Blue Jasmine

2013 film by Woody Allen

Blue Jasmine is a 2013 film about a rich Manhattan socialite who falls into poverty and homelessness.

Directed and written by Woody Allen.

Jasmine Francis

  • Who do you have to sleep with around here to get a Stoli martini with a twist of lemon?
  • [on Chili] He's another version of Augie, he's a loser.
  • [Ginger tells Jasmine that Eddie knows a dentist looking for help] Oh, forget it! Jesus, it's too menial! I'd go nuts. I wanna go back to school, get my degree and know...Something substantial. I can't just do some mindless job. I was forced to take a job selling shoes on Madison Avenue. So humiliating. Friends I'd had at dinner parties at our apartment came in and I waited on them. I mean, do you have any idea what that's like? You know, one minute you're hosting women and the next, you're measuring their shoe size and fitting them. [emotionally intense] Erica Bishop came into the store. She saw me and was so embarrassed for me, she slipped out thinking I didn't see her. [shouts] I saw you, Erica!
  • [mumbling to herself] It's fraught with peril. They gossip, you know, they talk. I saw Danny. Yes, did I tell you? He's getting married. A weekend in Palm Beach means I can wear... what could I wear? I can wear the Dior dress I bought in Paris. Yes, my black dress. Well, Hal always used to surprise me with jewelry. Extravagant pieces. I think he used to buy them at auction. It's so obvious what you're doing. You think I don't know. French au pair. ["Blue Moon" begins playing] This was playing on the Vineyard. "Blue Moon". I used to know the words. I used to know the words. Now they're all a jumble.


  • He was a handsome guy with money. He was a smooth talker and pampered her. What's she gonna say? No?


  • Augie: Some people, they don't put things behind so easily.


Jasmine: The flight was bumpy, the food was awful. I mean, you'd think, first class...
Ginger: I thought you said you were broke.
Jasmine: [pause] Well, yes. I'm tapped out. Really, I mean the government took everything.
Ginger: [pause] Well, you look great.
Jasmine: Oh, now who's lying!

Chili: Well how long you planning on staying with Ginger?
Jasmine: No one wants to get out of here as fast as I do.
Chili: [offended] I'm sure. This is a big comedown from what you're used to.

Chili: Ginger said you had a nervous breakdown.
Jasmine: Well, she tends to be quite dramatic.
Chili: Said you were in the street, talking to yourself.
Jasmine: You know, I don't think that this is any of your business.
Chili: No, but since I'm marrying her, we don't have any secrets between us.

[Hal buys Jasmine a palatial house]
Hal: So what do you think?
Jasmine: I love it! You shouldn't spoil me so.
Hal: Well why not? Who else am I going to spoil?

Augie: When your sister had all that money, she wanted nothing to do with you. Now that she's broke all of a sudden she's moving in.
Ginger: She's not just broke. She's all screwed up.

Ginger: You think Al is a step up from Chili?
Jasmine: Anybody is a step up from Chili.

Dr. Flicker: Have you ever gotten high on nitrous oxide?
Jasmine: No.
Dr. Flicker: It would remove your inhibitions.
Jasmine: I don't really have any inhibitions.

Matthew: Mom said you started screaming in the street.
Jasmine: Anxiety, nightmares and a nervous breakdown, there's only so many traumas a person can withstand until they take to the streets and start screaming.

Chili: She doesn’t care about you! She’s a phony!
Jasmine: Can you please not fight in here? I don’t think I can take it. For some reason my Xanax isn’t kicking in.

[Dwight kisses Jasmine]
Jasmine: Oh! That's... sudden.
Dwight: What's your reaction?
Jasmine: My reaction is you can do it again if you want.

[Dwight has just learnt that Jasmine lied to him about her past]
Dwight: Of course we can't get married! You lied to me!
Jasmine: Oh no!
Dwight: Up and down the line!
Jasmine: No, no, no! I wanted to tell you the truth! I just didn't wanna ruin everything!
Dwight: What?! Are you delusional?! Didn't you think I'd eventually find out?! What were you thinking?!
Jasmine: I don't know what I was thinking! I don't know! That everything happened in the past! You and I loved each other and get married--
Dwight: And what?! And what?! That it would just vanish?! Didn't you think that I would find out, if not today, or immediately eventually? Like after we were married? Or is that what you wanted? That you'd wait until it was too late?!
Jasmine: [bitterly] Too late for what?! For your future plans where you needed the appropriate wife?!
Dwight: I'm not saying that it would've been an issue, but that you could stand by and deceive me until I married you!
Jasmine: [bitterly] Oh, no, no, no, you mean till I trapped you, is what you mean.
Dwight: Your ethical behavior is equal to your ex-husband.
Jasmine: I wasn't deceiving you when I said I loved you.
Dwight: God, I found out by chance! It was just by sheer chance!
Jasmine: Okay, if it's over, it's over. I get it. You're not marrying me. I brought everything on myself. I've only got myself to blame. I did it to myself, as usual. As usual. [begins mumbling to herself] You and your stupid little French whore.
Dwight: [confused] I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm taking you home.
Jasmine: Let me out of the car. Let me out of the car.
Dwight: Don't be ridiculous.
Jasmine: Can you just - can you just please let me out of the car.
Dwight: But how are you gonna get home?
Jasmine: I'm not going home. Can you let me out of the car. Let me out of the car!

[Jasmine finds her estranged stepson Danny working in a music store, where he reveals that he found out about her calling the FBI on Hal]
Danny: As disillusioned as I was with him, I hated you more.
Jasmine: The moment I did what I did, I regretted it.
Danny: I don't wanna discuss it. It's past. It's over. You can't take back that phone call.
Jasmine: I need you, Danny.
Danny: I don't wanna see you, Jasmine. I want the past past. I've become a different person, thanks to my wife. I'm off drugs. Just please, don't spoil everything. Just get out of my life so I can move on.

[Jasmine returns to the apartment to find that Ginger and Chili are back together]
Jasmine: Oh, for Christ sake! What's wrong with your self-esteem?! There's a world of men out there who never think about ripping the phone out of the wall!
Ginger: Hey, leave him alone. You're always picking on him.
Jasmine: No, you choose losers, okay? Because that's what you think you deserve. And that's why your living like this and that's why you'll never have a better life.
Ginger: [tearfully] I'm.. I'm living... I'm living like this! Because you married the biggest loser of all! And went your own sweet way! While he pissed away my one big chance to make a better life!


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