Japanese anime television series

Blood+ (ブラッドプラス Buraddo Purasu?), pronounced as "Blood Plus", is an anime series produced by Production I.G and Aniplex and directed by Junichi Fujisaku.



After the Dance

Solomon: Pardon me, but may I kindly have this dance?
Saya: What? Well...
Solomon: Just give me your hand.
Saya: Yes...Thank you. Wait a minute. I-I've never--I've never really danced before.
Solomon: No worries, I'll lead you. My older brother told me that I am pretty good at dancing.

Solomon: You're doing great. I can't believe this is your first time.
Saya: Well, it's true.
Solomon: When dancing the waltz, make sure to look into your partner's eyes. The fact that I can lead you easily means we have good chemistry between us.
Saya: What?

Siberian Express

Saya: Riku, how do you know all this?
Riku: I read all about it in a book, but this is my first time riding on a real train, so I'm a little nervous.
Saya: Gosh. I forgot. There are no railroad trains like this in Okinawa. Hagi, have you ever taken a train before?
Riku: Excuse me, Ma'am? May I help you?
Old Lady: How nice of you. Thank you.
Riku: You're welcome. [She loses her balance. Before she slips, Hagi catches her. Riku thanks Hagi] Thanks a lot. Here, let me help you on-board.
Old Lady: You are such a nice boy.

Do You Remember the Promise?

Hagi: You're finally awake. You collapsed in the snow, so I wanted to let you sleep.
Saya: I see.
Hagi: Saya, you have an extremely important mission to accomplish. You must take better care of yourself or---
Saya: I know what I must do! And our ultimate target may be getting away while I'm just lying here regaining my strength.
Hagi: It'll do more harm than good If you march off into battle while you are so weak. It would be extremely reckless of you to go out there during this blizzard. You're not accustomed to spending time in these near freezing conditions. Why were you lying on the ground outside like that?
Saya: I suddenly felt very sleepy.
Hagi: Sleepy?
Saya: What is it?
Hagi: Your body temperature has lowered. It's been three years since you woke up.
Saya: Maybe when I wake up next time, there will be no one left who remembers me. as if I never existed.
Hagi: I'll be waiting for you always and forever, Saya.
Saya: I know.
Hagi: We'll be arriving at the village soon. You're still tired, aren't you?
Saya: No, I'm all right. Now, Hagi, please, I think you need to get some rest, too.
Hagi: Don't worry. My body does not require sleep. I'll stay here by your side until you fall asleep, and I'll play the song you taught me. I've practicing it the whole time you've been asleep.
Saya: Sorry, but you haven't really improved much.
Hagi: Aren't you being just a little harsh?

Saya: How do you pronounce it?
Hagi: I believe it's called Pokrovskoye. This is the village where Gregory was born.
Saya: Is that our destination?
Hagi: Not quite. But according to all of the reports that we've received, Gregory is supposedly hiding somewhere outside this village.
Saya: I remember. He had died.
Hagi: This country was in the middle of intense turmoil after the Revolution broke out. That scenario would make this the perfect place for chiropterans to slip away from us and go into hiding. First, we should stop at the village mentioned in the report and collect some information on Gregory.
Saya: What about Anastasia?
Hagi: Anastasia? Well, I'm sure that she must be hiding out somewhere in this country. As far as she goes, she trusted Gregory completely.
Saya: You're right. We should start looking for Gregory.
Hagi: Agreed.
Roba: Gregory? Well, he kind of looks like the second son of the Eflmovich family, the wealthy farming family from the village of Pokirovskoye. He was called Rasputin.
Saya: Rasputin?
Hagi: The translation means "a debauched one."
Roba: That's right. In every village, all young people just keep leaving and leaving. They're all Rasputins.
Saya: So, there are no more young people left?
Roba: There's still a young woman. Sonia.
Saya: Sonia?
Roba: She is the daughter of Yuri, a strange scientist who used to live on the outskirts of the village. He was doing all sorts of weird experiments. No one from the village even went near the place. Crazy man, I tell you. Then he moved to Ekaterinburg, but for some odd reason, he moved his family back here after the Revolution broke out. There she is. That is Sonia.
Sonia: Hello, ma'am. Do you need any help? Good morning.
Roba: I must be going now. Good luck.
Sonia: I haven't seen you before. Just passing through?
Saya: We're looking for someone.
Sonia: Someone?
Hagi: A man who goes by the name of Gregory.
Sonia: Gregory?
Saya: Right. That's him.
Sonia: Can't help. I've only been living here about two years, so I don't really know many people in the village.
Saya: I see.
Sonia: Tell me. Where are you two staying in town tonight?
Saya: What?
Sonia: I haven't seen anyone my own age for a pretty long time. You could spend the night at my house. and we could stay up and talk. I think it would be a lot of fun. You could come, too. There's an empty room, there's plenty of food, and besides, I would love the company.
Saya: But I wouldn't---I wouldn't want to be an incovenince for your father.
Sonia: My father is no longer with me. Not long ago, he was discovered dead. When they found his body, he was very pale, as if he was drained of blood.

