Boudica (film)

2003 film directed by Bill Anderson

Boudica (released in the United States as Warrior Queen) is a British epic film released in 2003. Starring Alex Kingston, Steven Waddington and Emily Blunt, the film is a biopic of the queen of the Iceni tribe, Boudica.

Directed by Bill Anderson. Written by Andrew Davies.


  • Our people are poets. When Dervalloc speaks of killing, he means using reason to defeat your arguments. When he speaks of sending you home in pieces, he means something quite harmless, I'm sure.
  • Romans, you are damned. You have wakened the terrible anger of our gods and ancestors, and they will show you no mercy. We will crush your bones into the land you have desecrated. We will slit your veins and watch the blood burst from you and shower down upon our soil. We will swallow you up, and our strong green shoots will spring to life where you once stood. See your gods tremble and fall before the wrath of Boudica!
  • All men die, Isolda. All women, too. Our lives are over in a moment, like a bird that flies out of the darkness into a bright hall full of light and noise and merriment, then out again into the darkness of eternity. But in that moment, we can do great things. We can make ourselves remembered forever. And by all the gods, we will!
  • [last words] That was the beginning of her story, Isolda, my daughter. And no one will ever hear it. Because we don't write our stories down. We live them.


  • Look at them. They're fighting this war to save their people. To keep their right to their own land. To preserve their religion and their right to practice it. And we're fighting it because... we're here, because it's our job... professional pride, really. Not enough, is it?


  • Oh, for gods' sake, Severus. This is a woman we're talking about! Soft, squidgy, half a brain... [Agrippina clears her throat] Yes, right, mother, present company excepted.
  • [after killing Agrippina with poison] Any more, mother? No? Thank god for that. Peace at last.


Roman Soldier: This bloody awful country. It gets to your nerves. Summer, winter, you're chilled to the bone.
Boudica: [appearing with a torch] Let me warm it up for you.

Boudica: This might be our last night together.
Dervalloc: Yes. Just like every night.


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