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Bridgerton (2020-) is an American streaming television period drama series, airing on Netflix, created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes. It is based on Julia Quinn's novels set in the competitive world of Regency era London's ton during the season, when debutantes are presented at court.

Season 1


Diamond of the First Water [1.01]

Lady Portia Featherington: And, Penelope, put down that book at once. You will confuse your thoughts.

Queen Charlotte: Flawless, my dear.
Daphne Bridgerton: [whispering] Did that truly just happen?
Lady Violet Bridgerton: [quietly] Keep smiling, dearest. They are watching you... now more than ever.
Lady Whistledown: [narrating] But as we know, the brighter a lady shines, the faster she may burn!

Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings: Provided you do not wish to marry me, and I do not wish to marry you, whatever should you have to lose?

Shock and Delight [1.02]

Eloise Bridgerton: How does a lady come to be with child?
Lady Violet Bridgerton: Eloise, what a question!
Eloise Bridgerton: I thought one needed to be married.
Daphne Bridgerton: What are you talking about?
Eloise Bridgerton: Apparently, it's not even a requirement.
Lady Violet Bridgerton: Eloise, that is enough!
Daphne Bridgerton: Oh, well..
Lady Violet Bridgerton: Daphne, you were playing so lovely. Please do go on.

Lady Violet Bridgerton: We will do what women do. We shall talk!

Art of the Swoon [1.03]

Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings: Excessive pride suits you, Miss Bridgerton.
Daphne Bridgerton: [gasps] Pride is a sin, Your Grace.
Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings: One of the lesser sins, but do not worry. We must all start somewhere.

Lady Portia Featherington: Sweet child, many men make declarations of love when they want to make love. But rare is the man whose love remains true when the consequences of lovemaking are brought to his attention.

An Affair of Honor [1.04]


The Duke and I [1.05]

Daphne Bridgerton: You see, Your Majesty, it was love at first sight.
Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings: It was not, Your Majesty. The young lady flatters me, but it was not love at first sight for either of us. There was attraction, certainly, at least on my part. But Miss Bridgerton thought me presumptuous, arrogant, insincere. All fair, really. And I thought her a prim young lady barely out of leading strings. Not to mention the sister of my best friend, and so romance was entirely out of the question for both of us. But in so removing it, we found something far greater. We found friendship. You see, Miss Bridgerton and I have been fooling all of Mayfair for quite some time. We have fooled them into thinking we are courting when really, all along, we simply enjoyed each other's company so much we could not stay away from one another. I have never been a man that much enjoyed flirting, or chatting, or, indeed, talking at all. But with Daphne, Miss Bridgerton, conversation has always been easy. Her laughter brings me joy. To meet a beautiful woman is one thing, but to meet your best friend in the most beautiful of women is something entirely apart. And it is with my sincerest apologies, I must say it took the prince coming along for me to realize I did not want Miss Bridgerton to only be my friend. I wanted her to be my wife. I want her to be my wife. And so I plead with you not to make us wait.
Daphne Bridgerton: Simon...
Queen Charlotte: You are wise, or perhaps unusually lucky, to understand friendship to be the best possible foundation a marriage can have. Even if that foundation should crumble as quickly as it was built. I shall like to offer you the choice, Miss Bridgerton. Do you wish to marry this man?
Simon Basset, Duke of Hasting: Everything I told the queen was true. I cannot stop thinking of you. From the mornings you ease, to the evenings you quiet, to the dreams you inhabit... My thoughts of you never end. I am yours, Daphne. I have always been yours.

Swish [1.06]

Lord Anthony Bridgerton: You barely know the young lady. What on earth were you thinking?
Colin Bridgerton: I was thinking you would probably respond like this and how little I would care to hear.
Lord Anthony Bridgerton: Do you think this is a joke? Poor Mother was beside herself.
Colin Bridgerton: Mother seems perfectly happy to me. She congratulated us.
Lord Anthony Bridgerton: So, you compromised this young lady?
Colin Bridgerton: Certainly not. I am a gentleman.
Lord Anthony Bridgerton: Then why ever would you...
Colin Bridgerton: Why does anyone marry, brother? For love, of course.
Lord Anthony Bridgerton: Look, I know you are still rather green, and that is my fault. I should've taken you to brothels when you returned home from Eton. So if this is simply a matter of wetting your wick...
Colin Bridgerton: You really are an ass. Do you know that?
Lord Anthony Bridgerton: This is what comes of not sowing your wild oats. Proposing to the first chit you set your cap at.
Colin Bridgerton: Enough! You insult me and you insult my intended. It is not my fault, nor Marina's that you cannot fathom true attachment.
Lord Anthony Bridgerton: You are still a child, Colin.
Colin Bridgerton: I'm older than Daphne and you were happy to marry her off.
Lord Anthony Bridgerton: It is not the same and you know it.
Colin Bridgerton: I know nothing of the sort.
Lord Anthony Bridgerton: Then you betray your immaturity!
Colin Bridgerton: If I caused Mother discomfort today, I am sorry for it. I shall speak with her. The truth is, I do not require your permission to marry Miss Thompson... but I would very much prefer to have your blessing.
Lord Anthony Bridgerton: Then I am afraid I must disappoint you.
Colin Bridgerton: You have... in more ways than one.