Saya: We've been traveling for almost two months.
Sonia: And you've been with that handsome Mr. Hagi for the entire time?
'Saya: Yes.
Sonia: So you and Mr. Hagi are always togethers? Are you two by any chance, lovers?
Saya: Hagi and I---we're just like family. Isn't that right, Hagi?
Hagi: Yes, that's correct.
Sonia: That's my house! Over there.
Saya: You live there by yourself?
Sonia: Oh yes.
Saya: Is this bridge safe to cross, Sonia?
Sonia: Before, It used to be a very sturdy bridge. It's a little scary to cross. but there is no one left to repair it ever since my father passed away and all the young people left the village. But I'm not afraid today, because I have you! Now, let's go!
Saya: Sonia, it's not safe to hang onto me so tightly.
Sonia: But I'm really scared, Saya.
'Hagi: Saya!
Saya: It's sweet.
Sonia: It's zubeeguni. That's tea sweetened with honey.
Hagi: I found it in the kitchen. Forgive me for using it without your premission. I thought it could warm you up.
Saya: Hagi, please go put some clothes on! You're in front of two young girls.
Sonia: Well, it sure doesn't bother me.
Saya: In any case, it's not acceptable.
Hagi: Of course.

Saya: Sonia?
Sonia: Good morning. What a beautiful day again today! Miss Saya?
Saya: You can call me Saya.
Sonia: Saya, what do you say to living here with me? It's very lonely here all by myself, but I know I wouldn't be lonely anymore it you were here with me. For some reason, I'm very drawn to you.
Saya: But I don't think---
Sonia: So let's do it okay?
Saya: Why are you lonely when you have all the villagers to be friends with?
Sonia: The villagers there aren't any fun. They really don't like me very much.
Saya: I'm sure you're imagining that.
Sonia: No, it's true, Saya. The villagers have always hated us. Because of our research, they all thought we belonged to some kind of ridiculous satanic cult or something. So what a wrong with creating humans anyway? People redesign oats and others grains to make them more resistant to the cold! They create better livestock so they can get more meat, milk and eggs! They make horses run faster and dogs more obedient. But humans are special, and we should be able to increase their abilities as much as possible. If we'd just give humans a chance, I think they could even surpass God!
Saya: For what purpose? Those who are created probably don't wish for anything at all. I think it's the creators who---I'm sorry. It's not important.
Sonia: So, are you very hungry?
Saya: No, not really.
Sonia: Yes, you are. I'll make you breakfast.
Saya: What do I do now?

