Bunsen Is a Beast

American animated children's television series

Bunsen Is a Beast is an animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around an eccentric beast named Bunsen, who begins attending a middle school that had previously only admitted humans. In spite of prejudice against beasts, Bunsen befriends a human boy named Mikey the Human Friend and his homeschooled companion Darcy. Together, Bunsen and his friends try to navigate through school life while outsmarting a student named Amanda Killman, who wants to rid society of Bunsen's kind.

Season 1


Bunsen Is a Beast!

[The episode starts off at school, where we cut to Bunsen's car where Bunsen's Dad is dropping Bunsen off]
Bunsen's Dad: I know it's your first day at a new school, Bunsen, but don't be nervous.
[Bunsen then exits the car]
Bunsen: No worries, Dad. It's no big deal.
[Bunsen closes the car door then bumps into the filming camera, then Action News 2 goes on]
Bob: It's a very big deal here in Muckledunk, where beasts have moved to town and the first beast student ever is attending middle school.
Ken: That's right, Bob. You know, humans and beasts have always had problems commingling.
Bob: They sure have, Ken. We all remembered what happened in Tokyo...
[Flashback to a Tokyo building where a monster foot crashes it, 2 people run from the monster and the monster roars and smashes some buildings, we then cut back to Bob and Ken]
Ken: That was just a movie, Bob.
Bob: Well, it scared the daylights out of me. Bunsen, given that beasts eat people, should we all run for our lives right now?
[Bob aims the microphone at Bunsen's mouth]
Bunsen: Ha! No reason be afraid of me. I'm just like you guys. [Bunsen's arms then multiply and then he shoots confetti from his head] Except I blast confetti from my head spout when I'm excited!
Bob: I'm scared again!

Tooth or Consequences

Mikey: Pass!
Pass: That's my name. Don't wear it out.
Bunsen, Mikey and Amanda: GO AWAY!!!!

Thunder and Frightening

Mikey: You do know that's just lightning ..
Bunsen:I am just afraid of the banging sounds!
Amanda:If I can scare Bunsen, he can return to beast world.
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