Brotherhood (2006 TV series)

2006 TV series

Brotherhood (2006–2008) was an American TV series, airing on Showtime, about two Irish-American brothers in Rhode Island: one is a local politician, and the other a professional criminal involved with New England's Irish Mob.

Season 1Edit

Mark 8:36 [1.01]Edit

Michael: You're pissed at me.
Tommy: How can I be pissed? You're the prodigal son, you know, if Ma could, she'd kill every fatted calf in New England.
Michael: Ooh, you're wicked pissed.

Genesis 27:29 [1.02]Edit

Matthew 13:57 [1.03]Edit

Partner: And what the fuck does the exception proves the rule mean? If there's an exception to a rule, then it's not a rule... unless that's some fucking mick logic I don't understand 'cause my ancestors had the good sense to invent scallopini and cannoli, while yours were happy eating potatoes and dirt.
Declan: [laughing] Fuck you!
Partner: Nice comeback.

Declan: You know what I think? I don't think you believe in the power of collective bargaining.
Partner: That whole idea was invented by the communists.

Matthew 5:6 [1.04]Edit

Matthew 12:25 [1.05]Edit

Michael: Pete, you throw like a girl.
Pete: Listen, I don't throw like a fuckin' girl. All right?
Michael: It's not the best part of your game, is it?
Pete: It's a cruel thing to fuckin' say.
Michael: All right, all right. I take it back. You don't throw like a girl.

Samyutta 11.10 [1.06]Edit

Genesis 27:39 [1.07]Edit

Job 31:5-6 [1.08]Edit

Ecclesiastes 7:2 [1.09]Edit

Vivekachudamani :51 [1.10]Edit

Matthew 22:10 [1.11]Edit


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