[Sound of a rifle report. Roba shoots Sonia in the head]

Saya: Why did you do this?
Roba: [Last Words] That woman lying there is a demon, an evil monster! I saw it! I saw her suck the blood out of live villagers!
Sonia: It tastes just like dirt. Have you heard? There's a saying that townspeople smell like money and rich noblemen taste like expensive wine.
Saya: Chiropteran?
Sonia: You act so surprised when you call me that. You couldn't tell what I was until now? The moment I met you two, I knew who you were. You couldn't kill even a tiny rabbit unless your had some kind of tool. What a helpless being you are without your weapons. Over time, animals have adapted to their environment. They've developed sharp fangs and claws, and flowers have thorns. But humans decided they didn't need to adapt. They refused to co-exist with nature and made all their own rules. So what do you think the humans got for ignoring the laws of nature?
Hagi: Saya!
Saya: Sonia!

Hagi: Sonia and her father Yuri helped Gregory with his research. But they returned to this village after Gregory was assassinated in 1916. However, by that time, Sonia had already been--
Saya: Replaced by Gregory, correct?
Hagi: Yes. If we pursue Sonia, we may very well find Anastasia. Saya...
Saya: I'm sure we will.
Amshel: Gregory, retreat for now. Diva wishes to sleep.
Sonia: Great elder brother Amshel, Saya, the hunter who attacks you and pursues Diva, is standing in front of me. Amshel, is it not our duty and destiny as Chevaliers to protect Diva from any possible harm?
Amshel: Understood.
Saya: Hold it!
Hagi: Saya!
Sonia: Saya, I'm going to have to stop you here.
Saya: Sonia. Or should I say, Gregory Eflmovich Rasputin! I'm going to kill you!
Sonia: [Last Words] And I though we were going to turn out to be really good friends. What a shame it is. Unfortunately, Diva is about to go to sleep. Maybe I should take both your legs so that you can't follow her.
Saya: Hagi!
Hagi: Saya, do it now!

[Saya draws her katana. Using her blood and the blade, she attacks Sonia and kills her. Smiling a final time, Sonia dies lying on a headstone]

Hagi: Saya.
Saya: I'm sleepy, so sleepy. You've got such a deep wound.
Hagi: My wound will close-up soon.
Saya: Perhaps It will. Please forgive me.
Hagi: Saya.
Saya: I can't...kep my eyes open any longer. I'm starting to feel as if...another long sleep is about to come over me like before.
Hagi: I'll be waiting for you.
Saya: Do you remember the promise?
Hagi: I do.
Saya: When I'm done---when I'm done hunting Diva...
Hagi: I will watch over you forever, Saya, even if you turn into something else; even if somewhow we are separated from each other. I will find you and protect you, no matter what it takes. I will always be with you, Saya. So for now, have a good sleep...Saya.

Hagi: Saya.
Saya: Hagi.
Hagi: Are you all right to move?
Saya: A Dream?
Hagi: What's the matter?
Saya: You smile, Hagi, don't you? I had a dream. You were smiling in the dream, and I remember that I was asking you to promise me something.
Hagi: It wasn't a dream.
Saya: Well, tell me. Tell me, Hagi, what was the promise all about, then?
Hagi: You'll see when the appropriate time comes.
Riku: Saya! Saya! Saya, are you all right?
Saya: Yes, Riku! Come on!

Sour Grapes

Ghee: Look. The moonlight. It is such a beautiful night tonight. Please, don't spoil it for the rest of us.
Karman: Ghee why you...
Moses: Karman wait.
Karman: What do you want?
Irene: Southward.
Karman: Southward? How far away?
Irene: I can't hear the voices anymore. Saya and Hagi have traveled far.
Moses: All right, let's go. Hurry, Ghee.
Ghee: I will. I could stare at the full moon for hours, but if I didn't leave now, I may not even live to see another one.

