Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

American flash animated series

Brandy & Mr. Whiskers (2004–2006) is an American animated television series about a snobbish dog and a hyperactive rabbit that get stuck in the Amazon Rain Forest together. It is televised in the United States by Disney Channel.

Season 1


Mr. Whiskers' First Friend [1.1]

Mr. Whiskers: [knocking on Brandy's carrier] Howdy, neighbor! I'm Mr. Whiskers. What's your name?
Brandy Harrington: [from inside] Uh, it's on my carrier, Einstein! In rhinestones!
Mr. Whiskers: [trying to read the rhinestones] Mmm, Brr-aaa-tty. Ah! Haha! Bratty!
Brandy Harrington: [bursting out of her carrier] Not bratty, you flea motel, Brandy! Brandy Harrington of the Florida Harringtons. Ever heard of them? I thought not.
Mr. Whiskers: [sarcastically] Well, Bratty was pretty close I'd say.

Brandy: You’ve got to be kidding me; this is not a mall! Malls have stores and movie theaters and food courts! Not filthy animals bathing in their own drinking water!

The Babysitter's Flub [1.2]

Brandy Harrington: [sunbathing when a Lemur walks across her gut] Oof! Hey, any chance I could get a fruit plate or something?
Lemur Monkey: Fruit for ze pooch? [a bunch of lemurs rattle the tree, bombarding Brandy with fruit. Her head gets stuck inside a coconut.]
Brandy Harrington: Fruit [pulls off the coconut] plate? [A plate is dropped on her head, side first] Ow! No wonder they call it a jungle.

Brandy Harrington: [sees Mama Croc trying to eat Whiskers] Hey! Spit him out. Now!
Mr. Whiskers: Ack. Patooey! A little dental floss wouldn't kill you, sister!
Mama Croc: Oh, are you his babysitter?
Brandy Harrington: Unfortunately. Yeah.
Mama Croc: I'm Mrs. Croc. You can call me Mama.
Mr. Whiskers: I gotta few others things I'm thinking of calling you.

To the Moon, Whiskers! [1.3]

Mr. Whiskers: (to Boris) I want to be you.
Boris: You want to be fifty-year old monkey with a diaper rash?

Cyranosaurus Rex [1.4]

Brandy: Oh, freaky bug-eyed monkey thingy, I'm so sorry. I was so mean to you and you saved me, and I don't even know your name.
Freaky Monkey: [jumps up and kisses Brandy] You can call me Vegas, baby, because I just hit the jackpot!

Brandy: I am sucker for love.
Mr. Whiskers: Oh, I know what you mean. I'm a sucker for peanut butter on fish.
Brandy: Ugh! You may not get it now, but just wait. Some day it'll happen to you, too.

Cheryl: Yeah, it's hard being the cute one.
Meryl: How would you know?
Cheryl: Excuse my sister, she can't see straight from the black eye I'm gonna give her. (as they start to fight)

Lack of Brains vs. Brawns [1.5]

Brandy: I'm never coming outside again!
Mr. Whiskers: Me neither! Terror has a new name: Lester!

Brandy: This is it! The watering hole! The place to be seen; the social nexus of the Amazon!

Brandy: [grabbing Mr. Whiskers' ears and dropping him across the jungle] Okay, don't take this personally, but you're an embarrassment, a disgrace and an eyesore.
Mr. Whiskers: And I shouldn't take this personally?

The No-Sleep Over [1.6]

Mr. Whiskers: [after being swallowed by a big snake] This is gonna cost 'em!
Ed: Oh, yeah!

