Black Christmas (2006 film)

2006 film directed by Glen Morgan

Black Christmas is the remake of the 1974 horror film of the same name. It is about a group of sorority sisters, who spend a Christmas Vacation at the sorority house, were stalking by a psychopathic killer, who used to live here in the sorority house.

Directed and Written by Glen Morgan.
This holiday season, the slay ride begins. taglines


Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Billy, [sighs] Billy, Billy..., Girls I can't find Billy's present under the tree here. Come on, girls, we can't start the Secret Santa without Billy's present. [turns to each of the girls.] Hello? Who drew Billy's name?
Melissa Kitt: Um, Ms. Mac, it's a Secret Santa.
Dana Mathis: [while painting her nails] Can't we just get on with this thing, so I can party for a few days before having to deal with the family on Christmas.
Melissa Kitt: Have you looked outside? It's raining hail the size of Yao's ball sack.
Dana Mathis: It'll stop. The party gods won't allow me to be here by myself over Christmas break.
Kelli Presley: [while wrapping the gift] Oh, I'll be here, Dana.
Dana Mathis: Yeah, they're making me work next week.
Melissa Kitt: That sucks everyone should be home for Christmas.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: All right, all right, Who's not here?
Kelli Presley: Um, like everybody.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Chelsea?
Kelli Presley: She went home this morning.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Greer?
Melissa Kitt: No, that was her on the phone. She and Erin and Taylor are off on that cozy little ski trip with the boys from G.A.D. Next door.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Didn't I see Clair earlier?
Kelli Presley: Isn't she upstairs writing a card to her sister?
Melissa Kitt: No, I think her sister picked her up earlier. Remember, this is the occasion for Clair and her sister and her mom to... bury the hatchet and rediscover each other.
Dana Mathis: [while dialing her phone] Oh, I'd like to bury the hatchet with my sister... right in her head.

Heather Fitzgerald: Mrs. Mac why don't you open the present we got you?
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Because we have to open Billy's present first. It's a 15-year old Alpha Kappa Tradition.
Heather Fitzgerald: Okay, I... I drew that name. [everyone turns to her] But can I say, I'm sorry, I'm just? I'm really not okay with this, I mean buying a Christmas present for a serial killer?
[Kelli prepares juice for Melissa.]
Melissa Kitt: No, you see serial killers murder repeatedly for sexual thrill. Billy Lenz was a spree killer. Dude just fucking lost it. [Kelli gives the juice to Melissa.; turns to Kelli] Thank you.
Heather Fitzgerald: Oh, whatever, Melissa, okay? I'm just offended by a pagan sacrifice, to ward off evil spirits on Christmas.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Heather, we're just having a little bit of fun.
Lauren Hanon: Christmas is more about warding off evil spirits than Halloween. What Christmas shit in this room resembles anything Christian, Huh? It's all neo-pagan magic. Christmas tree, a magical rite ensuring the return of the crops. The mistletoe is nothing but a conception charm. Fifth century Christians jacked a Roman winter festival, 12 days in December where the nights were long and the Earth was roamed by the demons of chaos. And fucking Santa Claus, This fat voyeur that watches you all year long, to make sure you live up to his standards of decency before breaking into your house? And that is different from what Billy did how?
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Billy didn't break in..., Billy lived here.

[Ms. Mac and the sorority sisters sneak downstairs and see a figure standing near the Christmas tree.]
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Can we help you?
Leigh Colvin: She was supposed to call.
[Leigh reveals herself.]
Leigh Colvin: I'm Clair's sister. Where is she?

Ms. Barbara MacHenry: You're a legacy? What year?
Leigh Colvin: Ninety-three... Ninety four... I don't know, I started late, I quit early...
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Nineteen-ninety three is the year I became housemother here; I don't remember you.
Leigh Colvin: I mean, this was supposed to be such a big fucking weekend, excuse my language, but I drove all the way up here in this shitty, shitty weather, after blowing off a weekend with a cardiologist and---
Dana Mathis: [interrupts Leigh.] I love your coat.

[Ms. Mac checking Leigh's wallet.]
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Clair's name is "Crosby". This says "Colvin".
Leigh Colvin: [hands back her wallet] The divorce will be final in March. What else do you need? Look, l can't tell you any secrets about my sister, because I don't really know her. I-I-I can't tell you anything about this place, because I really fuckin' hated it here. Um...
[Leigh stumbles at the Christmas tree and looks at the presents.]
Leigh Colvin: [points at Billy's present] I see Billy still gets a Christmas present.

[While fiddling with the electric box, trying to get the power back on.]
Dana Mathis: Oh shit. The main breaker is underneath the house.
[Leigh looks at Dana.]
Dana Mathis: [turns to Leigh.] What? I'm not the totally helpless daddy's girl these bitches make me out to be.
Leigh Colvin: Okay, then go outside and turn the power on.
Dana Mathis: Are you high? I'm not going outside, it's freezing!
Leigh Colvin: It'll take two seconds, you know where the power is, I'll keep looking for Clair
Dana Mathis: Ugh, fine.