Hagi: Now stay close.
Saya: What are they?
Dahza: We finally caught up with you, Saya.
Saya: They know me? Who are you? Are you with the Red Shield? If you've come to take me back, you're mistaken. I'm not going back!
Hagi: You're wrong.
Moses: We are the Schiff. We are finite beings.
Saya: Schiff?
Dahza: We have come here to take your blood.
Karman: Don't let her get away!
Saya: They're coming after us. Are they chiropterons, too?
Ghee: Aren't you going to fight, Irene?
Irene: What about you?
Ghee: We are soulless creatures because we cannot live without hurting others, but we truly have no other choice.
Irene: Yes. I know, but...
Ghee: Robbing others of their life in order to get our daily quite natural. Besides, we need special blood to cleans our cursed bodies. These circumstances are not our fault.
Irene: But this is...still so wrong. Ghee, your arm! Ghee.
Karman: Where did they go?
Saya: Hagi.
Hagi: Be quiet. Saya, listen. You must survive, for only you can put an end to all of this. I may not be able to protect you till the end. Saya, if I don't return, you must fight.
Saya: Hagi...
Moses: Karman! I can feel him. So you're Saya's Chevalier.
Karman: That damn Chevalier thinks he's too tough!
Ghee: She's not around. He must've hidden her somewhere.
Hagi: Saya!
Karman: Ghee!
Hagi: Saya, run!
Saya: Hagi.
Ghee: I'm impressed that you caught up with me with those injuries, as I thought you were hiding her. Unfortuneately, I seem to be running out of time, too. Stay still and don't give me a hard time. You don't understand our suffering. We can only live in the darkness. We're very much alike, but...the difference between you and me is just one little thing. What's missing from me is the special blood.
Karman: Ghee! You have the sign! Thorns have already appeared on your body?
Ghee: Since the night of the last full moon.
Saya: Hagi!
Hagi: Saya. watch out!
Irene: Finally, I found you.
Saya: I'll use my blood to kill you!
Irene: I know your special blood is supposed to bring immediate death to all chiropterans, but we're not afraid of your blood.
Ghee: Because it is your blood, Saya, that may actually give us hope.
Moses: Ghee! You're getting worse.
Ghee: The Chevalier's blood...cannot actually cleanse our awful curse. It is over for me.
Karman: So then...
Hagi: Saya!
Karman: Damn! The sun is rising!
Moses: Karman, we must withdraw.

Those Who Serve Saya

Saya: Something's wrong.
Moses: Let's go.
Saya: Hagi! Riku! Go hide somewhere. Hurry! The Schiff are after me!
Riku: Saya, what's wrong?
Kai: Riku!
Moses: Tell me, where is Saya?
Red Shield Guard: Where is she? Evacuated!
Karman: We haven't located her yet.
Moses: Karman, calm down, let's not rush things. We are only interested in Saya. Saya and the Chevalier. Saya doesn't have as many Chevaliers as Diva. If we move carefully, we can take them.
Karman: If they stay here. But what do we do if they run?
Irene: I can see Saya. I feel her. Nearby.
Karman: Where?
Irene: Directly above us right now at the highest point of the ship.
Karman: Does she have her Chevalier with her?
Irene: Yes, But wait, something's bothering me.
Moses: We're not after humans tonight. Let's go.

[The Red Shield Guard, David, Saya and Hagi battle against the Schiff]

Kai: What the Hell is going on? Hey! Riku, get out of there now!

[Riku's eyes have changed to a deep red colour]

Riku: What? What's happening to me?
Kai: Riku!
Riku: Kai!
Kai: Saya!
Saya: Hurry, now! And take Riku with you. Hurry!
Kai: Let go Riku! Riku! Riku!!!
Karman: Don't get in my way. boy!

[Karman stabs Riku's shoulder]

Kai: Riku!
Saya: Riku! Why? Why did this have to happen to him? Riku.
Irene: A Chevalier?
Jahn: [Last Words] This is our chance.
Moses: Jahn, wait!

[Saya slices and kills Jahn]

Karman: You monster!
Moses: Stop. Let's retreat.
Karman: What?
Moses: It appears the course of the battle has been altered. Saya has two Chevaliers now.

