Borys Gudziak

Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Borys Andrij Gudziak (24 November 1960 –) is an American prelate of the Ukrainian Catholic Church who serves the current Archeparch of the Archeparchy of Philadelphia.

Borys Gudziak (2014)


  • This experience of the 20th century, in which people of faith and other people of good will stood up to the greatest human challenge, the challenge of totalitarianism, this school of faith has much to offer to western Europe and to the broader international and ecclesial community. I think Ukraine and the Church in Ukraine has a great responsibility to share this story. Today, this Church is growing and I am convinced that it has a vocation to help the universal Church in ways that are still unknown.
  • The catacombs are not romantic – the underground is real. Fear and distrust entered into the DNA of the population. We know that all relationships, particularly marriage and family relationships, are based on trust. And over the last century, the trust of the people of Ukraine has been tried in ways we cannot even imagine.
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