Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods (2010-current) is a television series which combines procedural police work with family drama.

Season 1Edit

Samaritan [1.02]Edit

Sgt. Renzulli: Hey, college boy, tell your brother the first rule of riding in my car.
Det. Reagan: Jamie, tell your boss I know Brooklyn better than a Manhattan cop.
Officer Reagan: This is me, keeping my mouth shut.

After Hours [1.10]Edit

Det. Curatola: You enjoying yourself, Reagan?
Det. Reagan: How could I not be? Come on. We just took a statement from a six-four transsexual escort who thinks her Labradoodle was dognapped by her shrink. How can I not be having fun right now?

Det. Reagan: This is the New York that I love-- the one you never see on a postcard.
Det. Curatola: Now, there's an untapped market; tranny hooker postcards.

Little Fish [1.11]Edit

Det. Curatola: Well, listen, here's what we're gonna do; We're gonna figure out who did this, and we're gonna string him up by his family jewels. It's not gonna bring her back, but it's gonna make you feel better.

Comm. Reagan: Nothing undermines our way of life more than the taking of it.

Family Ties [1.12]Edit

Frank: (speaking to Danny and Jackie about the car bomb and its ties to the Russian mob) I want Grushenko for this. They say his people have a code of silence. What they really have is a code of betrayal. That's how we got the brigades the first time and that's how we'll finish them now.
Chief Winston: Yes, sir.
Frank: No one's turning my city into Baghdad.

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