Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

2010 television film directed by Paul Hoen

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam is a 2010 Disney Channel Original Movie about Mitchie Torres who comes back to Camp Rock for another summer of fun but then tries to keep Camp Rock open after another camp, Camp Star, opens across the lake and tries to shut Camp Rock down for good.

Mitchie Torres

  • This is our summer and we're not giving up.
  • All right Camp Rockers. Everything is about winning the competition. Everything!
  • Wow. Good luck finding a spotlight big enough to fit the both of you.
  • So you didn't give us a chance to answer back the other night. But you know what? That's gonna change. Camp Rock versus Camp Star: The Final Jam. What do you guys think about that?
  • This is me trying to save something that I love.
  • You're on.
  • Look, just so we're clear Luke "I'm Giving You The Fire" Williams or whatever your name is. Not one Rocker, not in a million years, would ever think about joining this narcissistic, overproduced ego factory.

Shane Grey

  • The only reason why I'm here, why my brothers are here, is to get to know you better.
  • Take my advice and never get a girlfriend.
  • Dude, you can't keep hitting me.


  • You dropped it, Curly. You swim for it.


  • We're under attack!
  • You're going to need tighter pants and a tambourine.
  • Dude, you're a rockstar. Use it.


Mitchie: Rockers. Boats. now.

(The Rockers leave.)

Mitchie: (looking around and impressed) Wow. Now this is a recording studio.
Luke: Hey.
Mitchie: Um, hi. (smiles) Can I help you with something?
Luke: Do I look like I need help?
Mitchie: (laughs) Do I know you?
Luke: That's funny. I'm Luke. Luke Williams?
Mitchie: (shakes her head)
Luke: I was just on stage like two minutes ago. (sings) I'm giving you the fire. (vocalizing)
Mitchie: Wow, impressive.
Luke: I know right? It's kind of my thing. So you thinking about joining us over here?
Mitchie: Uh, no. I'm perfectly happy where I am.

Mitchie: This is me trying to save something that I care about.
Shane: So am I.
Mitchie: Really? And how is that working out for you?
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