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historical-fantasy-drama television series

Camelot (2011) is an American TV show, airing on Starz, about a young commoner, Arthur, who becomes the heir to the throne of England following the death of King Uther, where he is championed by the wizard Merlin but destined to tangle with his evil half sister, the sorceress Morgan.

Season 1 edit

Homecoming [1.01] edit

Uther: You will respect your mother.
Morgan: Step-mother!
Igraine: Why are you here?
Morgan: I've come home, and I want to offer you forgiveness.

Arthur: We can't let woman come between us, can we, brother?
Kay: Everything comes easy for you. You don't even appreciate it.

Morgan: [about the tower] Suits you up there. Where will you go?
Igraine: You'll find I have plenty allies who will give me space. Was there anything else? Or did you just come to gloat?

Merlin: The king is dead. Murdered.
Arthur: So?
Merlin: Uther died with no legitimate son.
Arthur: So what's that gotta do with us?
Merlin: Not them. You... are Uther's son.

Arthur: King's will...
Merlin: Signed by his own hand. Bearing his seal, attesting to your birth.

Pellinor: Your father was a great leader. Our loyalty passes to you. We stands to your bidding, ready to defend the Pendragon line.
Arthur: I never knew Uther. But if he inspired such loyalty, I am humbled to stand before you. And I’ll do whatever I can to justify your allegiance.

Arthur: What was he like? My father.
Merlin: Unyielding.
Arthur: That's it? The life of a man and you take ONE WORD?
Merlin: That's all you need to know.
Arthur: No, it's not! I want to know everything. What he ate, what he drank, how he stood, who he loved, what made him laugh or weep! And you give me ONE WORD!
Merlin: Anyone else can tell you his character and contradictions. I gave you the word you most require. The aspect you must take from him. An unyielding strength. Because from now on, everyone will challenge you on everything.

The Sword And The Crown [1.02] edit

Arthur: "No one's ever done it before. What makes you think I can do it?"
Merlin: "Because no one's ever needed to do it, as much as you do. This is your moment. Believe in yourself."

Merlin:"Stop pulling at me and start pushing yourself!"

Merlin:"In the beginning was the word. And the word spread. And the people came. Now we'll crown you, in front of them."

Arthur:"When I hear of kings, I think of warriors, coming to the throne through slaughter. I am not that person. But I have known loss at the hands of those men. I'm something new. Standing here before you, I realize that. I know I carry your hope in me. And I will establish, here at Camelot, a new way of ruling, for you, the people!"

Guinevere [1.03] edit

Igraine: "Do you love him?"
Guinevere: "I'm not sure I even know what that word means."
Igraine: "That's all right. I was the same. But, you know, with a little luck, in time, you might fall in love with him. And if you don't, before you know it,he'll give you children, and then you'll love them."

Merlin: "The wounded deer jumps highest, strives the hardest."

Morgan: "I'm not the one tied up here, am I?"
Merlin: "You think I can't free myself?"
Morgan: "Then do it."
Merlin: "Oh, no, no, no, no. I don't perform tricks."
Morgan: "Because you can't."
Merlin: "Because I'm strong enough to choose not to."

Gawain: "You're very good. Who taught you?"
Kay: "My father. What about you?"
Gawain: "Teaching myself."
Kay: "That's quite a task. So why bother?"
Gawain: "To be better."

Lady of the Lake [1.04] edit

Igraine: "But now that you are married, of course, you'll be coveted more than ever."
Guinevere: "What do you mean?"
Igraine: "Well, the most enticing aspect for any man is the forbidden. But you'll just have to forego the looks from men other than your husband. For to pay them any heed is really... Well, it's the worst thing that any woman could do."

Sybil: Tell me honestly. Since you left us, have you performed the Summoning? Did you ask for anything?
Morgan: Yes.
Sybil: Oh, my child... How could you be so reckless?
Morgan: What's happening to me?
Sybil: I told you a long time ago. Your arrogance will be your downfall. I have one thing left to teach you.
Morgan: I don't need you! I have nothing left to learn!
Sybil: You do. You must learn to die.

Gawin:"Some other rules of combat: remove your emotions; keep calm; attempt to draw your opponent into battle using their anger. That way they're easily frustrated."

Arthur: "I've read about many battles, about the great strategists. But what I don't understand is this: how do I know when it's time to give up? When do I acknowledge the better man's victory?"
Gawain: "See, the warrior would never do that. He'd fight to the death for something he believed in. Of course, at the lowest moment, you have one opportunity."
Arthur: "And what's that?"
Gawain: "When you have nothing to lose,that's the time to risk everything."

Merlin:"I rode many miles until I came to a lake. And everywhere there was a mist. I had to stop. And when I did. out of the mist, a woman called to me, like a siren. From within the lake, she stretched out her arm, this sword, clutching it. I took the sword and thanked her. She smiled and slipped back into the water. And as she did she said, "This is the sword of King Arthur. This is Excalibur."

