Black Friday (1940 film)

1940 American science fiction film directed by Arthur Lubin

Black Friday is a 1940 film about a doctor who transplants the brain of a gangster into his professor friend's body to save his life, but there is a side effect that causes a dangerous split personality.

Directed by Arthur Lubin. Written by Curt Siodmak and Eric Taylor.
A Reign Of HORROR... a man-made monster on the loose!  (taglines)


Red Cannon: Who's the other customer?
Dr. Ernest Sovac: The man you ran down, he's dying.
Red Cannon: Softie, eh?

Dr. Ernest Sovac: Here's a curious thing George. It seems that Louie Devore, one of Red Cannon gang, was found early this morning in a deserted building dying from the effects of a brutal beating. His back had been broken.
Prof. George Kingsley: Good Heavens, Earnest. Why on Earth bother me with that gruesome stuff?
Dr. Ernest Sovac: Sorry George.


  • A Reign Of HORROR... a man-made monster on the loose!


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