Bloodline (TV series)

American thriller–drama television series

Bloodline (2015-2017) is an American Netflix original thriller–drama television series about a family of adult siblings who find that their past secrets and scars are revealed when their black sheep of a brother returns home. The show was created by Todd A. Kessler, Glenn Kessler, and Daniel Zelman

Season 1 Edit

Part 1 [1.01] Edit

John Rayburn: [voiceover] Sometimes you know something's coming. You feel it in the air. In your gut. You don't sleep at night. The voice in your head's telling you that something is gonna go terribly wrong. And there's nothing you can do to stop it. That's how I felt when my brother came home.

John Rayburn: [voiceover] I didn't know why he decided to come back. I didn't know then what he's running from. None of us did. I just knew he was always getting into trouble. And I was always coming to his rescue. Trying to save him from himself. But this time I didn't know whether I'd be able to save him.

Robert Rayburn: Before I sit down, I'd like to say a few words about my kids. Um, there's Meg, my sunshine, who went north to Tallahassee to study law up in Yankee country. And then there's Kevin, my youngest son, whose love of the sea and life, and the 3:00 cocktail kept him here.
Kevin Rayburn: Woo-hoo! Thank you.
Robert Rayburn: And of course there's John, who likes taking care of people so much that he decided to take care of the whole bunch of us, not just the family, the whole damn island. And then... Oh, yeah. Last but not least is my oldest. Mmm. Uh, Danny. The one who got away, you might say. But he always finds a reason to come back. Even if it is to ask for money. I'm only kidding. Weekend wouldn't be the same without you.
Danny Rayburn: I wouldn't miss it, Dad.

Danny Rayburn: Your life's not always gonna be this perfect. Things happen to people. And then you'll need me. And then you'll know.

John Rayburn: [voiceover] I always thought the greatest thing that happened to me was being born a Rayburn. Now I'm not so sure. I'm gonna tell you everything. It's not very pleasant. But it's the truth. What we did to our brother we had to do. Please don't judge us. We're not bad people. But we did a bad thing.

Part 2 [1.02] Edit

John Rayburn: [voiceover] My brother Kevin is the hot-head of the family; always letting his emotions get the better of him. The truth is he's a lot like my father, and I think Kevin is proud of that.

Danny Rayburn: Hey, how bad a thing are we doing here?
Eric O'Bannon: Don't worry, bro. You ain't Capone.

Chelsea O'Bannon: Well, if it isn't the lesser of two evils. Haven't you learned to stay away from your brother?
Danny Rayburn: You're looking good, Chels.
Chelsea O'Bannon: Only by comparison. Because you look like shit.

Part 3 [1.03] Edit

John Rayburn: [voiceover] My sister is a good person. She takes care of people. She wants everyone to be happy. But when our brother came home, that was impossible. There was no way for her to make everyone happy.

John Rayburn: [voiceover] Meg was happy when Danny came home. All she ever wanted was to include him. Make him feel part of the family. But what she really wanted was to fix the past to make up for what was lost. To make us all forget. But she couldn't. Because as smart as she is no one can change the past.

John Rayburn: [voiceover] Maybe it was Meg's decision that started this whole thing. I tried to tell her, but she wouldn't listen to me. Still I can't blame her for what she did. Whatever mistakes she made, her heart was in the right place. And in the end, she's my sister...
Danny Rayburn: [on the phone to Meg] What did you do?
John Rayburn: [voiceover] ...and I trust her with my life.

Sally Rayburn: Well, you've got a group of six. Father and son and two sets of newlyweds.
Danny Rayburn: They'll be divorced by the time I'm through.

Meg Rayburn: Are you seriously trying to threaten me?
Danny Rayburn: No, baby. I'm not threatening you. I am not threatening you. I could fucking threaten you. I could do the big-brother thing. Bully around the little sister. It's never been our relationship, though, has it? I've always looked out for you. Even when we were little kids, I felt sorry for you because Dad hated me, but at least I got his attention. Now, I don't care if you're fucking around. I don't. I don't judge you. I got your back, Mister. I just hope you got mine. Hey, I wanna tell you something. You don't have to marry Marco.
Meg Rayburn: I know that.
Danny Rayburn: No, you don't. And you may marry him because you think that's what Dad wants. I've watched you try to please him and try to please him. But you just... You can't. You never will.
Meg Rayburn: Why's that?
Danny Rayburn: Because you're not her.

Part 4 [1.04] Edit

Robert Rayburn: You're right my love.
Sally Rayburn: That's nice to know. About what?
Robert Rayburn: Exactly what you're thinking.
Sally Rayburn: I don't even know what I'm thinking, how can you?
Robert Rayburn: That little critter. [grasshopper on a blade of grass] It's in the same boat as us. Just hangin' on.

Danny Rayburn: You supposed to be drinking?
Robert Rayburn: I'm supposed to be dead.

Part 5 [1.05] Edit

Chelsea O'Bannon: [arriving at memorial gathering] When something's lost, something else is gained.

Part 6 [1.06] Edit

Danny Rayburn: I don't care about you. You don't mean anything to me. And if I mean something to you, you mean less than nothing to me.
Chelsea O'Bannon: Why are you doing this?
Danny Rayburn: This is what I do.

Meg Rayburn: Did you know if you scramble the letters of your name, it spells Zodiac Ram? And you're an Aries.
Marco Diaz: I didn't realize that.
Meg Rayburn: And I'm a Virgo, and that the letters of my name scrambled make Mrs. Marco Diaz.

John Rayburn: It's good to have you home.
Danny Rayburn: It's so good to be back.

Part 7 [1.07] Edit

Danny Rayburn: Sometimes things happen, and you get clear in your mind. You know who you are, you know what you want, and you know what you have to do. So I'm gonna be around - for a while.

