Bordertown (American TV series)

American adult animated sitcom television series

Bordertown is an American animated sitcom created by Mark Hentemann for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series follows two families living in a Southwest desert town on the United States–Mexico border. It is a joint production by Bento Box Entertainment, Fuzzy Door Productions, 20th Century Fox Television, Hentemann Films and syndicated by 20th Television, Bordertown: The Complete Series was released on DVD on December 11, 2018 by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment all 13 episodes including 2-disc set and it has Manufactured on demand (MOD) on DVD—R, and including guest stars of Stephanie Escajeda, David Foresth, Mark Hentemann, B.J. Porter, Freddie Prinze Jr., John Viener, Zach Villa, Cesar Zamora, Max Arciniega, Chris Sheridan, Jacqueline Piñol, And Seth MacFarlane.



The Engagement

Ernesto: J.C., I think it's great, you and Becky are getting married, but you'll have a wife to support. Any leads on a job?
J.C.: How can I get a job, when monsters are trying to pass this immigration law?
Ernesto: [sarcastic] You're right. That's unfair of me. You should wait until all the problems of the world are solved.
J.C.: Thank you. That's all I'm asking.

Ernesto: Hola, Steve. Como estas?
Steve: I speak English, Mr. Gonzalez. I'm an American.
Ernesto: How are the parents? Francisco and Consuelo?
Steve: [angered] Frank and Connie are fine!


Steve: Buckwald, you're fired.
Bud: What!?
Steve: With that wall up, we don't need you anymore, so hand in your gun and uniform.
[Bud takes off his uniform, revealing a Hello Kitty shirt underneath]
Steve: What the hell are you wearing a Hello Kitty shirt for?
Bud: You're not my boss anymore, I don't have to tell you.
Steve: You're rehired.
Bud: I love Hello Kitty. She's a kitty and she has a nice greeting.
Steve: You're fired.

Bud: Hey, Ernesto. I've got a message for ya.
Ernesto: What is it?
Bud: Look up in the sky.
[Ernesto looks up in the sky and skywriting is seen, spelling out "Bud Buckwald"]
Bud: Aw, crap. I filled out the skywriting form wrong. It's supposed to say "I quit."
Ernesto: Is that your social security number?
[The skywriting then reveals the number "549-24-1889"]
Bud: Aaaah! I gotta call everyone in town and tell them not to look up!


Ernesto: Hola, Bud. Happy Sunday. Wow, nice jacket.
Bud: It's for being an usher. The most important job in the church. If there had been an usher at the last supper, Jewish would not have been given a seat.
J.C.: I think his name was "Judas".
Bud: Yeah, that's what I said. "Judish", and in the "Judes", the people that killed Jesus. They named their religion after him, "Judasism". It's a well-known hysterical fact.

Ernesto: Hola, Becky. What's wrong? Did you just find out J.C. was molested?
Becky: You knew?
Ernesto: No, I just guessed by your facial expression.
Sanford: Hey, Ernesto.
Ernesto: Hola, Sanford. What's wrong? Did you just eat a bad cheeseburger out of the garbage?
Sanford: Yeah, I did!
Ernesto: Ha ha ha! I am on fire today!

Viva Coyote

[last lines of the series]
TV News Reporter: Our top story: El Coyote has escaped! The agent responsible for the security lapse is former hero Bud Buckwald. Buckwald is best known for tying in a debate with a horse.
Bud: Oh, damn it, I'm a laughingstock again!
Ernesto: [opens the window] Hola, Bud. I heard what happened. Sorry Coyote escaped. Did they ever find the guys girls Ernestos? Aah! Never mind! Got to go! [storms off]
Janice: Well, Bud, you may have lost Coyote, but you're still my hero. And on the bright side, the Department of Homeland Security adopted one of your ideas.