Bone (graphic novel)

comic book series by Jeff Smith

Bone is a graphic novel by Jeff Smith. It was originally serialized in an independently, irregularly published comic book series for 55 issues, from 1991 to 2004, notable as one of the longest-running self-published comic book series by a single writer/artist.

Out From Boneville Edit

Chapter One: The Map Edit

Phoney: a couple of shady business deals went THAT any reason to run th' most BELOVED BONE in Boneville out on a RAIL?!
Fone Bone: Yes.
Smiley: Beloved? The mayor declared a school holiday just so th' kids could come and throw rocks at you!

Smiley: Hey cousins, look what I found! I thinks it's a map!
Fone Bone: ?!
Smiley: Sure enough! Look! It's a map of that mountain range!
Phoney: I'm saved! Give it to me!
Smiley: Gimme a dollar first.
Phoney: What?
Fone Bone: Go on Phoney, give him a dollar!
Phoney: WHAT?!
Fone Bone: We're lost in the middle of the desert! Give him a dollar!
Phoney: All right, all right...HEY! What is this? This looks like it was drawn by a five-year-old! This thing is WORTHLESS!
Smiley: It's worth a dollar!

Chapter Two: Thorn Edit

Fone Bone: Those rat creatures would have to be pretty stupid to follow me on this frail little branch.
[both rat creatures jump onto the tiny branch]

Chapter Three: Phoney Bone Edit

Chapter Four: Kingdok Edit

Chapter Five: Barrelhaven Edit

Chapter Six: Phoney's Inferno Edit

Landmark quotes Edit

  • "STUPID, STUPID RAT-CREATURES!"- Fone Bone to the Rat Creatures

  • "Monsters do not behave themselves - that's the whole idea!"- Rat Creature

  • Fone Bone: "Why is Smiley wearing a cow suit?"
  • Smiley: "I'M not Smiley, I'm a REAL cow! Moo!"
  • Phoney Bone: "My world is crumbling around me"

  • "Upon your feet / You have ten toes / They look just like / Po-ta-toes!" (one of Fone Bone's more atrocious lyrical attempts)

  • "If I didn't learn it in the fourth grade, it didn't need learning."- Smiley Bone

  • "You know what? I've just about had it with you. First you messed with my cousin, now you're messin' with my girl! Let's go -- right now!"- Fone Bone

  • "Surrender Small Mammal!!" - Rat Creatures
  • "Never play an ace where a two will do"- Dragon
  • "QUICHE"- Rat Creature

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