unhappy. I swear it. Never.

Sakura's Clear Cards

  • This so-called "finale" to the second anime series ends on a cliffhanger.
  • The only Sakura Card that is seen is "the Hope"

Momo: "I hope it was a contrary dream, but it could also be one that comes true."
Kaito: "That won't happen. I won't allow it."

Momo: "I can't believe you used the time magic again."
Kaito: "Well, it was an emergency. How's Akiho?"
Momo: "Akiho's dreaming like she always is. To put it more simply, she's basically acting in her sleep."
Kaito: "Will she remember?'
Momo: "Even if she does, she'll write it off as being a dream."
Kaito: "What about Sakura?"
Momo: "She'll likely remember."
Kaito: "I see. Then I have no choice."
Momo: "Hold on! You're really going to do this?"
Kaito: "These cards won't be enough, so I'll have to. It is the only way to activate that magic."

Momo: "You may be powerful, but going back in time that much is insane, even for you."
Kaito: "Perhaps."
Momo: "But you won't stop?"
Kaito: "And neither will you. The only reason you're still here is because you wanted to see the activation of the taboo magic."
Momo: "That's part of it, but there's another reason."

Season Two (2021-2022)

  • Syaoran reveals that has had all fifty-three Sakura Cards all along.



Magical Weaponry

  • Sealing Staff (Season 1, 1st movie & Season 2)
  • Star Staff (Season 3 & 2nd movie)
  • Dream Staff (Clear Card)
  • Syaoran's Sword
  • Syaoran's Compass
  • Eriol's Staff (Season 3, Seasons 1-3 of Clear Card)
  • Time Pocketwatch ( Seasons1-2 of Clear Card)
  • Kaito's Staff (Seasons 2-3 of Clear Card)

Magical Objects

  • Alice in Clockland (Clear Card)

Clow/Sakura Cards

  • The Arrow
  • The Big
  • The Bubble
  • The Change
  • The Create
  • The Cloud
  • The Dark
  • The Dash
  • The Dream
  • The Earthly
  • The Erase
  • The Fiery
  • The Fight
  • The Float
  • The Fly
  • The Freeze
  • The Flower
  • The Glow
  • The Hope
  • The Illusion
  • The Jump
  • The Little
  • The Light
  • The Libra
  • The Loop
  • The Lock
  • The Maze
  • The Move
  • The Mirror
  • The Mist
  • The Nothing (now converted into "the Hope")
  • The Power
  • The Rain
  • The Return
  • The Sand
  • The Shot
  • The Shield
  • The Shadow
  • The Snow
  • The Sleep
  • The Storm
  • The Sword
  • The Song
  • The Sweet
  • The Silent
  • The Time
  • The Through
  • The Thunder
  • The Twin
  • The Voice
  • The Wave
  • The Watery
  • The Windy

Clear Cards

  • Action
  • Appear
  • Aqua
  • Blade
  • Blaze
  • Break
  • Dreaming
  • Flight
  • Gale
  • Gravitation
  • Hail
  • Lucid
  • Labyrinth
  • Mirage
  • Mirror
  • Night
  • Promise
  • Reflect
  • Record
  • Repair
  • Reversal
  • Rewind
  • Siege
  • Spiral
  • Shade
  • Swing
  • Snooze
  • Struggle
  • Shine
  • Transfer
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