Breath of Fire

video game series

Breath of Fire is a RPG series produced by Capcom.

Breath of Fire IEdit

Breath of Fire IIEdit

  • Golden fly: "Uh Damn!" [After the party defeated him.]

Breath of Fire IIIEdit

St. Eva priestEdit

  • Bleu, you think that St.Eva is stupid don't you? You think that someone as pretty and beautiful as you can think whatever they want. I think so too.


  • Doesn't that just beat all?

Breath of Fire IVEdit


  • I would call thou foolish, but thou art mortal. Thou cannot go against thy nature.
  • They, the mortals are ignorant and pride animals. They doth lie to one another, injure themselves and their fellows, and they kill each other all around for sport. Their folly is immeasurable.
  • Mortals... They... Who pass...



  • (quoting the Pabu-Pabu) "What will be, will be."


Incorrect, Ershin is not odd

Breath of Fire VEdit

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