Paris Je t'Aime

Kai: [Speaking to himself] Chiropterans? Chevaliers? What the Hell does it all mean? This is crazy.
Kid One: Wait up!
Kid Two: Come on! Let's go. Slowpoke!
Kai: [Speaking to himself] What am I doing at a place like this? Wait... She looks familiar.

[Kid Two runs and pushes Kid One. As he falls, Irene grabs him and helps him stand-up]

Kid One: Hey, thanks. Thank you.
Irene: [Confused by the phrase, softly and quizzically, she repeats the words : "Thank you?"

Kai: I know I'm right. She's one of the Schiff. Is she here to hunt humans?
Female Owner: Hi, can I help you?
Kai: What on earth is going on?

[Irene walks slowly, first noticing a stray dog and then watching as street artists paint and draw. Irene continues walking as Kai starts walking from the side to catch a better view of Irene. Unaware, Irene sees an adorable penguin clock and appears different from Kai's expectations, especially as she tries catching a loose balloon]

Kai: Is she really a chiropheran?
Thug One: Listen, bitch, I ain't telling you again! Give us your money, now!
Irene: I don't have any money.
Thug: You really don't want me to hurt you, do you?
Irene: No. I Don't

[Kai punches Thug One, saving Irene]

Thug Two: Who the Hell are you? You're dead!

[Kai punches Thug Two, twice, in his stomach and face]

Irene: Blood.
Kai: [To the Thugs] Now, get lost. [To Irene] You want that blood, don't you? I know. I can see it in your eyes. You're a chiropteran. You attack and kill humans. How come you didn't fight back and just kill both of them?
Irene: I don't want to kill anyone anymore.
Kai: What? What's happening to you?

Irene: No. I cannot live if I leave here. No. No.
Kai: You obviously don't do too well in the sunlight.
Irene: Why? Why did you save me?
Kai: I wanted to ask you some questions.
Irene: Questions?
Kai: Yeah.
Irene: So you're not calling your friends?
Kai: If I wanted to, I would've already done it. The bigger question is whatever happened to your friends? Well, who are they, huh? What is the Schiff?
Irene: I don't actually know myself. I'd like to ask you a question. Tell me, what is a human?
Kai: You have no idea what a human is?
Irene: We were created by those called the "human beings."
Kai: What?
Irene: At a place much colder than this place. Everyone called the place Kilbed. And that's where we were created.

Irene: I'm not sure. We were created just to fight... I think.
Kai: You think?
Irene: We had no choice but to fight in order to survive. I don't know how long I've been here. But my oldest memory is feeling the restraining belts on my skin. The sunlight never reached that place. Day after day... they taught me everything there is to know about humans. And then, time to fight. It was the only time... the restraining devices were taken off of me. Day after day... I had no choice but to fight, fight and fight. Our torn skin closed up instantly... and our broken bones healed quickly. None of us died. We took it for granted. But we later learned the truth. We we could die too. We didn't know what it was at first. Cracks on our bodies. We called it the "Thorn". The Thorn appeared on some of the Schiff... and destroyed their bodies. We found out that those who got the Thorn... would eventually crystallize and die. Then Moses had an idea. [Scene Cuts to a memory]
Moses: We're leaving here tonight.
Karman: Okay, and then what?
Moses: Find a way to live without fear of dying from the Thorn.
Lulu: Any idea how?
Moses: No.
Karman: So then...?
Moses: If we don't do anything, we're all going to end up with the Thorn. As long as we stay locked up in this prison... we're just going to die! One by one until we're all gone.
Irene: Moses was usually very calm, but he sounded so passionate. It was the first time we'd ever felt any hope. That night we decided to leave Kilbed.
Man: Those mosnters!
Irene: That is when we learned... that we were created by humans.... and were meant to be disposable from the beginning. This is the Thorn. We need blood to reverse this. But it can't just be any kind of blood. It must be the same type of blood that was used to create us. Some of it came from Diva. And some of it came from... Saya.

