Bringing Out the Dead

1999 film by Martin Scorsese

Bringing Out the Dead is a 1999 film directed by Martin Scorsese, and based on the novel by Joe Connelly with the screenplay by Paul Schrader. The film stars Nicolas Cage, Ving Rhames, John Goodman, Tom Sizemore and Patricia Arquette.


Frank: I gotta get a drink. Sobriety's killing me.

Frank: You said if I came in late for another shift, you'd fire me.
Captain Barney: I'll fire you tomorrow.

Mary: You have to be strong to survive in this city.

Frank: Oh, I see. With all the poor people of this city who wanted only to live and vere viciously murdered, you have the nerve to sit here, wanting to die, and not go through with it? You make me sick!

Frank: Saving someone's life is like falling in love. The best drug in the world. For days, sometimes weeks afterwards, you walk the streets, making infinite whatever you see. Once, for a few weeks, I couldn't feel the Earth - everything I touched became lighter. Horns played in my shoes. Flowers fell from my pockets. You wonder if you've become immortal, as if you've saved your own life as well. God has passed through you. Why deny it, that for a moment there - why deny that for a moment there, God was you?

Frank: I realized that my training was useful in less than ten percent of the calls, and saving lives was rarer than that. After a while, I grew to understand that my role was less about saving lives than about bearing witness. I was a grief mop. It was enough that I simply turned up.

Frank: Tom, where are the Band-Aids? This IS an ambulence, isn't it?

Griss: Don't make me take off my sunglasses!

Dr. Hazmat: I thought you said this guy was dead.
Frank: He got better.

Dr. Hazmat: I'm going to have to intubate because the kid's mother won't sign the Do Not Resuscitate. Mercy killing doesn't translate well in Spanish.

Tom: Frank, what do you know? It's you and me again tonight. The rough riders, tearing up the streets, just like old times. This old bus is a warrior, Frank. I have tried to kill her, but she will not die. I have a great respect for that.


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