Justice [1.05] edit

Sybil: Nobody knows you, Morgan. They all know of Arthur, but not you.
Morgan: They know. I'm Uther's daughter.
Sybil: Uther's daughter, Arthur's sister. You can't be defined by others. People need to know you for yourself.

Sybil: I traveled here across the sea. I listened to the talk. Nobody talks of you. Some talk of Arthur, but most talk about their fear. They don’t recognize their country anymore, and it frightens them. There is nothing more powerful than fear. You remember what it’s like to be frightened. When someone comes, takes that fear away, how you love them for it, how you worship them... So you will make new friends. And then all the talk would be of a Lady Morgan. How she understands the suffering of the people, how she is there friend, and how she have robbed of her legitimate claim of the crown.

Igraine: Merlin, you're not making any sense.
Merlin: Wizards don't need to.

King Arthur: It's not blood that ties you together, it's the memories you share. Everything you taught her, everything you gave up for her, that's your love, that's what flows through her. Tell her and you'll see how much she loves you.

Ewan: I can go anywhere. I can start again. You can't stop me.
King Arthur: Move, and we'll find you. Run, and we'll hunt you. Wherever you are, Camelot will be your shadow.

Three Journeys [1.06] edit

Kay: Can't you help him?
Merlin: Can't you?
Kay: You have powers, don't you?
Merlin: What exactly do you think I'm capable of?

Arthur: How was your swim? Was the water cold?
Guinevere': Freezing. But I have to swim.
Arthur: Why?
Guinevere: To forget myself. To lose the world for a moment.

Merlin: The cost would kill me.
Kay: What sort of cost?
Merlin: On the body. The soul. And those around me. It's an addiction. One which I deny myself every waking hour.

Arthur: We all have our own ideas of what death might be. For all we know, death could be the greatest good that could happen to us. Cicero said, "The life of the dead is placed in the memories of the living". The love we feel in life keeps people alive beyond their time. There isn't a day my parents aren't with me. In my memories, and in who I am. Anyone who has given love will always live on in another's heart.

Merlin: Did I hear of plans to rebuild the roof?
Arthur: No, I've changed my mind. That roof must never be sealed. Never built over. If we look up and see the sky, we'll never forget who we're serving. Never be disconnected from the world outside.

The Long Night [1.07] edit

Igraine: Right now, they are full of planning and action. But soon, they will stop and think. And that's when they will come to us. To remind themselves of why they will fight. And if we doubt them, then they will doubt themselves, and the battle will be lost.

Guinevere: So it's just you here, alone in this castle.
Morgan: I don't feel alone.
Guinevere: Do you not think about taking a husband?
Morgan: I've thought about it. What would I gain from it?
Guinevere: Love. Isn't that what everyone wants?
Morgan: Isn't it a burden to hold another's heart in your hands?
Guinevere: It's a privilege.
Morgan: What if you damage it?
Guinevere: Well, you mustn't. That's the trust.

Sybil: Your faith comforts you?
Leontes: It does.
Sybil: A good thing on a night like this, when doubts assail us.

Merlin: You wanna get inside my head? See what I see? Hmm?
Igraine: Yes!
Merlin: You think knowledge is power. Knowledge is pain. Do you want this?
Igraine: Share your burden.
Merlin: Morgan killed Uther. Poisoned him. He rejected her.

Leontes: Morgan's men have claimed a famous victory.
Merlin: Her legend grows.
Leontes: You doubt her?
Arthur: He doubts everyone. It's his way.
Gawain: Keep up the whole inscrutable man of magic thing.

Igraine [1.08] edit

The Battle of Bardon Pass [1.09] edit

Morgan: Camelot is in its death throes. Once its lies are exposed, it will quickly decay, and people will look around in fear and panic. And I will be there to pick them up. They will need me.

Leontes: If I hadn't have asked you, would you have told me?
Guinevere: I'd rather lie, and live with my guilt than ever hurt you.
Leontes: And I would rather you do anything than lie to me.

Morgan: The people are with me, sorcerer.

Merlin: Camelot isn't built on magic, but on people, on their faith. I have this belief they'll see through your ploys.

Arthur: No, this isn't the same.
Kay: It is! Because you never change! You're not a worthy king. You're not even a worthy brother. At least we were never linked by blood.

Reckoning [1.10] edit

Arthur: One rumour of my death, and you proclaim a new leader! A king could get offended.

Arthur: If she takes the crown, I'll tell you what you get. Fear! That's what she instills in everyone. Fear is so much stronger than hope. But it will never win.

Arthur: Those we hold in our hearts, we never say goodbye to.

Arthur: This seat belongs to Leontes. It remains empty until a champion as true and a man as honourable joins us.
Kay: It'll remain cold for all time.

Merlin: Let me go, Arthur.
Arthur: If it was the other way around, you wouldn't let me go.
Merlin: Maybe you're stronger than me. And maybe that's what I didn't know.

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