Bonnie Wright

English actress, model, screenwriter, director and producer
Bonnie Wright

Bonnie Francesca Wright (born 17 February 1991) is an English actress and model, perhaps best known for her role in the Harry Potter films as Ginny Weasley.


How Bonnie charmed Harry, Charlotte Methven, Daily Mail, 12th December 2009Edit

  • You can be on holiday abroad, in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, and someone will recognise you, and you just think, “How far has this spread?”
  • All of a sudden, it became a bit daunting. I’ll be out shopping, and all it takes is for one person to recognise me and it can get scary.
  • We’ve grown up together and we are like a big family. Everyone is lovely, and I think we’re all very inquisitive. When we come back to set after a break in filming, it is like coming back to school.
    • Of her co-stars on Harry Potter

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