Mr. Whiskers: Maybe it's your breath too. What does yours smell like? (Ed exhales over Whiskers, causing his fur to fall off) Yeah? That might be it.
Ed: [pours water over Mr. Whiskers' head, making his hair grow back] And I would like to note for the record that we also have some pungent body odor.
Mr. Whiskers: [gets an idea] No worries, Ed. Fortunately, I always keep one of Brandy's teen girl magazines with me. I just read it for the articles. Perhaps this tome of fashion tips and dating advice can illuminate us in our hour of need. [looks into the magazine] "How to Power Flirt." Hmm, pass. [flips a few pages] "Yarn is Your Friend?" I don't think so. [flips some more pages] "Top Ten Gassy Foods." Oh, I'll save that for you. [turns a page] Wait! "101 Party Pranks!" [laughs] Oh, that's it, Edward, my friend! Let the games begin!

Happy Birthdays [1.8]

Brandy: Okay, is it possible to work even slower?
Ed: You know, I haven't given it that much thought but I reckon it just might be possible.
Brandy: I was totally being sarcastic.
Ed: (sarcastic) Oh well it shames me to admit it Miss Brandy but I don't traffic in sarcasm too much so I don't really tend to recognize it when it is out there. You could give me a heads up like "Hey sarcastic comment coming" Just let me know then I'll have my eyes open. I mean come on, a sarcastic otter? That'll be unnatural.

Funky Bunny [1.9]

Brandy: (after the party is over) Thank you, Whiskers, you saved the ball!
Mr. Whiskers: I had to Brandy; it was your moment to shine.
Brandy: (touched) I did, but you're the one who shined.

C+M: (in unison) I'm taking Germaine.
Cheryl: You're taking Germaine?! Since when!?
Meryl: Since he asked me.
Cheryl: Check yourself before you wreck yourself. He asked me!

Brandy: Ed. Ed, I need a big favor of you. Eww! Take the fish out of your mouth!
Ed: Wow, uh, no problem Miss Brandy.

Mr. Whiskers: Make it happen, sea captain!
Ed: You got it!

The Going Bananas Republic [1.10]

Brandy: Oh my gosh, we're worse than Gaspar! What would a true leader do at a time like this! Oh, I know, blame somebody else! (singles out a small animal) Hey you, you're taking the fall, beat it!

Mr. Whiskers: (about his campaign platform) Shouldn't I be discussing the issues? Or at least know what they are?
Brandy: This is an election, let's stay away from the issues.

Lame Boy [1.11]

Mr. Whiskers: What’s that one feeling where you think you've experienced something before?
Brandy: Déjà vu.
Mr. Whiskers: No, that's not it, it's like a weird déjà-vu feeling where you think you've experienced something before?
Brandy: [yelling] Déjà vu!
Mr. Whiskers: No, no, no, it's that one feeling that I'm feeling right now.
Brandy: [screaming] Déjà Stinkin' Vu!

Taking Paws [1.12]

Brandy Harrington: Whiskers, you brought your friend into this house, you get him out!
Mr. Whiskers: But he will eat me!
Brandy Harrington: I can only hope!

Brandy Harrington: [happily] Whiskers, I can't believe it! How did you finally get rid of that annoying cat?
Mr. Whiskers: Oh, I used a little thing called my brain.

Skin of Eeeeeeeevil!!! [1.13]

Mr. Whiskers: (to Lola, with haunted house music) Begone, you foul spirit! Torment me not!

A Bunny on My Back [1.14]

Gaspar: (about trying to get Brandy and Whiskers unstuck) It's a big job, but I can do it.
Brandy: Just do it! I don't have alot of time.
Gaspar: There's one small issue I need to bring up.
Brandy: What?
Gaspar: Well, when my monkey army rips you apart... well sometimes they literally rip you apart.

Brandy: You big, stupid selfish baby! You're ruining everything.
Mr. Whiskers: (about Arturo) You won't say that when comes back with a fork and knife!

Lucky Rabbit's Feet [1.15]

Mr. Whiskers: Im i Lucky If i can swim with piranha's To?

[Mr. Whiskers Dives into A river With piranhas]

Mr.Whiskers: Ah See Perfectly Fine.
Brandy: They Probably Just Ate.

[Brandy Dips Her Finger in The River But Suddenly a Piranha Chomp Her Finger]

Brandy:AHH! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!

