Blur (band)

English alternative rock band

Blur are an English rock band, formed in London in 1988. The group consists of singer/keyboardist Damon Albarn, guitarist/singer Graham Coxon, bassist Alex James and drummer Dave Rowntree.

  • So what's the worth
    In all of this
    If the child in your head
    If the child is dead
    • "Sing"
Blur, 2013

From Modern Life Is Rubbish (1993)

  • Advertisements are here for rapid persuasion
    If you stare too long you lose your appetite
    • "Advert"
  • You need a holiday, somewhere in the sun
    with all the people who are waiting, there never seems to be one
    say something, say something else
    • "Advert"
  • I'll forget to breathe someday, I never stopped to think why
    • "Resigned"
  • Jim stops and gets out the car goes to a house in Emperor's Gate
    goes through the door and to his room and then he puts the TV on
    turns it off and makes some tea says "Modern life well it's rubbish
    I'm holding on for tomorrow"
    • "For Tomorrow"

From Parklife (1994)

  • Girls Who Are Boys
    Who Like Boys To Be Girls
    Who Do Boys Like They're Girls
    Who Do Girls Like They're Boys
    Always Should Be Someone You Really Love
    • "Girls and Boys"
  • End of a century, ooohhhh, it's nothing special
    • "End of a Century"
  • Confidence is a preference for the 'abitual voyeur of wha' is known as (Parklife!)
    • "Parklife"
  • Bank holiday comes six times a year, days of enjoyment to which everybody cheers!
    Bank holiday comes (with) a six pack of beer then it's back to work A. G. AIN
    • "Bank Holiday"
  • This is a low, but it won't hurt you
    when you're alone it will be there with you
    finding ways to stay so low
    • "This is a Low"

From The Great Escape (1995)

  • He thinks his educated airs those family shares
    Will protect him, that you will respect him
    He moves in circles of friends who just pretend that they like him
    He does the same to them and when you put it all together
    There's the model of a charmless man
    • "Charmless Man"
  • It really, really, really could happen
    Yes, it really, really, really could happen
    When the days they seem to fall through you, well just let them go
    • "The Universal"

From Blur (1997)

  • And when she lets me slip away
    She turns me on all my violence is gone
    • "Beetlebum"
  • In this town cellular phones are hot with teens,
    and in this town we all go to terminal pubs, it helps us sweat out those angry bits of life,
    from this town the English army grinds its teeth into glass
    • "Essex Dogs"

From 13 (1999)

  • Tender is the day, the demons go away
    • "Tender"
  • Space is the place
    • "Bugman"
  • So give me coffee and TV, history
    I've seen so much I'm going blind and I'm brain-dead virtually
    sociability, is hard enough for me
    take me away from this big bad world and agree to marry me
    we can start over again
    • "Coffee & TV"

From Think Tank (2003)

  • I ain't got nothing to be scared of
    • "Ambulance"
  • Brothers and sisters
    Rebuild your lives
    We're all drug takers
    Give us something tonight
    • "Brothers and Sisters"
  • Waiting, I got no town to hide in
    The country's got a hold of my soul
    TV's dead and there ain't no war in my head
    And you seem very beautiful to me
    • "Good Song"
  • And you've been so busy lately
    That you haven't found the time
    To open up your mind
    And watch the world spinning gently out of time.
    • "Out of Time"
  • Feel the sunshine on your face
    It's in a computer now.
    Gone are the future, way out in space.
    • "Out of Time"
  • Caravan is lost
    In the sun and the dust
    No-one loves you
    When you are lost
    Yeah I've been a clown
    Trying to pull my whole world down
    I thought I was strong
    But you are the one
    And when it comes, you'll feel the weight of it
    The weight of it
    And the day and you'll get away from it,
    Away from it
    • "Caravan"
  • Y'know yer get down now, and yer look at the wall
    And what does the wall say to yer?
    I ain't a mirror, f#$k off!
    It's true though innit?
    Think about it
    Don't stall man I got 'ouses ter build
    • "Me, White Noise"
  • And then you move move move move,
    and you push push push push,
    and you trip over yourself and you think to yourself,
    why am I here? I'm here because I got no fucking choice!
    • "Me, White Noise"
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