Kai: Hey, if you want Saya's blood, I'll ask her for you.
Irene: What?
Kai: Taking something by force is not the only way. We humans aren't so bad. We know how to share. You said earlier that you don't wanna kill anymore, right? Then all you have to do is ask politely. Then when it's given to you, you just have to say thank you.
Irene: Just say "thank you"?
Kai: Yeah... What? You don't even know how to say thank you? Didn't they teach you anything at that crazy Kilbed place?
Irene: They taught us very few things. Only what they thought we needed.
Kai: Well, let's go. Wait, that's not gonna work. You're getting weaker because you haven't had any blood. Here. Get on my back. Guess they didn't teach you how to get a piggyback ride. Put your arms around my neck and--
Irene: Like this?
Kai: No! Not like that!

[Kai gives Irene a piggyback ride on his bike]

Kai: Don't you need to cover your head? Now, let's go. It won't take very long. You know Irene... At first I didn't want to believe what you told me earlier. See, my little brother Riku... ended up turning into what they call a Chevalier. It's weird. Since then... he hasn't really changed that much at all. It freaks me out because he's the same as he was before. He's no longer human. He's a chiropteran. I have to accept that. But I've still gotta be his big brother. I guess the only thing I can do is to... give Saya and Riku a real home. Some place they can come back to and always be safe.
Irene: I think it would make them happy. To have someone like you waiting for them. Someone who loves them and will always be there for them.
Kai: Yeah, I guess they would like that.
Irene: Thank you, Kai. I'm glad I had the chance to talk to you today. You're a nice guy.
Kai: No problem, Irene. I hope we'll do it again real soon.
Irene: Kai, thank you again.
Kai: Too soon for that. You don't have to say that until your ride is over. You know how to say thank you... but you still need to learn when to say it.

Tomorrow Without Hope

Karman: You need to stay here, Lulu.
Lulu: Forget it, I'm coming with you! Moses?!
Karman: I must say, I'm glad they're using your face. This way I get to punch it to my heart's content!
Moses: Let's go.

[Fighting against the Corpse Corps, who've just ambushed and are attacking the Schiff]

Karman: Moses!
Lulu: Moses!

[Hagi and Saya help the Schiff engage the Corpse Corps]

Lulu: Saya!
Karman: But why?!
Lulu: Because I asked her to come fight with us, Karman!

[The Schiff, Hagi and Saya fighting against Corpse Corps, watching as Saya uses her sword and slices down each Corpse Corps Member, turning them into stone]

Lulu: Saya! Thank you for coming! We never---
Moses: There no time to thank her. It's our turn to go where your next fight is. That is how we can repay you.
Saya: I don't need any help.
Moses: Don't think of it as help then... because it's the only way that we are going to survive.

To the Sheer Level of Madness

Lulu: Here we come!

[Red Shield and Schiff are fighting against corpse corp]

Kai: We'll take care of this end!
Saya: Everyone...
Monqiue: Oh kai...
Lulu: So far, so good for humans.
Kai: You're not too bad yourself.
Moses: Karman! It's saya's chevalier. Thank you hagi.

Karl: [Last Words] Solomon.
Solomon: Karl.

The Showdown Island

Lulu: What the? Aren't these guys ready to fight?
Karman: I think they wanna kill us off one by one.
Lulu: Moses needs us!
Karman: We can't afford to go help him!
Lulu: Moses!
Moses: I'm not ready to die. Why did you save me? Kai!
Kai: I need a favor.
Moses: Favor?
Schiff: Moses!
Moses: We've got business to finish. Can't it wait until later?