Blind Ambition [1.16]

Brandy: AAAHH! Stop! STOP!! STOP!!! Whiskers! Ed is sick! You must play and do it for yourself!
Whiskers: Huh? Brandy! Tell me! TELL ME!!

Ed: Eh, Lola? Can you hand me some tea?
Lola: Yeah. Coming! (She walks to give Ed a tea)

Dear Diary [1.17]

Mr. Whiskers: (reading from Brandy's diary, in a snobish voice) I'd rather staple my ears shut than listen to another one of Cheryl and Meryl's stupid fights!

Mr. Whiskers: The diary is off my must-read list. (waits two-seconds and than make a grab for the book) Gimme, gimme, gimme! (hovering over a cliff)
Brandy: Learn your lesson?!?
Mr. Whiskers: (somewhat strangled voice) No really. (falls down the cliff) Still haven't learned my leasson!!!

Brandy: How would you like it if I told everyone your secrets?
Mr. Whiskers: What secrets?
Brandy: (raged) Like, you collect toejam, you're afraid of belly lint, you pass gas in your sleep!!
Mr. Whiskers: I pass gas in my sleep? Cool!
Brandy: I'm cutting you off!
Mr. Whiskers: Aw, but Brandy, I crave your anguished ramblings, even more so now that they're taboo! The forbidden fruit! The desire of dare not speaketh name! I also like the way you dot your 'I's with hearts.

Less Than Hero [1.18]

Lola: It is I, the Great Snakeini!
Cheryl and Meryl: And us, the juvenile twins!
Ed: And me, the automatic otter! Or... should I be the slippery slider. (He puts his finger on his chin, raising an eyebrow) You know what I'll think anytime seven uh, monitor or something?
Brandy: And I'm Brandy. Not Super Brandy, not Wonder Brandy, not Brandy last, just Brandy.

Ed: (gags, retches) Ahh! Ahh! Wha? The hero has turned to Mr. Whiskers? But how?
Brandy: Yeah, Cheryl and Meryl cried against Lola.

Whiskers: Uh-oh. (retching)
Brandy: Whiskers! AAAAAH! Whiskers, they're gone!

Flim-Flam Fever [1.19]

Brandy: (nursing the jungle animals after they all get sick) Ugh! What did I do to deserve this?
Mr. Whiskers: Lied to all of us for your own selfish reasons!

Curse of the Vampire Bat [1.21]

Vlad: I am a vampire bat!!!

Brandy: Oh no, Whiskers, Vlad has turned you into one of his mindless, undead minions.
Vlad: What? He is not my minion.
Mr. Whiskers: But mindless, guilty as charged

The Big Game [1.24]

Brandy: I'm sorry Ed, forgive and forget?
Ed: Well, Miss Brandy, one nice thing about having slick fur is that offenses like that just slide right off.

Mr. Whiskers: (to Brandy, after Ed wins for the opposing team) Did you know Ed could play like that, because if you did, it was really stupid for you to trade him to Gaspar!

One of a Kind [1.30]

Brandy: Maybe there's something else we have in common. What's your favorite group?
Mr. Whiskers: Oh! The vegetable group and the focus group. I also like grouper fish.
Grouper Fish: But we don't like you!
Brandy: I meant, musical group.[Mr. Whiskers drools.] *##$&, it would be nice to have a conversation with someone who actually knows what I'm talking about.
Mr. Whiskers: Are you kidding me? We have tons in common! We both have fur, tails, two eyes, and we're both self-centered and materialistic. Wait, no — that's just you.
Tiffany: I can't believe I'm lost in this fog-infested mudhole!
Mr. Whiskers: Well, get used to it, sister!
Tiffany: <censored phrase spoken twice> There's intelligent life here! [Jungle animals pop out and laugh.]
Mr. Whiskers: Hey!
Tiffany: I'm Tiffany, Tiffany Turlington of the Texas Turlingtons, and I need to get out of here, @#, pronto!
Mr. Whiskers: Well, that sounds familiar, doesn't it? Don't go anywhere!
Tiffany: #@ I have an option?