Melissa Kitt: Dana where are you?!
Leigh Colvin: She went around back to the fusebox!
Heather Fitzgerald: Eve's car!, She never left!
Leigh Colvin: Heather, we have to find Dana first!, Shit! [Leigh follows Heather.]
Kelli: Dana! The fusebox is under the house! Dana!
[Kelli trips near the small door.]
Melissa: Kelli!
[Kelli and Melissa sees the nail marks from Dana, after she is attacked.]
Melissa: Oh my God.
[Heather and Leigh checks out Eve in her car, while Kelli and Melissa tried to open the door.]
Melissa Kitt: Augh, I can't open it!
Kelli Presley: Come on!
[Heather checks at the car.]
Heather Fitzgerald: What she doing? Sleeping in her car? It's like zero degrees out.
[Heather opens the car door, and Eve's severed head rolls out, She and Leigh scream in fear.; Kelli and Melissa overhears this, and rushes to the car and they gasp.]
Melissa Kitt: HOLY FUCK!
Kelli Presley: He's out here.

[The sorority sisters and Leigh rushes back to the sorority house, and search everything.]
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: What? What?
[Kelli picks up the phone, but the line is busy.]
Kelli Presley: Damn it! [puts back the phone, and uses her cellphone.]
[The girls stare at each window.]
Kelli Presley: [while dialing.] Shit, Shit, Come on, Come on, Come on, Come on. [but the line is still busy.] Fuck!
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: What's going on?
Kelli Presley: [starts dialing again.] 911 is experiencing heavy caller traffic because of the storm. Hello? Hello? Yes, yes. [The line is responded, Kelli is panting] A girl is... is dead... outside..... Yes!, Yes! I know her... Her name is... Eve Agnew and we're positive that she's been murdered.....
[Ms. Mac realizes it.]
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: He's home.
[Heather covers the window, with a blind.; Melissa walks to Ms. Mac, and reassures it to her.]
Melissa Kitt: No. No, no, no, no, no, Ms. Mac. Billy is dead.
Kelli Presley: ...and three other girls are...---
Leigh Colvin: Are missing. Missing.
Kelli Presley: ...are missing... 566 Oakdale, we're the second house on the... right... Alpha Kappa sorority... Kelli Presley... Wait!, how long until... What?!, No, no! We think he's still outside! Would you wait around that long after what l just told you?!...
[Ms. Mac realizes this and decides to leave.]
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: [to Heather.] Get your purse!
[Heather and Ms. Mac packs up their things.]
Kelli Presley: ...Please, isn't there anything that you--- [The caller hangs up the phone.] Goddamn it! [She turns to everybody.] The storm. Pile-ups over 91. Reservists can't make it out because the streets are all ice. Trees have fallen, and they said they can maybe?... maybe be here in two hours.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Well, we're all gonna be out of here in two minutes. Get your things. [She and Heather walk to the front door.]
Kelli Presley: And what about Dana?
Heather Fitzgerald: We'll just go over to the ADG house and get help.
Melissa Kitt: No!, they-they've all gone home or-or skiing.
Kelli Presley: Okay, okay, whose family lives the closest, just-just call them.
Melissa Kitt: Lauren, her mom lives in Boston.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Even if we could reach them on their cellphone, it would take four or five hours before they got here!
[Melissa realizes this.]
Melissa Kitt: Oh shit, Lauren.
[Melissa rushes to Lauren's room to check her.]
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Let's go.
Kelli Presley: No! We stay together. We lock up the house, we got the fireplace poker, a ski pole or some shit, and for the next two hours, not let each other out of our sights.
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: No, We are driving to the police station!
Kelli Presley : In this weather?!
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Even if they can't do anything, at least we will all be safe there!
Kelli Presley: Yeah, and we're not all here! If we were, then I would go.
Leigh Colvin: That's right. Unless I see otherwise, I'm believing that Clair is alive, and when she comes back, it is not gonna be to an empty house.
Kelli Presley: We are safer sticking together.
Heather Fitzgerald: All right, then get your coats! [calling Melissa.] Mel, come on, we're leaving! Let's go!
Melissa Kitt: I'm not leaving Lauren, you bitch!
Kelli Presley: We're sisters. So act like it.
[Ms. Mac decides to follow what Kelli said, and she hugs Kelli.]
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: We'll get the police here as soon as we can. [puts on her hat; she turns to Heather] Let's go.
[Ms. Mac and Heather leave the house, as Kelli locks the door.]

Heather Fitzgerald: What are you doing? [Ms. Mac grabs an old ice scraper.] What is that thing?
Ms. Barbara MacHenry: Are you kidding me? [Ms. Mac gets out of the car. She starts scraping the ice off in the windshield] Privileged bitch, Frigid Southern Princess!

[Leigh enters Kelli's room, where she finds a strange person in the bed, thinking it was Kelli.]
Leigh Colvin: Kelli? I thought they took you to get your X-rays?
[She stumbles closer to the person.]
Leigh Colvin: You okay?
[Agnes reveals herself and grabs Leigh's neck.]
Leigh Colvin: No!!!
Agnes Lenz: Forever.
[Agnes snaps Leigh's neck.]


  • This holiday season, the slay ride begins.
  • Terror Is Coming Home for the Holidays
  • On the 25th day, of the 12th month, one man will creep around your house... and leave... no one alive.
  • This Christmas, He'll Treat Them Like Family...
  • 2 Killer
  • Everybody Dies
  • Silent Night Evil Night


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