Blown Away (1994 film)

1994 film by Stephen Hopkins

Blown Away is a 1994 thriller film about a bomb technician who must stop his former best friend from hurting innocent lives.

Directed by Stephen Hopkins. Written by John Rice, Joe Batteer, and Jay Roach.
The fuse has been lit...Taglines

Jimmy DoveEdit

  • Goddamn you, Gaerity. Look what you've done.
  • You're a chickenshit, Ryan.
  • My name is Liam. Liam McGivney.
  • What are you, a detective?

Ryan GaerityEdit

  • I'm here to create a new country for you called chaos and the government called anarchy.
  • You have me wrong. I'm not the destroyer, I'm the creator.
  • You might want to mind your feet there, Liam. Betty's a very particular bomb. I hate guns. You fell for it. That wasn't the real trigger, this is.
  • The real fireworks for Katie and Lizzy would be later. Why don't you just settle down with Betty, catch it on the telly. I wasn't expecting you so early. It's funny how things always work out for the best.
  • Down the hatch, Liam. I'll be leaving you with my masterpiece. I'd love to show you how it works, but really there's no time.


Ryan Gaerity: Did I catch you a bad time, Liam? (laughs sinisterly)
Jimmy Dove: Ryan Gaerity?
Ryan Gaerity: Oops. I called you Liam.
Jimmy Dove: Is that you?
Ryan Gaerity: Or is it, Jimmy Dove? Much more lyrical than Liam McGivney. Much less Irish. Listen to me, Liam McGivney, I’ve come to bring you a gift.
Jimmy Dove: What gift is that, Gaerity?
Ryan Gaerity: It's the gift of pain, of course.
Jimmy Dove: You're the reason they died, not me.
Ryan Gaerity: Oh, blame, blame, blame. Well, I suppose to I’m to blame for the deaths of your new pals as well? Who's right? Who's wrong? We were at war. Your conscience ended up causing the death of your own, Liam. You're a bad boy. You made me trigger the bomb too early!
Jimmy Dove: I was trying to stop you! You said nobody was going to killed! There was people everywhere!
Ryan Gaerity: And look who paid: your own sweetheart, your friends, me. Whilst you've been prancing around the streets of bloody America playing hero, I've been a man without a country. I spent the last 20 years of my life in jail, or on the run because of you. (squeaks a toy) Ha! Ha! Ha! But don't let me get morose on ya. Fate’s brought us together again. I've come to Boston. Fine place for a man to lose himself, wouldn't you say? And what do I find? My old pal, on the telly! If they only knew what you'd done.
Jimmy Dove: I did what I did because you told me I was a soldier! I never killed anybody!
Ryan Gaerity: Did you ever hear of the Big Bang, Liam? Yes, I think the universe was created from an explosion. Can you imagine that, Liam? An explosion! (laughs)
Jimmy Dove: Goddamn you, Gaerity. Look what you've done.
Ryan Gaerity: Aye, you have me all wrong. I’m not a destroyer. I’m a creator.
Jimmy Dove: : You’re not a creator. You’re a sick freak, is what you are.
Ryan Gaerity: I’ve come here to create a new country for ya called “Chaos”, and a new government called “Anarchy”. All for you.
Jimmy Dove: I can’t believe I ever bought your shit.
Ryan Gaerity: Civilians die in war, Liam. But you disobeyed orders. You betrayed the cause.
Jimmy Dove: You never gave a damn about the cause. The only thing that ever turned you on were your goddamn bombs!
Ryan Gaerity: And what lovely ladies they are, Liam. Tell me, Liam, how close were you when she went?
Jimmy Dove: Ryan? Ryan, why don't you come down here and face me?
Ryan Gaerity: Could you smell her flower, Liam?
Jimmy Dove: What? Are you still there? You're a chickenshit, Ryan.
Ryan Gaerity: I've enjoyed talking to you, Liam. I don't want to be rude, but I must go. Your new wife and daughter just got home.

