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Blake Schwarzenbach

American singer
Blake Schwarzenbach

Blake Schwarzenbach (born 1967) musician and songwriter best known as frontman of rock bands Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil.



Perfecting Loneliness (2002)Edit

with Jets to Brazil
  • The trees creak with their arthritic arms / brittle in their powederd bark / this year took ten years to / tell me that I'm alone again
    • "Further North"
  • If it's sad / you know it's true / God is glad on bluer moons / When your room is all you do / it comes to you
    • "Psalm"
  • We put a monkey up in space / and I know exactly how he felt / looking at a lattice work of stars / missing his brothers back home too much for a postcard
    • "Disgrace"

Orange Rhyming Dictionary (1998)Edit

with Jets to Brazil
  • Turtle on its back in the desert sea / and you look like a cool drink / just slightly out of reach / Draw myself into the shell / waiting on a sign from God / or a nod from hell
    • "Sea Anemone"
  • Be a believer / Believe everything / You'll be right half the time
    • "Chinatown"

Dear You (1995)Edit

with Jawbreaker
  • Everyone tells me they're crazy / Crazy people aren't so fucking boring / Wake me when you're through being cool 'cause I'm snoring
    • "Unlisted Track"

24 Hour Revenge Therapy (1993)Edit

with Jawbreaker
  • You don't know what I'm all about / Like killing cops and reading Kerouac
    • "Boxcar"
  • Put my ear to the door / I just heard gunshots and hot rods and sirensPeople kill me these days / There's keys in their eyes but they lock from the inside
    • "Condition Oakland"


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