Bruce Bennett

actor (1906-2007)

Bruce Bennett (19 May 190624 February 2007), born Harold Herman Brix, was an American actor and Olympic silver medalist shot putter.

I wish I would have had more to do in the film. I hated to get killed so soon.
There was only a single sharpshooter up in the trees to keep the croc away from me.


  • I guess the one thing I really learned from participating in sports was to just never say "no", never stop trying, and to always believe that you can do better than the next fellow. I tried to follow this throughout my life, but I always tried to be respectful about it.
  • All I knew about shot putting was that my brother could do 44 feet … I decided I wanted to beat him. … So I got a shot and went to work and made up my mind to do 45 feet.
    • On developing his shot-putting skill, as quoted in "Film Star and Olympian Herman Brix" by Adam Bernstein, in The Washington Post (28 February 2007)

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  • Herman Brix brought a presence to the screen that many people feel personifies the Tarzan of the books … lean and muscular, articulate and dignified. He moved with the superb athletic grace that my grandfather envisioned.
    • Danton Burroughs, grandson of Edgar Rice Burroughs, who had selected Brix for the role, in his preface for Please Don't Call Me Tarzan : The Life Story of Herman Brix/Bruce Bennett (2001) by Mike Chapman

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