Bully (video game)

2006 action-adventure video game

Bully, also known as Canis Canem Edit (Latin for "dog eat dog") in the PAL region, is a video game developed by Rockstar Vancouver and published by Rockstar Games. The player controls Jimmy Hopkins, who ends up enrolled at Bullworth Academy, a fictional boarding school, when his newly married mother and fifth new stepfather go on her year-long honeymoon cruise.

Gary SmithEdit

  • You're too trusting, Jimmy. From the start you were pathetically naive... Poor little Jimmy, all alone at big scary Bullworth. Under fire from Russell and his goons, desperate for help. So sad, so hopeless, just needing a friend. Any friend. You were so easy to manipulate, Jimmy. Once we were friends, it was all so clear. You had your lust for power, but without the intelligence to back it up. Using you as pawn was so wonderfully obvious! Let Jimmy have his fun. Let him play his childish little games with Earnest, Ted, Derby, Johnny and Edgar, and just wait for the right moment to swoop in and take it all. It was like lining up dominoes. It all fell together so perfectly. While you were off wasting your time with whores like Lola, I was in the dorm, planning. While you were racing bikes, while you were playing at the carnival like a child, my plan was coming together... Any regrets, Jimmy? Looking forward to the wasteland that your life is about to become? After you're expelled for your antics over the last few weeks you won't have anywhere left to go.


Dr. Crabblesnitch: Ah, yes, so you must be Hopkins.
Jimmy: Uh huh.
Dr. Crabblesnitch: What? Uh huh what?
Jimmy: I meant, yes Sir.
Dr. Crabblesnitch: Very good. Now let me see... You've done a lot of naughty things, haven't you? Vandalism, graffiti, bad language, violent conduct, disrespecting staff... Oh, I'm scared of you, Hopkins.
Jimmy: Come on, give me a break.
Dr. Crabblesnitch: Yes, I've never met a boy like you. Never in all my life. Hopkins, you're quite the nastiest little boy I've ever encountered. Tell me, why should I waste my time on you?
Jimmy: I don't know.
Dr. Crabblesnitch: Because it's my calling. It's what I do. You excel at causing trouble and I excel at fixing little boys like you. At making you into respectable members of our community here at the academy. I've got a good feeling about you, boy. A feeling you and I are going to be great friends. You keep that nose clean, boy, or I shall clean it myself! Miss Danvers, are you back yet?
[Miss Danvers enters with a tea tray]
Miss Danvers: Yes, Headmaster. And I got your tea.
Dr. Crabblesnitch: You are good to me, Miss Danvers.
Miss Danvers: No more than you deserve, Headmaster.
Dr. Crabblesnitch: Take our new friend Hopkins here and show him around the school, and get him properly attired.
Miss Danvers: Certainly Headmaster. Come along boy, I haven't got all day.
Dr. Crabblesnitch: And boy, remember, you will have a clean nose, so keep it clean, or we'll clean it for you.

Jimmy: GARY!
Gary: MORON!
Jimmy: Why'd you do it, Gary?
Gary: Why not? I won! I tricked everyone, starting with you, the head, the loser kids in town, *and* the prefects. Me! I won!
Jimmy: You are sad, man!
Gary: I might be sad but I run your world, moron, and don't you forget it. You did all my dirty work for me, Hopkins. You're like a puppet. Only dumber!
Jimmy: Whatever. Let's finish this!

Gary: The thing is - if I win, you're just another punk. You win and you'll get sent away even quicker for beating up the Head Boy!
Jimmy: Why'd you do it, Gary?!
Gary: Because I can! Because making little people like you and the morons who run this place eat out of the palm of my hand feels great!
Jimmy: But I never did anything to you!
Gary: You would have - if I'd given you a chance. Face it! I'm SMARTER than you! HA HA!
Jimmy: Oh, congratulations! You're smarter than me! You hate everyone and everyone hates you. Genius!
Gary: The Head likes me. I tied him up, turned his dumb school into a battleground, got kids expelled - unfairly- put several others into therapy, and he still likes me!
Jimmy: [Shoves Gary] You're such a loser!
Gary: [Shoves back] Well, at least my mom doesn't make a living on her back!
Jimmy: [Enraged] YOU'RE DEAD! [Jimmy pushes Gary hard, and the two fall off the bell tower to 3 scaffoldings a few feet below.]

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