Bluebeard (1944 film)

1944 film directed by Edgar G. Ulmer

Bluebeard is a 1944 film about an artist who strangles portrait models after he finishes their painting them.

Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. Written by Pierre Gendron.
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Gaston Morrell: Put your shoulders! Can't you straighten up? Not so square.
Francine Lutien: Well, I've asked you to pose me. I'm quite helpless about such things.
Gaston Morrell: Surely it can't be so difficult for you to be yourself. What's the matter?
Francine Lutien: Lucille's puppeteer.
Gaston Morrell: Lucille?
Francine Lutien: So you're Bluebeard?
Gaston Morrell: Who said so?
Francine Lutien: [Gasping] Lamarte.
Gaston Morrell: Lamarte? And you believe what Lamarte told you?
Francine Lutien: No!

Gaston Morrell: Lamarte, how many others have you told that I painted the pictures you have sold to the Duke?
Jean Lamarte: No one. No one.
Gaston Morrell: You're not telling me the truth.
[Gaston has closed the door. And finds that Deschamp was lying on the floor]
Gaston Morrell: And you were trying to sneak out of here leaving the blame for this to me as well.
Jean Lamarte: No. No, I wasn't!
[Doorbell ringing]
Gaston Morrell: So, and you even had it timed, didn't you? You were going to be gone from here when they got in.

Inspector Renard: We're breaking in! Renard, go on down to the road and keep a sharp lookout! Break it down!
[Lamarte is dead on the scene]
Inspector Renard: He's finished.
[the police and Inspector Renard find out there's another is alive. Deschamps was lying unconscious]
Inspector Renard: Rouhan, quickly!
[They wake Deschamps. He sees the dead body of Lamarte]
Deschamps: Lamarte.
Inspector Renard: Yes, his death certainly isn't going to help us any. Where's Francine?
Deschamps: He took her up there.


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