Boy George

English musician (born 1961)

George Alan O'Dowd, better known as Boy George, (born June 14, 1961, in Eltham, Kent, England) is an English singer-songwriter. George grew up in a large, working-class Irish family.

Boy George

Quotes edit

  • Gay unions, what is that about? I haven't been invited to any ceremonies, and I wouldn't go anyway. The idea that gay people have to mimic what obviously doesn't work for straight people any more ... I think is a bit tragic. I am looking forward to gay divorces.
    • The London Evening Standard, 20 February 2006:
  • Madonna is "a living, breathing cash register".
    • The London Evening Standard, 20 February 2006:
  • I was pleased because he is the first American rapper to say something positive about gay people. I met his mum, she's lovely.
    • The London Evening Standard, 20 February 2006:
    • On Kanye West's winning of the Brit award
  • Hello, I'm Boy George, and you are watching RBTV. Come out of the closet, all you students - we want you!
    • RBTV (Rainier Beach High School TeleVision in Seattle), 1996 (youtube clip)
  • I'm not gay, and I'm not a transvestite.
    • London newspaper, 1984
    • At other times he has characterized himself as "bisexual", "very confused", "not confused", and "not really all that keen on sex".

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