Oceans Apart [1.07]

Sir Henry Granville: You have no idea what it is like to be in a room with someone you cannot live without and yet you feel as though you are oceans apart. Stealing your glances, disguising your touches. We cannot as much as smile at each other without first ensuring no one else is watching. It takes courage to live outside the traditional expectations of the society.

After the Rain [1.08]

Daphne Basset, Duchess of Hastings: I know why you made that vow to your father. I found the letters you wrote to him as a child, and I read them.
Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings: Daphne...
Daphne Basset, Duchess of Hastings: Just because something is not perfect... does not make it any less worthy of love. Your father made you believe otherwise. He made you believe that you needed to be without fault in order to be loved, but he was wrong. Should you need any proof of the matter, then... Then look just here. I am tired of pretending. And I cannot continue acting as if I... As if I do not love you. Because I do. I love all of you. Even the parts that you believe are too dark and too shameful. Every scar. Every flaw. Every imperfection. I love you. You may think you are too damaged and too broken to ever allow yourself to be happy, but you can choose differently, Simon. You can choose to love me as much as I love you. That should not be up to anyone else. That cannot be up to anyone else. It can only be up to you.

Season 2


Capital R Rake [2.01]

Queen Charlotte: I yearn for someone fresh, someone unexpected, to turn this season on its head. That is what we need. There is no room for indifference. Apathy is a blight the monarchy simply cannot endure.
Lady Danbury: Of course, Your Majesty. But remember, a young lady cannot be a diamond until you anoint her as such. So, if, for any reason, you do not find one among the candidates today...
Queen Charlotte: Do you think she will return? We have heard nary a peep from Lady Whistledown since last season ended. Perhaps the writer came to her senses. Perhaps she realized taking on her Queen was a bad idea and she will never publish again.
Lady Danbury: It is a convincing theory, ma'am.
Queen Charlotte: Or she simply left for the country as the rest of us did in the offseason. Bored by the lack of any real gossip. You do know what that would make her, then? One of us.

Off to the Races [2.02]

Lord Anthony Bridgerton: It is only out of the greatest love of my family that I aim to choose a bride with my head and not my heart.

Lord Anthony Bridgerton: Words of flattery are beautiful and sweet, but they are also hollow unless accompanied by action.

Penelope Featherington: You've sworn off women, then?
Colin Bridgerton: Well, for the time being.
Penelope Featherington: I am a woman.
Colin Bridgerton: You are Pen. You do not count. You are my friend.
Penelope Featherington: Of course. Your friend. How good to hear that.

A Bee in Your Bonnet [2.03]


Victory [2.04]


An Unthinkable Fate [2.05]

Lord Anthony Bridgerton: Do you think that there is a corner of this Earth that you could travel to far away enough to free me from this torment? I am a gentleman. My father raised me to act with honor, but that honor is hanging by a thread that grows more precarious with every moment I spend in your presence. You are the bane of my existence. And the object of all my desires. Night and day, I dream of you.

The Choice [2.06]


Harmony [2.07]

Lord Anthony Bridgerton:I have never met anyone like you. It is maddening, how much you consume my very being.

Lord Anthony Bridgerton: All I find myself thinking about, all I find myself being able to breathe for . . . is you. Do you think that I want to be in this position? Contending with these thoughts of wanting to be nowhere except with you. Wanting to run away with you. Of acting on the most impure, forbidden desires, no matter . . . how much I must remind myself I am a gentleman, and you are a lady.

The Viscount Who Loved Me [2.08]

Lady Danbury: We have all been busy keeping the elder Miss Sharma in mind until, as we hope, she recovers. From her fall?
Queen Charlotte: Of course. I shall send a few necklaces to express my sympathies.
Lady Danbury: That is kind of you.
Queen Charlotte: It's not a problem.

Kate Sharma: Do you want to stop?
Lord Anthony Bridgerton: Just keep looking at me. No one else matters.

Queen Charlotte: Miss Edwina, have I yet told you about my nephew? He is a prince. And he is available.

Lord Anthony Bridgerton: I love you. I've loved you from the moment we raced each other in that park. I've loved you at every dance, on every walk, every time we've been together, and every time we've been apart. You do not have to accept it or embrace it or even allow it. Knowing you, you probably will not. But you must know it, in your heart. You must feel it, because I do. I love you.

Lord Anthony Bridgerton: I want a life that suits us both. I know I am imperfect, but I will humble myself before you because I cannot imagine my life without you, and that is why I wish to marry you.


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