Blood and Wine

1996 film by Bob Rafelson

Blood and Wine is a 1996 neo-noir thriller film about a man who has failed as a father and husband who commits a heist to make money for his fledging business, but things become complicated when his wife interferes.

Directed by Bob Rafelson. Written by Nick Villiers and Alison Cross.
There is no honor amongst thieves.

Alex Gates

  • I've got an idea. Why don't you sit down at your desk and write down all your complaints, and when I come back, we can have one of those long arguments you like so much.
  • What is that, some sort of Latin concept, killing the one you love?

Victor Spansky

  • There's no such thing as honor among thieves. It's a myth.
  • Don't take it personally, Alex. I don't trust the jury system, the phone company, or the Israeli government.


  • [flirting in broken English] I never seen anybody to fish in the grass before.


  • The only fish I want to see is on a plate with a piece of lemon.


Jason: You don't look like a maid.
Gabby: I'm not, I'm the nanny. Do I look like a nanny?
Jason: No.

Alex: Frank ever come on to you?
Gabby: He have a beautiful wife.
Alex: Oh. She ever come on to you?

Gabby: So where are we going?
Jason: Ah, we got about 4 hours to Cuba.
Gabby: Oh really. It took me a week - 15 of us on a very small boat.
Jason: I can turned around if you want.
Gabby: No, it's okay. I like the water. Even when we were coming over, the sea was so beautiful. I never wanted to sleep, I was happy. I was ashamed to be so happy. People were dying.

Gabby: What are you doing here?
Jason: I came to see the cats.

Victor: This is not an ocean front suite, in Marbella. Did you notice that?
Victor: There's no
Victor: There are no flowers or champagne from the management. I don't, I don't see a Swiss chocolate on my pillow.
Victor: My masseuse is not at the door.
Victor: [wheezing]
[long pause]
Victor: And I am, fucking dying, Alex!
Alex: Take it easy, Vic.

Alex: Get her to go easy on the codeine, will ya? Makes her mean.
Jason: Well, maybe if you got home on time once in a while, she could skip the chemical help.


  • There is no honor amongst thieves.


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