C. B. Colby

American writer (1904-1977)
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C. B. Colby (born Carroll Burleigh Colby, September 7, 1904; died October 31, 1977) was a prolific children's book writer of mostly non-fiction works. He wrote approximately 93 books that were widely circulated in public and school libraries in the United States.

Quotes edit

Strangely Enough, (1963) edit

Colby, C.B. (1963). Strangely Enough. Publisher: Scholastic Magazines, Inc. ISBN 0-590-03123-6.

  • When thoroughly reliable people encounter ghosts, their stories are difficult to explain away.
    • p. 177

World's Best "True" Ghost Stories, (1988) edit

Colby, C.B. (1988). World's Best "True" Ghost Stories. Publisher: Sterling Publish, Co., Inc. ISBN 0-8069-6898-2.

  • A good yarn, an offbeat tale, a bloodcurdling ghost story -- they need no explanation or excuse for the telling!
    • p. 5

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