Bug (2006 film)

2006 film directed by William Friedkin

Bug is a 2006 film about a man, a loner, at first sweet and gentle, who holes up with his new girlfriend Agnes. He's a Gulf War veteran, and believes he's the victim of a government experiment, and the audience get to watch how he drags Agnes into his psychological world of madness.

Bug is released in the US and Canada on May 25, 2007.

Directed by William Friedkin. Screenplay by Tracy Letts.
Paranoia is contagious. taglines
They live in your blood... and they feed on your brain. . taglines

Peter EvansEdit

  • I'm not an axe murderer.


Peter: I am the drone.
Agnes: I am the mother queen.

Agnes: You tried to kill me.
Jerry Goss: That was a rough one, yeah. I was bad to drink back then.
Agnes: Oh, back before you found God?

Jerry Goss: Who was that boy up in here last night?
Agnes: Have you been watching my place?

Agnes: You don't sound like you're from Oklahoma.
Peter: I'm from Beaver.
Agnes: Well, we're all from beaver, ain't we?

Peter: [on why he hasn't been with a woman for a long time] I just decided it wasn't worth it anymore.
Agnes: What wasn't?
Peter: You have a centre right? A place inside of you that's just you, that hasn't been spoiled... And I think it's really important to try and keep that space sacred. In some sense, on some level, but... sex or relationships cloud that space... or, they cloud me I guess, they make it difficult to be just me and not have to worry about... being somebody else. I sound like a big asshole, don't I.

R.C.: Oh my God! You think an aphid did that?
Peter: I know what did it to me!
R.C.: Aphids can't bite!
Peter: You know a lot about aphids?
R.C.: No?
Peter: Do you know anything about aphids?
R.C.: No!
Peter: We do.


  • Paranoia is contagious.
  • First they send in their drone... then they find their queen.
  • They live in your blood... and they feed on your brain.


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