Tiffany: My family is on #**#@* (an echo tour), &*&* -
B+T: (unison) See the rain-forest before they turn it into a mall. (both squeal and giggle)

(Brandy's line censored)

Tiffany: Let them turn it into a mall.

(Brandy exclaims, both giggle mindlessly)

Whiskers: Wow, I thought my spring-loaded underwear was cool. (thrown offscreen)
B+T: Ηττημένος.
Tiffany: When they come to get me, we'll take you home, too.
Brandy: That'd be * awesome.
Tiffany: Sweet!
Brandy: #%$@$ sweet!

Season 2


The Tell-Tale Shoes [2.46]

Brandy: [after trying relentlessly to return the shoes] I'm sorry, you were right. I should have just saved up the six hundred and ten shiny rocks.
Mr. Whiskers: [exasperated] For one pair of shoes?
Brandy Harrington: That's what I said! Forgive me?
Mr. Whiskers: Sure I do. Now lets get these things back to the store!

Time For Waffles [2.47]

Mr. Whiskers: (panicing as her runs to Brandy and Melvin) Pumas! Me! Dinner!

Brandy: (disparingly about Whiskers' really bright smile) I don't believe you. Must you take everything too far?!?

Net of Lies [2.56]

Mr. Whiskers: So, you weren't kidnapped by fireflies?
Brandy: No, Whiskers, I wasn't.
Mr. Whiskers: Wow, embarrassing.
Brandy: You think? You only humiliated me in front of every girl in the Amazon and Gaspar, not to mention my all-time favorite band in the world, Sugar Toad!
Mr. Whiskers: Actually, I was talking about how you lied to me and than it blew up right in your face.
Brandy: Oh, yeah, that. That wasn't my best moment, either. I'm sorry I lied to you, Whiskers.
Mr. Whiskers: Well, at least we got to see some fireflies and Sugar Toad for the few minutes they were running away from us.
Brandy: Yeah. I had no idea that fireflies would be so beautiful.
Mr. Whiskers: Yeah, or so unforgiving... [to his troop as they are chased around] just keep running, guys! See, this kind of thing that should've been in the book.

A Really Crushing Crush [2.70]


The thing which I would like to ask, assuming I'm not being too forward, which if I am-- ...yes, ed? quick, ed! Throw these eggs in her face, she'll love it. whiskers, but I believe I can take it from here, no, no. now go! ask her out! Oh, uh, uh, pressure, i, i, I don't know what to say here, miss lola just read it off the emergency back up cue cards I brought! Eternity, this is what I see, when I look inside your-- miss brandy, this doesn't sound like me at all. Yeah, well it's supposed to be for guys who wanna ask me out, but just go with the fairy tale, pal! Brandy, I think we've got it under control. Lola, I've been asked out a lot more than you, so I think I know how this is supposed to go. I'll save you, buddy! eeehhaaaaahh! whiskers, I just wanted to ask lola-- hand over the boyfriend to be, whiskers!

Dollars and Senseless Violence [2.73]

Ed: The Jurassic period was a lean time for my people, and then we settled here in the jungle.

Brandy: Fine. Fifty, seventy.
Mr. Whiskers: Sounds fair and... HEY, WAIT A COTTON-POLYESTER BEGGIN' MINUTE!! [sarcastic] Fifty and seventy do not add up to hundred, that adds up to... What's come up to that?!
Brandy: Okay, ninety for me, time for you.
Mr. Whiskers: A hundred, that is better. [Brandy handles him a pile of money]
Brandy: [whisperly cackles] Just keep laughing, it'll be days before he notices.
Mr. Whiskers: [mistakes Brandy about another money] HEY, WAIT A COTTON-POLYESTER BEGGIN' MINUTE! YOU TOOK THE LION SHARE! AND NOW, WE'RE MAD!
Brandy: WE?
Leo: Leo always gets a cut.
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