Burrill Bernard Crohn

American gastroenterologist

Burrill B. Crohn (June 13, 1884 – July 29, 1983) was an American gastroenterologist and made the first major advance to identify the disease that now bears his name, Crohn's disease. Although the description of Crohn's disease is by far his most famous accomplishment, Crohn had a long career both as a clinician, and as a researcher who contributed to modern understanding of many gastrointestinal conditions.


  • "The differentiation of the neuroses from organic visceral diseases, Dr. Crohn said, "is one of the difficult problems in clinical medicine. Let him who is proud of his acumen and experience as a physician survey, from year to year, his own record in this respect, and his pride may take, will take, a severe fall. With his eyes wide open to the problem, with much experience with the world, people and moods, and with years of clinical training and knowledge, no one is immune to, at times, mistaking organic diseases for the neuroses, or of falsely interpreting neurotic symptoms in terms of pathological states."

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