Captive Wild Woman

1943 film by Edward Dmytryk

Captive Wild Woman is a 1943 film about a scientist who puts the brain of a gorilla into the body of a woman.

Directed by Edward Dmytryk. Written by Ted Fithian, Neil P. Varnick, Griffin Jay, and Henry Sucher.
STRANGEST OF SIGHTS... The brain of an animal... the form of a woman!  (taglines)

Dr. Sigmund Walters

  • Why should a single life be so important?
  • You're not only going to watch this operation... You're going to be helpful to me.
  • Most elements are traceable to glandular disorders.


  • End Narrator: So, behind these gates is buried the legend of a mortal who went beyond the realm of human powers and tampered with things no man should ever touch.


Curly: [referring to the new shipment of lions] How many?
Fred Mason: Forty.
Curly: Well, I'll feed 'em, but you gotta explain meatless Tuesdays to 'em.
Beth Colman: Gee, it's good having you back. Was the trip a success?
Fred Mason: A success? Look! "Look! Twenty tigers, twenty lions, six zebras, eleven leopards... and Sheila!"
Beth Colman: Sheila?
Fred Mason: The most gorgeous lady that ever came out of the jungles.


  • STRANGEST OF SIGHTS... The brain of an animal... the form of a woman!
  • A human form with animal instincts!
  • Torn by strange desires!
  • Shockingly savage Acquanetta as the Gorilla Girl!


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