Bye Bye Monkey

1978 film by Marco Ferreri

Bye Bye Monkey is a 1978 Italian-French film about a man who finds a baby chimpanzee in a giant King Kong prop and decides to raise it like a son.

Directed by Marco Ferreri. Produced by Maurice Bernart. Written by Marco Ferreri, Gérard Brach and Rafael Azcona.

Mrs. Toland

  • [to Lafayette about the monkey] If you want him to live, you'll have to keep him warm.


Gerard Lafayette: Rats are smart. Men are stupid.
Andreas Flaxman: Ah, during the time if Julius Caesar rodents were the cause of starvation among the populace. Bear this in mind, Lafayette, civilizations fade away, but the rats remain. The future belongs to the rats!

Gerard Lafayette: You put Nixon's head upon Nero's body. I saw up there.
Andreas Flaxman: There is history and there is compromise. Sometimes the two flow together, and we have what is called historical compromise.

Andreas Flaxman: Look, can't you see he already considers you his father? Listen to me, Lafayette. Get rid of it before it's too late. Listen to the voice of reason. Ah, ah, ah, ah!
[Lafayette stops picking his nose]
Andreas Flaxman: Mon frere, get rid of it.
Gerard Lafayette: [saddened] Sure.
Andreas Flaxman: [gently] Forget the dictates of your heart.
[Lafayette tearfully shakes his head no]

Schoolboy with baseball cap: [seeing the chimp] Boy, you shouldn't have that! It's an endangered species.
Andreas Flaxman: [nastily] Really? Well, if you don't get out of here, you're going to be an endangered species.

Andreas Flaxman: [as Luigi leaves] Out! Out! Never come back!
Luigi Nocello: [returning, he brandishes his cane] You are worse than... than a judge, worse than a cop, worse than a policeman! You are worse than all of them!
Luigi Nocello: [screaming] Anarchist! Yes!


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