Busted (band)


Busted was an English band consisting of James Bourne (rhythm guitar; born September 13, 1983), Charlie Simpson (lead guitar; born June 7, 1985), and Matt Willis (then called Matt Jay; bass guitar; born May 8, 1983) which formed in 2001 and disbanded on January 14th 2005.


A Present For Everyone (2003)Edit

  • Loving you would be so easy, Loving you would be so great.
    • "Why"
  • How can I try to explain? Your story never seems to stay the same.
    • "Why"

Busted (2002)Edit

  • And thinking of her name, is driving me insane.
    • "Psycho Girl"
  • Another tired afternoon, another dusty motel room.
    • "When the Day turns into Night"
  • I ran in slow motion, away from him, but he caught up with me, kicked my teeth in.
    • "Loner in Love"
  • What chance do I have now, I can't even grin.
    • "Loner in Love"

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