group of works by Robert Muchamore

CHERUB is a series of young adult spy novels, written by the English author Robert Muchamore, focusing around a division of the British Security Service named CHERUB, which employs minors, predominantly orphans, as intelligence officers.

The Recruit (2004) edit

  • "As a matter of fact," Lauren said acidly, "the entire future of western civilisation depends upon me making a smiley face with this ketchup."
    "You realise some poor sod has to clean all that up?" James said.
    • 2. Sister.
  • "You told me I did a good job when I got back from Nebraska House," Kyle whined.
    "When you first got back, Kyle. Then two days later I hear from Jennifer Mitchum that the social workers want you punished. Something about filling someone's room up with sand and spraying Coke everywhere?"
    "Oh, that," Kyle said. "The guy was a dick."
    • 16. Penalty.
  • "You said I was allowed to get suspended."
    "Yes," Ewart said. "But I didn't expect you to dunk a kid's head in a vat of baked beans. He's apparently got a nasty burn on his nose."
    • 36. Mess.

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