Katie Dove: Oh, my god, Jim.
Jimmy Dove: My name is Liam. Liam McGivney.
Katie Dove: What?
Jimmy Dove: I'm not from here. I'm from Ireland. I was born and raised in Belfast. We were at war. I was just a kid. They recruited me off the playground. One minute, I'm a kid on the merry-go-round thinkin' how blue the sky is and the next I'm learning how to turn bleach into bombs. My whole life I was taught to hate the English. Get them out of Ireland.
Katie Dove: Then you're I.R.A.
Jimmy Dove: No, he was too crazy for that.
Katie Dove: Who?
Jimmy Dove: The guy who did this, Ryan Gaerity. We thought we were soldiers. I was in love with his sister. He was my best friend. He killed my fuckin' dog. (sobbing) He killed Blanket, he killed Rita, Cortez. He wants me now.
Katie Dove: Why?
Jimmy Dove: I screwed up his plans. I tried to stop his bomb. The others got killed, he got captured. I turned my back on him. I left. I want you to leave. Go to the Cape. Go to Max's. Do it right now.
Katie Dove: This is my home.
Jimmy Dove: Katie, you can't stay around here, you can't stay around me. Do you understand that? Now, it's safe in there. I want you to go in, get your stuff and go.
Katie Dove: I don't even... I don't even know who you are.

Max O'Bannon: You're a fighter, huh? Look at her fight. Aye, easy now, easy. That's a boy. Ah, pregnant, huh? Well, go forth and multiply, mother mackerel. (A can clatters) Ah, Jimmy. You know better than to sneak up on a man like that when he's fishin'. Scares the fish. I heard about what happened today. Don't know what this city's comin' to. Bad as bloody Belfast.
Jimmy Dove: Yeah, more than you know. It was Gaerity.
Max O'Bannon: Give it a rest, Jimmy. He's incarcerated for life.
Jimmy Dove: No, he's out.
Max O'Bannon: What?
Jimmy Dove: He killed Blanket with concussion. He blew Rita and Cortez out of the truck. He's taking out the squad the same way his sister and the others died back in Ireland.
Max O'Bannon: Sweet Jesus!
Jimmy Dove: He blames me for what happened. He's probably right.
Max O'Bannon: What are you talking about? That bomb would've killed hundreds if it had blown like Gaerity had wanted.
Jimmy Dove: That doesn't matter to Ryan. He's killed three. He'll go for more. He's already... He's already threatened Liz and Katie.
Max O'Bannon: Oh, Jimmy. Where are they now?
Jimmy Dove: In your cottage. Hope you don't mind.
Max O'Bannon: How much she knows?
Jimmy Dove: I told her the truth. I should've a long time ago.
Max O'Bannon: Bullshit, you should've! She's your wife. Not your priest!
Jimmy Dove: She's my wife.
Max O'Bannon: I'm gonna find out what I can about messing through.
Jimmy Dove: No, no, I don't want you getting involved.
Max O'Bannon: I've been involved since...
Jimmy Dove: I don't want you getting involved! Here. Stay out of this.
Max O'Bannon: Where you off to?
Jimmy Dove: To tell the squad.
Max O'Bannon: You do that and you'll end up behind bars! They need you, Jimmy! You learned from Gaerity. You tell Captain Roarke and the squad only what they need to know. Nothing more.

Ryan Gaerity: So, you found us, Liam? And your country's birthday as well?
(Jimmy blows the candle from the cake)
Jimmy Dove: You always made us laugh, Ryan.
Ryan Gaerity: We sure had good time, didn't we, Liam?
Jimmy Dove: Yeah, we did, and you're not fun anymore. (frisks Gaerity) Do you have any weapons, Ryan?
Ryan Gaerity: No, no, just this. (reveals a remote control) Look. Now you're gonna blow my brains or shoot my finger off? What do you think it's the safest course of action, Liam? Think it over.
Jimmy Dove: Why don't you do it? I'm tired of war. Go ahead, take us both.
Ryan Gaerity: No, no, it's not for us. It's for your lovely wife. It could be her farewell performance. Now you would be back away from me that goddamn pistol.
Jimmy Dove: You're chickenshit, Ryan.
Ryan Gaerity: There she is sawing away on her fiddle for 500,000 beautiful Americans celebrating revolution. I'll bet little Lizzy is there as well. She's waiting for the fireworks, Liam.
Jimmy Dove: Ryan, don't give me your political bullshit. You're doing all this out of revenge.
Ryan Gaerity: She's waiting for the rocket's red glare...
Jimmy Dove: That's 25 years ago!
Ryan Gaerity: And the bombs doing you know what!
(Gaerity tosses the remote trigger and Jimmy catches it)
Ryan Gaerity: Mind your feet there, Liam. Betty's a very particular bomb. I hate guns. You fell for it. That wasn't the real trigger, this is.


  • The fuse has been lit...
  • Boom baby. Sweet dreams.
  • 5. 4. 3. 2. 1......Time's Up.


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