James: I won't let you get away!
David: There's nothing more we can do.
James: Looks like you're at the end of your rope.
Kai: Saya!
Saya: Kai!
James: How dare you! You powerless human! What?
Karman: We completey decimated your perfect little warriors!
Lulu: Hagi took most of them down, but we helped too.
Moses: Teamwork and trust is something new we'er learned because of you!
James: It can't be true!
Hagi: Saya!

[Saya sword attack and stab james arm]

James: I won't let it end like this!

[Saya sword as she stab james legs]

James: You will die for Diva. For the sake of Mother!
Kai: Saya! I've got you!
Saya: Kai!
Hagi: Saya!
James: In the name of Diva...May you both perish at the bottom of the earth forever! You!
Solomon: Farewell, James.
James: [Last Words Line] Solomon!

[Solomon slice james arm and fall down into the death and rescue saya and kai on his shoulder of back]

Solomon: I came just in time.
Saya: Solomon.
Solomon: Hold on tight, Saya.

Into the Light

Lulu: Well, hello there.
Lewis: We never told you about her, Julia. Lulu is a Schiff.
Julias: Schiff?
Lulu: So it was a place called Okinawa?
Saya: Yes.
Lulu: Kilbed, the place where I was born, only has rocks and lots of ice...and it was very cold and always dark.
Saya: I see.
Lulu: So where were you born, Hagi?
Hagi: Where was I born?
Lulu: Wait. Let me guess. Was it in a...? Was it in a castle?
Hagi: No, Lulu. All I can recall is that it was a couple, who were traveling. I really don't remember much.
Lulu: It's time to watch TV! My favorite show!

Beyond All Blood

James: It is over saya. Uh? (A crack james thorn break apart this could be moses karman Irene ghee dahza jan dimasa gastes and gudriff a ghost spirit)
Lulu: A thorn?
James: What happening to my body uh? (Hagi carry saya and kill against james on there head and his last words Last words) Diva.
Lulu: This could be moses and other are protecting us. After moment of death.

Two Queens

Diva: Big Sister, why are you trying to kill me?
Saya: Our mere existence has cuased so many people sorrow and suffering. That's why I'm going to kill you, Diva.
Diva: But it's not my fault. You see, sister...I don't really understand the humans sister..and I know the humans don't understand us either.
Saya: No! That's not true! They've been good friends to me, and they are part of my family. It doesn't matter that we're not rated by blood. Even after they found out I was a chiropteran...Riku remained my little brother! My dad remained my dad until the end.
Diva: But you're big sister. You still are a chiropheran. You got upset!
Saya: You'll probably never understand.
Diva: I wonder why. We're sister. both you and I were born from the same mother.
Saya: But you accuse me of not understanding.
Diva: Now, saya, that's not fair. Remember, only you were treated like a human. Only you could experience happiness...and only you were permitted to have fun.
Saya: Diva.
Diva: You've been a selfish little girl. You're the one who unlocked the door...and released me from that horrible tower.
Saya: And that is why I must...
Diva: That's why you what, Sister?
Saya: Since that day. that fateful day I set you free...I've been allowed to eixst for the sole purpose of killing you!
Diva: My, you're trying to kill me in order to justify your existence? You're not just selfish. You're compeltey deluded.

Lewis: I look tasty. Let me be a decoy.
David: No. Don't risk.
Lewis: Eat it, freaks! Kai, you take care of David.
Kai: You got it, lewis.
David: Thanks, Kai.
Lewis: Get going.
Kai: Lewis, be careful.
Lewis: I'm lewis, "The Immortal One."
Lulu: And I'm Lulu, "The Immortal," Whatever.

Amshel: Have you finally realized, it's no use hiding from me? Try again, boy.

[Hagi claw hand and destory against attack beam against amshel as she grab her tale amshel break hagi left wing]

Amshel: Foolish child. Do you plan on slamming me down into the ground? Because that's not going to kill either you or me.

[Amshel get stab and get kill on the sharp tower of needle]

Amshel: You're still useless.
Hagi: Saya.