Danny Rayburn: [about her date] Hey Janey, this guy's a teenager, you gotta keep him off balance.
Jane Rayburn: I've got a few tricks.
Danny Rayburn: Hey, don't, don't give him what he wants at the end of the night.
John Rayburn: 11 o'clock, no later.

Nicholas Widmark: [about his mother] This land is all she's got.
Kevin Rayburn: Well, I guess she didn't want her legacy being another fuckin' yacht club. Or maybe she didn't feel great about putting me out of business, I don't know.
Nicholas Widmark: You're a piece of shit, Rayburn.
Kevin Rayburn: I can't help it if your mom likes me better than you.

Young Lenny Potts: You saw the car hit your brother?
Young Kevin: Yes, sir. Danny was screaming and crying. I never saw someone get hurt that bad.

Part 8 [1.08] Edit

John Rayburn: [voiceover] You never think these things will happen to you. Some terrible thing happens to the family down the street, and you think, "thank God we're not them. Thank God we're not that family." And then one day you wake up, and you *are* them. And you can never look at yourself the same way again.

Danny Rayburn: What do you think, I can't get a woman?
John Rayburn: No, I think you get plenty of women. I think you have no problem getting women. But I think there's a big difference between quality and quantity.

John Rayburn: [voiceover] Danny turned us into that family you don't want to be. He made a mistake. He made a big mistake. Now we're all paying for it.

Part 9 [1.09] Edit

Sally Rayburn: When you really have no choice, you run away.

Chelsea O'Bannon: Are you keeping secrets from me?
Danny Rayburn: Oh, baby, I got a million of them. A million of them.

Meg Rayburn: This ends now.
Danny Rayburn: Okay. What are we talking about?
Meg Rayburn: That little fucking game that you're playing outside.
Danny Rayburn: So you're not having fun anymore?
Meg Rayburn: What is it? You think you have something on me? You think you can manipulate me because I cheated on my boyfriend?
Danny Rayburn: Your fiance now. Now he's your fiance.
Meg Rayburn: It's over. The game's over. Do you understand me?
Danny Rayburn: Maybe it's not a game.
Meg Rayburn: Go tell him. He's sitting out there. Go tell him.
Danny Rayburn: I don't think now's an appropriate time.
Meg Rayburn: Oh, really? I think it's a perfect time. What a fucking thrill for you to humiliate me in front of Mom.
Danny Rayburn: Why would I wanna do that?
Meg Rayburn: No, you're right. You're right. You wanna keep it and hang it over my head until the next time you want something? Is that what it is? Fuck that, Danny. Go tell him. Or do you want me to do it? Because I fucking will. I don't care. I'm not gonna live in fear of you.
Danny Rayburn: Okay. Does this mean that I'm not gonna be doing the catering for the wedding?

John Rayburn: [begins interrogation of Eric O'Bannon] Let's talk about Danny.

Part 10 [1.10] Edit

John Rayburn: [voiceover] I'm almost at the end of the story now. And then I put my fate in your hands.

Chelsea O'Bannon: Sorry to hear about what happened to you over at the boat.
Kevin Rayburn: No, I'm fine. It was no big deal.
Danny Rayburn: Yeah, don't worry about it. You can't hurt this guy, he's made of Rayburn.

Part 11 [1.11] Edit

John Rayburn: You know what? You're no longer my fuckin' problem, Danny.
Danny Rayburn: Wanna know when that happened? For real? Right after Sarah died. That's when you washed your hands of me.
John Rayburn: I'm taking you to the bus stop tonight.
Danny Rayburn: Do you know what killed her? The necklace. That's all it was. Dropped it in the sea, and went in after it. Little seahorse.

John Rayburn: Were the FUCK is my daughter?!
Danny Rayburn: I bought her a present, John.

Part 12 [1.12] Edit

Danny Rayburn: Everything's going to be okay. I'm not going to have to leave any more.
Chelsea O'Bannon: You really believe that don't you?
Danny Rayburn: I just gotta chill my family out.
Chelsea O'Bannon: No you don't. You just need to forget them.

Kevin Rayburn: [holding a gun] Get in the fuckin' car!
Danny Rayburn: Or what? What are you going to do?
[Kevin stares at him]
Danny Rayburn: You know something, Kevin, if you hated me half as much as you hate yourself, you'd have used it.

Danny Rayburn: [to Kevin] You look just like that little boy that John and me used to spend so much time ignoring.

Danny Rayburn: You always took dad's side. You never protected me. I never felt safe in this house. And now, none of you are safe in this house.
Kevin Rayburn: What the fuck is that supposed to mean, huh Dan? Huh?
Sally Rayburn: [bitterly] You have finally lived up to your father's expectations, Danny.

John Rayburn: When is this going to end?
Danny Rayburn: It doesn't end for me, John, why should it end for you?

Part 13 [1.13] Edit

John Rayburn: [voiceover] Sometimes - you know something's coming. You feel it - in the air. In your gut. You don't sleep at night. A voice in your head's telling you, something is gonna go terribly wrong, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. That's how it felt when my brother came home.

Kevin Rayburn: [touching her belly] Is there really something in there?
Belle Rayburn: Maybe not. Maybe I'm just puking every morning 'cause I'm waking up next to you.
Kevin Rayburn: There she is. There she is. The woman I love.

John Rayburn: [to Sheriff evaluation committee] I always thought the greatest thing happened to me was being born a Rayburn. Now I'm not so sure. I'm going to tell you everything. It's not very pleasant, but it's the truth.

The Boy: I need to talk to you.
John Rayburn: Well, what is it you want to talk about?
The Boy: What happened to him.
John Rayburn: Why is that?
The Boy: He was my dad.

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