Bowdoin College

private liberal arts college in Brunswick, Maine

Bowdoin College (/ˈboʊdᵻn/ boh-din) is a private liberal arts college located in Brunswick, Maine. Founded in 1794, the college currently enrolls 1,839 students, and has been coeducational since 1971. It was ranked as the fourth-best liberal arts college in the 2016 U.S. News & World Report rankings.

Ut Aquila Versus Coelum — As an eagle towards the sky


The College’s breadth and depth of talent and its very history were impressive. ~ Kenneth Chenault
I had no intention of getting back into politics. I was teaching at Bowdoin and happily retired from politics. ~ Angus King
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  • Ut Aquila Versus Coelum
  • Ken says in his interview something that we have heard from other Bowdoin graduates — that Bowdoin provided not only a challenging academic environment amid some great natural beauty and interesting colleagues, but that it was also quite simply a good place to think. Suggesting that pure reflection has that kind of power and value is, in this world of perpetual stimulus, surprising.
  • I was a history major at Bowdoin and as I looked at different movements in different stages in history, it was clear to me that it was important to have some segments of any particular group work within the system. These people could bring an enlightened view or a different set of perspectives. I thought to work totally outside the system was destructive and counter-productive in the long term. … what I think was unique about Bowdoin — and maybe it was the size of the school and its environment — is that you couldn’t isolate yourself. We had real discourse, real debate on the issues. At the same time, there was also respect. As a result, people saw you on a personal level, not just as a representative of a certain group or of certain ideas. And I think that was quite important.
  • I found that Bowdoin had some exceptional black graduates. It was incredible reading about their trials and tribulations and successes coming into an environment that was sometimes hostile, or at the very least mixed in its reception. I also learned that there were a few people in the local community and faculty members who played important roles for these individuals. Writing that paper gave me a sense of awe at the level of talent that had come to Bowdoin over the years.
    You asked me how I ended up at Bowdoin. Frankly it is far more interesting to find out how these people wound up at Bowdoin and what sustained them, what got them through. What Bowdoin can be, and should be proud of, is that it had some incredibly illustrious and impressive blacks who went there during some very challenging times. … The College’s breadth and depth of talent and its very history were impressive. Also, the fact that the Afro-Am was a site for the Underground Railroad was very poignant and very meaningful to me.
    • Kenneth Chenault, as quoted in "A Principled Leader", in Bowdoin magazine, Vol. 75, No. 2 (Winter 2004)
  • Tucked away in the remnants of a great pine forest at the top of the hill, Bowdoin College is a highly regarded private liberal arts school widely known for professors who are passionate about teaching and students who bring to life the common good. Founded over two hundred years ago, Bowdoin College has a long history — not all of it haunted.
    • Erica Ostermann, in her "Foreword" to Haunted Bowdoin College (2014) by David R. Francis

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