Diva: So you're saying chiropterans shouldn't be allowed to exist? Dose that mean that you would kill my little babies as well, Big Sister? Oh, aren't they the cutest things? My two adorable baby daughters. So, what do you plan to do about yourself, Saya?
Saya: I know I'm a chiropteran as well.
Kai: Saya.
Saya: I have nothing more to say to you.
Diva: Nor I to you.

[Saya and Diva are battle sword fight]

Nathan: Oh, how beautiful. Well, handsome, fancy meeting you here. This can only mean that Amshel has lost. Don't get all worked up. I have no reason or desire to fight you anymore. See? Just look behind you. The real duel here was only meant to be fought by the two queens. I'm only here to see how it all ends.
Hagi: You are right. The fight is theirs.
Diva: Here we go.

[Saya and Diva stab him both body]

Hagi: Saya.

[Diva begin to stone of death]

Saya: Diva.
Diva: Why is it...? Why is it only me? Saya...
Saya: Diva! I'll help you!
Diva: Big sister.
Saya: I'll help you!
Nathan: I'm not here to fight with you.
Diva: [Last Words] Goodbye, my little ones.

[Diva she rub her on baby and diva of stone and dead]

Nathan: Oh, my poor, sad, lonely Diva. All she wanted was a family of her own. Amshel could never understand that. He felt like he had to keep studying her...and never let her out of that test tube. You finally got it in the end, my dear Diva. You didn't realize that your blood lost its power...when you became pregnant. Now that Diva is's meaningless for her chevalier to remain. The significance is lost. [She transformer into the chiropteran] Saya, will you please kill me? As long as I am still will be unable to fulfill your one remaining wish. Isn't that right, Hagi? Go on. If you feel sorry for me, please send me off. This is the end of Nathan Mahler. Goodbye, cruel world! Good girl. [Saya attack against nathan and slice her on there face] Thank you.

Nan kuru nai sah

Hagi: I have always loved you, from the first moment I met you and you smiled at me I gave up all. I was brought to that house to serve you and you ended up filling my lonely days with joy and happiness.After I woke up and had become your chevalier...the first things you showed me were tears and sadness. Then you held that sword in your hand...and chose to fight, trembling with such anger and fury. But when I found you again in Okinawa, you had changed. You were smiling again. I saw how happy you were...filled with smiles that I had never been able to give you. Kai, it was you and your family who made her smile again. Saya, I've lived as your chevalier...and I've done everything that you wished. But now...I'm going to disobey you, just once. Live on. Please, live on.
Saya: Hagi...
Hagi: Live for today. Live for tomorrow. Please, Saya, you don't need to fight like this anymore.
Saya: I want to live.

[Hagi and saya kiss]

Saya: I want to live with Kai and you, Hagi, and everyone else. I'd like to give it a try.
Kai: Look how happy the babies are.
Hagi: From now on, you can live the way you've always wanted to.
Kai: "Live for today, but look forward to tomorrow." Remember, that's what Dad always said. "It'll all work out," he'd always shout. "It'll all work out!"

David: Hurry!
Kai: Damn! What now?!
Saya: Hagi!
Hagi: No need to worry.
Amshel: It's not over yet, as long as I have diva's children.
Saya: I won't let you have them! These children deserve a happy life, Amshel!
Amshel: Hand over my little darlings.
Kai: They're already here.
Saya: Hagi, I must do this.
Hagi: Saya, no. Saya.

[Hagi grab a sword saved saya and stab him against amshel on there wall]

Amshel: [Last Word] You will pay for this!
Saya: Hagi!
Kai: No you can't!
Saya: Hagi, no!
Hagi: Kai, please get them out! Remember, Saya. "Whatever will be, will be."
Saya: No, not Hagi. Hagi!
Hagi: "It'll all work out." I will always love you, Saya.
Saya: Hagi!

Kai: She has been finally came.
[Last kai can be saw on crpyt can be see the red rose and blue ribbions]
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