Bob Beatty

American football player (born 1955)

Robert "Bob" Beatty (born 7 June, 1955) is an American high school football coach. He is the most successful football coach in Kentucky state history, having won twelve state championships and one nation championships as the head football coach of Trinity High School in Louisville, Kentucky.[1]


  • I don't have seventeen-year-old friends.[2]
  • It's been a long time since we ended a season with a loss. You find out whether you want to spit that taste out of your mouth or swallow it again.[3]
  • If you're going to be in this program, you're going to punch the clock.[2]
  • You had better pray hard, because you belong to me now.[2]
    • What Beatty reportedly tells his players at the beginning of the training period.
  • We try to get more done in two hours than other teams do in two weeks.[2]
  • If I have one more (point) than the opposition, then I’m going to have a better weekend than they will.[2]
  • Every German Shepherd, Schnauzer and hunting dog writes a comment because you’re fearless and a really tough person behind a computer, but most of those people don’t face you.[4]
  • If you are a coach on my staff and you say, ‘I wish we had,’ you won’t work for me. I’m a firm believer in, 'This is what you have. Now it is your job to go coach the holy heck out of them.' I don’t care if it’s a fourth-team tackle. You find a way to win.[5]


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