Bohdan Dzyurakh

Ukrainian bishop

Bohdan Dzyurakh (20 March 1967–) is a prelate of the Ukrainian Catholic Church who serves as the Apostolic exarch of the Apostolic Exarchate of Germany and Scandinavia.

Quotes edit

  • Anyone who creates a society, including the church and all its members – the hierarchy, clergy, laity – shares the responsibility for our social and political ills. The fact that the church now enjoys almost the greatest level of trust in the Ukrainian society makes us genuinely wonder why the doctrine of the church, its teachings and calls, have such a hard time finding their way into the daily lives of the faithful and our society in general. No matter how loud the preaching of the church, however, the last word will always be from the people, from their free choice: to be on the side of good and truth, or continue to walk in the darkness of sin and iniquity.

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