Buck Angel

American FtM pornographic actor

Buck Angel (born June 5, 1962) is an American sex educator and a former pornographic film actor and producer. He is the founder of the media production company Buck Angel Entertainment. A transsexual man, he received the 2007 AVN Award as Transsexual Performer of the Year; he now works as an advocate and educator. Angel served on the board of directors of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation from 2010 to 2016; the foundation works to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right through advocacy and education.


  • [About heterodox views among trans people regarding contentious issues:] That's why it's so important that people like us sit here because we don't agree with a lot of stuff that's going on. That doesn't make us not trans; that doesn't make us not care. I've bee doing this work for 30+ years; I have a huge huge love for the trans community. I only want people to have what I have. That being said, I don't agree with the narrative today. It doesn't mean I hate trans people, or that I'm against the trans community. It means I have a different way of being. I don't want people to be angry at me; I want to coexist in the world. I don't want, because I'm trans, I get special things, or I get this. [...] I transitioned to live as a man; I did not transition to be trans. I'm not a trans person. I'm a man, who happens to be a biological woman. [...] I had a sex change. Today people are taking on this identity choice of trans, go right ahead. That has nothing to do with what I did, what I want to achieve in the world and what I want people to see me as. [...] I also call myself a transexual, not transgender. [...] That's also a point of contention. [...] People think that I'm using an outdated word, or that I'm using things that aren't part of the community. [...] This is what you need to see; We need to have different voices in this community. We do not agree on many things going on here, and it's important for the world to see that. Our ultimate goal [...] is that we live free and happy [...], but if we don't be honest about the fact that [we have different opinions]... Which is okay. It doesn't make us have to hate eachother. [...] Today you can't have a different opinion or you're a nazi or you're a right-wing or a TERF. I get called transphobic. Could you imagine? I'm an elder in this community and I get called [that]. That's when I knew something's wrong. We are just not solid; we are unhealthy, we are hating on eachother, we don't care about eachother, we only care if we're all thinking alike. We don't think alike. We never will, and that's the important part of this message as far as I'm concerned. We need to be able to voice our own opinions without us feeling that we're not part of the community.