1996 film directed by The Wachowskis

Bound is a 1996 crime thriller film about two women, Corky and Violet, who attempt to steal $2 million from the mafia.

Directed and written by the Wachowskis.
A trust so deep it cuts both ways.Taglines


  • We make our own choices, we pay our own prices.
  • I'm not apologizing for what I did. I'm apologizing for what I didn't do.
  • I have this image of you - inside of me - like a part of me.
  • Oh, Johnny hits on me all the time. He hits on anything in high heels.
  • Gino doesn't speak much English, or at least he pretends not to.
  • Try not to steal anything on your way out...


  • When you get tired of Cagney and Lacey, find me.
  • (in morning, after making love with Violet) I can see again.
  • For me, stealing's always been a lot like sex. Two people who want the same thing: they get in a room, they talk about it. They start to plan. It's kind of like flirting. It's kind of like...foreplay, 'cause the more they talk about it, the wetter they get. The only difference is, I can fuck someone I've just met. But to steal...I need to know someone like I know myself.
  • If there's one thing I can't stand about sleeping with women, it's all the fucking mind-reading.
  • Either pull the trigger or get that fucking thing out of my face.


  • It's fuckin' dark in here!
  • I'm a dead man, Johnnie? I'm a fucking dead man? Guess again, Johnnie. Who's the dead man? Who? Who's dead, fuckface? Who? Who? I can't hear you, Johnnie. Guess again. Take another guess, Johnnie. Take another fucking guess.


  • Mickey Malnato: Shelly, I'm gonna ask you 10 times. You understand? 10 times.
  • Gino Marzzone: Cesare, you gotta do me a favor. A personal favor for me. You gotta start respecting Johnny, the way you respect me. Capisce? Good, good. And you, Johnny. You gotta stop acting stupid. You gonna earn this respect that Cesare's gonna give. Capisce? Good, done!


Violet: You seem uncomfortable. Do I make you nervous, Corky?
Corky: No. [drinks from beer bottle]
Violet: Thirsty, maybe?

Violet: That's a great tattoo. Beautiful labrys. Are you surprised I know what it is?
Corky: Maybe.
Violet: I have a tattoo. Would you like to see it?

Corky: What are you doing?
Violet: Isn't it obvious? I'm trying to seduce you.
Corky: Why?
Violet: Because I want... to. I've wanted to ever since I saw you that day in the elevator. I know you don't believe me, but I can prove it to you. You can't believe what you see. But you can believe... what you feel. I've been thinking about you all day.

Violet: We're not that different, Corky.
Corky: Ah, let's see. This is the part where you tell me what matters is on the inside, and that inside of you there's a little dyke just like me.
Violet: No, she's nothing like you. She's a whole lot smarter than you are.

Violet: Caesar, I'm leaving.
Caesar: What? Why? I didn't use a good towel.

Caesar: What did she do to you?
Violet: Everything you couldn't.

Caesar: You don't wanna shoot me, Vi. Do ya? Do ya? I know you don't.
Violet: [deadly, contemptuous monotone] don't know shit.
[She shoots him 6 times and kills him.]

Corky: You know what the difference is between you and me, Violet?
Violet: No.
Corky: Me neither.
[Soundtrack: Tom Jones's hit "She's A Lady" plays as pickup drives off]


  • A trust so deep it cuts both ways.
  • Violet and Corky are making laundry day a very big deal.
  • For money. For murder. For each other.
  • Sex and crime forever.
  • It's not where you've's where you're Bound.
  • In their world, you can't buy freedom.
    But you can steal it.


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